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Jamee Jolly

Jamee Jolly is a Republican politician who ran for Texas House of Representatives District 70 in the 2022 election. She ultimately lost to Democratic candidate Mihaela Plesa in the November general election. However, Jolly’s background and campaign provide useful insight into Texas politics.

Background and Education

Jamee Jolly was born in Dallas, Texas. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 1998. Jolly then went on to complete a graduate degree at Florida State University in 2000.

Early Career

After finishing her education, Jolly gained experience in various executive roles. She worked as a senior executive director with the Plano ISD Education Foundation. She later served as president and CEO of the Plano Chamber of Commerce. Jolly also held a position as executive director of the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association. This business and leadership experience helped prepare her for a career in politics.

Texas House District 70 Race

2022 Texas Elections

The 2022 midterm elections saw Republicans gain control of the Texas House of Representatives. The GOP now holds 88 seats compared to 62 for Democrats. Jolly’s District 70 campaign was part of the broader Republican effort to flip seats in the state.

District 70 Overview

Texas House District 70 covers parts of Collin County, including Allen, Lucas, Fairview, and Princeton. It has historically leaned Republican. In 2020, Donald Trump carried the district with 51% of the vote. The incumbent, Scott Sanford, did not seek reelection in 2022. This opened up the seat for both parties.

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Jolly’s Republican Primary

Jolly was one of five Republican candidates running in the primary. She finished in first place with 38% of the vote, advancing to a runoff against Eric Bowlin. Jolly went on to defeat Bowlin with 52% of the vote in the runoff. This secured her spot as the GOP nominee.

Democratic Opponent

On the Democratic side, Mihaela Plesa won the nomination after a runoff against Cassandra Garcia Hernandez. Plesa would go on to face Jolly in November. She proved to be a formidable challenger, with experience as an engineer and community advocate.

General Election Results

In the end, Plesa edged out Jolly in the general election, winning 50.7% to 49.3%. The race came down to just 859 votes out of over 58,000 cast. While she lost this close race, Jolly proved she could compete in this traditionally conservative district.

Jolly’s Campaign

Jolly ran an active campaign to try securing the open District 70 seat for Republicans. Here is an overview of her fundraising, messaging, and political positions.

Fundraising and Expenditures

Jolly raised $2.5 million for her campaign, drawing support from GOP groups and real estate interests. Her largest donor was the Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund, which contributed over $650,000. Jolly’s biggest campaign expenditure went to the consulting firm Murphy Nasica & Associates. In total, she spent $645,301 while running for office.


Jolly received endorsements from prominent Texas Republicans like Governor Greg Abbott. She was also backed by police and firefighter organizations in the district. These endorsements highlighted her conservative credentials.

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Policy Positions and Priorities

During her campaign, Jolly emphasized her support for education, infrastructure, and public safety. She called for reducing burdensome regulations and opposed tax increases. Jolly aligned herself with other Texas Republicans on policy issues.

Ballotpedia Survey Responses

In the Ballotpedia candidate survey, Jolly highlighted her business experience as an asset for office. She said she would focus on advocating for schools, economic growth, and community safety if elected. Jolly portrayed herself as a principled conservative leader.

Assessment of Jolly’s Campaign

While she ultimately came up short, Jolly’s 2022 campaign offers some insights regarding her strengths as a candidate along with areas for potential improvement.

Strengths as a Candidate

  • Strong fundraising from GOP donors
  • Conservative policy positions appealing to base
  • Competitive in traditionally Republican district
  • Engaged directly with voters
  • Promoted business experience

Areas for Improvement

  • More crossover appeal to independents
  • Develop distinct policy profile
  • Highlight local community involvement
  • Improved campaign messaging/branding

Future Prospects

The close results show Jolly has potential as a Republican candidate in suburban Texas districts. She could mount another run for state house in 2024. Jolly might also explore local offices like school board or city council. Her business background is an asset. While she fell short this time, at age 45 she has time to refine her approach and build her profile.


In summary, Jamee Jolly made a competitive run for Texas House District 70 in 2022. She lost narrowly to Democrat Mihaela Plesa in a longtime Republican district. Jolly was able to raise substantial funds from GOP donors and promote a conservative policy agenda. However, she came up just short in the general election. This was partly due to changing demographics in Collin County.

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Looking ahead, Jolly appears well-positioned for future campaigns. At a relatively young age, she now has name recognition in the district. Jolly gained valuable campaign experience in 2022. With some adjustments to her messaging and voter outreach, she could potentially flip this seat in a future election. Even in defeat, Jolly’s presence in the race shows she is a candidate to watch in the evolving political landscape of suburban Texas.


What experience did Jamee Jolly have before running for office?

Jolly had over 20 years of business experience, including serving as a CEO, executive director, and senior executive for organizations like the Plano Chamber of Commerce and Plano ISD Education Foundation. This gave her leadership skills.

How much money did Jolly raise and spend?

Jolly raised $2.5 million and spent over $645,000 on her Texas House District 70 campaign in 2022. Her top donors were GOP groups and real estate interests.

What were some of Jolly’s key campaign positions?

Jolly campaigned as a traditional conservative, supporting lower taxes, limiting government regulation, and opposing tax increases. She highlighted education, infrastructure and public safety.

Why did Jolly lose the election in a Republican district?

While District 70 leans right historically, demographic changes and suburban shifts helped Democrat Mihaela Plesa eke out a narrow 859-vote win over Jolly. This shows the district is becoming more competitive.

Could Jolly run again in the future?

At only 45 years old, Jolly has time to refine her approach and build her name recognition. After her close loss, she could potentially mount another campaign for Texas House or local office in coming years.

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