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Overview of Xenia Municipal Court

The Xenia Municipal Court handles misdemeanor criminal cases and traffic violations that occur within the city limits of Xenia, Ohio. The court is part of the judicial branch of the Xenia city government and serves the residents of this small town. Understanding the court’s location, jurisdiction, officials, and procedures can help residents effectively navigate the legal process.

Location and Jurisdiction

The Xenia Municipal Court building is located at 101 North Detroit Street in downtown Xenia. This historic building houses two courtrooms and the offices of the court staff and officials. The court’s jurisdiction includes all misdemeanor crimes and traffic offenses committed within Xenia city limits. This includes cases involving shoplifting, vandalism, trespassing, disturbing the peace, DUI, speeding, and other minor offenses. Felony cases are handled by the Greene County Common Pleas Court.

Xenia Municipal Court Probation Department Physical Address

101 N. Detroit St. – 2nd Floor Xenia, OH 45385

Phone: 937-374-6050 Fax: 937-665-0189

Hours Mondays – Wednesdays 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Thursdays and Fridays 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Types of Cases

The Xenia Municipal Court is considered a court of limited jurisdiction because it only hears certain types of cases, including:

  • Misdemeanor Criminal Cases: Any misdemeanor criminal offense such as petty theft, simple assault, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, etc.
  • Traffic Cases: Speeding tickets, DUI/OVI, stop sign violations, seatbelt citations, driving without a license, and other traffic offenses.
  • Evictions: Landlord-tenant disputes and eviction cases for properties located in Xenia.
  • Small Claims: Civil lawsuits involving claims up to $6,000. Examples include consumer disputes, property damage, security deposits, and money owed.

Court Officials and Staff

The Xenia Municipal Court has several key officials and staff members who keep the court operating efficiently:

  • Judge: The Honorable Michael K. Murry is the elected Municipal Court Judge who presides over cases and handles pretrial motions and sentencing.
  • Clerk of Court: Maintains court records, accepts filings, handles paperwork for cases.
  • Bailiff: Provides security for the judge and courtroom and escorts defendants.
  • Court Administrator: Oversees court staff, budget, records, interpreters, technology, and facilities.
  • Probation Officers: Supervise defendants sentenced to probation and ensure compliance with court orders.

Going to Court in Xenia

Attending a court hearing or trial in Xenia Municipal Court can feel intimidating. Knowing what to expect regarding procedures, security, and logistics can help ease the stress.

What to Expect at the Courthouse

The Xenia courthouse has a single security checkpoint where all visitors must pass through a metal detector. Court hearings are generally open to the public. However, visitors should dress appropriately and remain quiet and respectful. Cell phones must be turned off inside courtrooms. Most courtrooms do not allow food or drink.

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Courtroom Layout and Procedures

The judge sits at the front of the courtroom on the bench. The court clerk and bailiff will sit near the judge. The prosecuting and defense attorneys sit at tables in front of the judge. Defendants sit at the defendant’s table with their attorney. Witnesses will sit in the witness stand while testifying. Audience seating is behind the bar.

Proper courtroom etiquette is paramount. Stand when the judge enters and exits the room and always refer to the judge as “Your Honor.” Remain quiet throughout the proceedings and do not speak unless asked a direct question.

Safety and Security

The courthouse has a sheriff’s deputy or bailiff present at the entrance and in courtrooms for security. Do not bring weapons, pepper spray, scissors, or knives to the courthouse, as these items are prohibited. You will walk through a metal detector and possibly be searched at the entrance. Disruptive individuals will be removed from the building.

Legal Matters Handled

The Xenia Municipal Court handles thousands of misdemeanor criminal, traffic, civil, and small claims cases every year. Here are some of the most common legal matters under the court’s jurisdiction:

Traffic Cases

Xenia Municipal Court handles all traffic citations issued by city police and the Ohio State Highway Patrol within the city limits. Common traffic violations include:

  • Speeding
  • Stop sign and red light violations
  • DUI and OVI
  • Driving under suspension or revocation
  • No driver’s license
  • Reckless operation of a vehicle
  • Open container in a vehicle
  • Seat belt violations

Defendants in traffic cases may be eligible to have charges reduced or dismissed by completing driving school or community service.


A misdemeanor offense is any minor criminal act punishable by fines, probation, and up to one year in jail. Common misdemeanors seen in Xenia Municipal Court include:

  • Petty theft and shoplifting
  • Assault and battery
  • Drug possession and paraphernalia
  • Public intoxication and underage drinking
  • Disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace
  • Criminal damaging and vandalism
  • Criminal trespassing

Many first-time misdemeanor offenses allow participation in diversion programs to avoid having a permanent criminal record.


The court handles eviction cases and landlord-tenant disputes for rental properties located within Xenia city limits. Common eviction cases involve:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Lease violations
  • Property damage
  • Illegal activities
  • Nuisance complaints from neighbors

Both landlords and tenants can file claims over security deposits and other rental disputes as small claims cases (see below).

Small Claims

The small claims division allows individuals and businesses to resolve financial claims up to $6,000 through mediation and bench trials. Typical small claims in Xenia involve:

  • Consumer complaints
  • Property damage
  • Security deposit withholding
  • Claims for unpaid services or goods
  • Minor motor vehicle accidents
  • Contract disputes

Small claims cases follow simplified court procedures but still require proper evidence and documentation. Most individuals represent themselves without an attorney in small claims matters.

Resources for Litigants

Individuals involved in cases before the Xenia Municipal Court have several resources available to help them through the legal process:

Finding an Attorney

While small claims litigants typically represent themselves, hiring a criminal defense or traffic attorney is advisable for defendants in misdemeanor and DUI cases. Contact the Xenia Bar Association lawyer referral service to find an affordable attorney. The court also maintains a list of public defenders who can assist indigent defendants.

Court Forms and Documents

The Xenia Municipal Court website provides many common legal forms and documents such as traffic ticket pleas, subpoenas, protection orders, garnishment releases, and civil complaint forms. Litigants can also request paper forms from the Clerk of Court’s office.

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Forms and Related Information

For those dealing with legal proceedings in Xenia Municipal Court, various forms and related information are available online. Whether you’re applying for driving privileges or need forms for small claims, eviction, or record sealing, you can view and download these documents directly from the court’s website. This accessibility simplifies the process of preparing and submitting necessary paperwork.

Xenia Municipal Court Driving Privileges Application

If you require driving privileges in Xenia Municipal Court, you can easily access instructions and download the driving privileges application form online. This form is essential for individuals seeking to reinstate their driving privileges after suspension.

Xenia Municipal Court Forms and Information

Xenia Municipal Court provides a range of forms and information for various legal matters, including small claims, eviction, and record sealing. These resources are designed to assist individuals in understanding and navigating the legal processes involved in these cases.

Online Resources

The court’s website at www.ci.xenia.oh.us/398/Municipal-Court has helpful information on court procedures, contact information, forms, fine payment, and online case lookup. The website also lists court holidays and closures.

Notable Cases

Over the years, the Xenia Municipal Court has handled several notable cases that have had a lasting impact on the community. These landmark cases have helped shape legal precedent and influence future proceedings. They range from high-profile criminal trials to groundbreaking civil cases, each leaving a significant imprint on the local legal landscape.

Community Outreach

Beyond its judicial functions, the Xenia Municipal Court actively engages in community outreach. It recognizes the importance of educating the public about the legal system and fostering positive relationships. The court organizes various programs and initiatives aimed at promoting legal literacy and providing resources for individuals seeking assistance. Additionally, the court collaborates with local organizations to address social issues and improve access to justice.

Technology and Efficiency

In an era of rapid technological advancement, the Xenia Municipal Court has embraced digitalization and technology to enhance its efficiency. The court has implemented robust case management systems, allowing for streamlined document management and improved organization of court records. Furthermore, the court offers online services, such as online case filings and access to court documents, making it more convenient for litigants and the public to interact with the court.

Xenia Municipal Court Records

Court records play a vital role in maintaining transparency and preserving the history of legal proceedings. The Xenia Municipal Court maintains a comprehensive collection of records related to its cases. These records include court filings, case summaries, judgments, and other relevant documents. Access to court records is crucial for legal professionals, researchers, and individuals involved in the cases, as it allows them to review past proceedings and gather information.

Accessing Xenia Municipal Court Records

Accessing Xenia Municipal Court records can be done through various channels. The court provides online access to records through its official website, where individuals can search for specific cases and view associated documents. Additionally, individuals can visit the court’s physical location during business hours and request access to records in person. It’s important to note that certain records may be confidential or sealed, and access to them may require specific authorization or legal requirements.

Xenia Municipal Court Pay Ticket

If you have received a traffic ticket in Xenia and need to pay it, the Xenia Municipal Court offers convenient payment options. Paying a ticket promptly is crucial to avoid further penalties or legal complications. The court provides online payment options, allowing individuals to pay their tickets through a secure online portal. Accepted payment methods typically include credit cards, debit cards, and electronic fund transfers. It’s important to follow the specified instructions and meet the payment deadlines provided on the ticket or court notice.

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Published Opinions and Orders

When seeking legal guidance and precedent, one valuable resource is the collection of published opinions and orders. In Ohio, you can view recent Attorney General official opinions, browse opinions by year, or search by keyword. These opinions offer insights into how the law is interpreted in specific situations and can be a crucial reference point for legal matters.

Attorney General Opinions

The Ohio Attorney General’s office regularly issues official opinions on a wide range of legal issues. These opinions serve as authoritative interpretations of the law and can be invaluable for attorneys and individuals navigating complex legal situations. The availability of these opinions online makes them easily accessible to anyone seeking clarity on legal matters.

Xenia Municipal Court Public Access

Ensuring public access to court information is essential for transparency and accountability. The Xenia Municipal Court recognizes the importance of providing public access to court records, enabling individuals to understand and monitor legal proceedings. Public access allows individuals to review case details, track court dates, and obtain necessary information related to ongoing or concluded cases. However, it’s important to be aware that certain records may be restricted from public access due to legal requirements, such as sealed or confidential records.

Xenia Municipal Court Phone Number

Having the Xenia Municipal Court’s phone number readily available can be helpful for individuals who need to contact the court directly. The court’s phone number serves as a primary point of communication for various inquiries, such as case information, general court procedures, and scheduling matters. By contacting the court directly, individuals can obtain accurate and timely information specific to their needs.

Xenia Municipal Court Docket

The court docket provides an overview of the court’s schedule and upcoming proceedings. Understanding the court docket allows individuals to stay informed about court dates, hearings, and trials relevant to their cases. The Xenia Municipal Court maintains a docket that lists the order of cases and associated details, including the parties involved and the assigned judge. Access to the court docket can typically be obtained through the court’s official website or by contacting the Clerk of Courts.

Xenia Ohio Municipal Court

While this article primarily focuses on the Xenia Municipal Court, it’s worth noting the existence of the Xenia Ohio Municipal Court. The Xenia Ohio Municipal Court is a separate judicial entity with its jurisdiction and responsibilities. It operates independently from the Xenia Municipal Court and serves a different geographical area or covers specific case types. Individuals should be mindful of the distinction between these two courts and ensure they seek the relevant court for their specific legal matters.

Future Developments

Looking ahead, the Xenia Municipal Court envisions continued growth and advancement. The court has plans for expansion, including the construction of new facilities and the addition of specialized divisions. It also intends to adopt cutting-edge technologies to further enhance its operations, such as virtual courtrooms and online dispute resolution platforms. These developments aim to improve accessibility, efficiency, and the overall experience of individuals engaging with the Xenia Municipal Court.


In conclusion, the Xenia Municipal Court holds a crucial role in the local legal system, ensuring justice and serving the community. With its rich history, well-defined structure, efficient legal process, notable cases, community outreach efforts, and embrace of technology, the court remains committed to upholding the rule of law and safeguarding the rights of its constituents.


Can I file a case directly at the Xenia Municipal Court?

Yes, you can file a case at the Xenia Municipal Court by submitting the required documentation and paying the applicable fees.

What types of cases does the Xenia Municipal Court handle?

The Xenia Municipal Court handles various cases, including traffic offenses, civil disputes, misdemeanor criminal cases, and violations of city ordinances.

How can I access court documents and records from the Xenia Municipal Court?

The Xenia Municipal Court provides online access to court documents and records through its website. You can search for specific cases and view related information.

What community outreach programs does the Xenia Municipal Court offer?

The Xenia Municipal Court offers a range of community outreach programs, including legal education initiatives, resources for individuals seeking assistance, and collaborations with local organizations.

Is the Xenia Municipal Court planning to introduce new technologies in the future?

Yes, the Xenia Municipal Court has plans to adopt new technologies, such as virtual courtrooms and online dispute resolution platforms, to enhance its operations and improve accessibility for the public.

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