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Fontana Court is a superior courthouse serving the residents of San Bernardino County, California. The courthouse was established in 1850. The court’s mission is to protect the people’s rights and resolve the case with justice, efficiency and a fair way. It has jurisdiction over criminal, civil, small claims, eviction, family, traffic, and vehicle matters. They provide online services like payment, case access, court appearance information etc. so it is not mandatory to go to court for these types of services. Self-help service for each division is also given by this court. Weapons are prohibited in this court. Proper screening of the person is done whenever anyone is entering the court. The court rules and procedures must be followed by every person that visits the court. Proper dressing is required in the courthouse.

How to search for case records?

Fontana Court case search for records can be found online using the court case access portal The court maintains all the records online, in files, or in a database. The case search can be done using the following ways:

  • Search by Case Number
  • Search by Traffic or Citation Number
  • Search by Party Full Name 
  • Search by Business Name
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After entering the data, the case information will come. This website will only show those records information that is publicly available. The sealed records are not available for the viewing of the public. Some records are unavailable; if the information does not come, the case records will be removed or confidential and cannot be displayed online. You have to go to court and give requests for these types of records. You had to pay the mandatory fees for each per-page copy of the record if you need the records certified copies. The system will not be available during midnight to 3:00 pm due to case updating.

How to search for dockets?

Fontana Court dockets can also be searched online using Select the court name. Select the date for which you want the schedule and the category of the division. The schedule will be displayed online but if the case is confidential then it will not display, you have to contact the court for these types of case schedules. 

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How to make a payment?

Fontana Court payments can be made in the following ways:

· In-Person:

A person can pay for tickets and fines by visiting the court during regular court hours and paying in cash, checks, or with a card at the court payment window. Take your ticket and citation number with you when you come for payment. Service charges will be applied if you make a payment with a credit card. 

· Online: 

Online payments can be made using the court Portal up your case by using the case, citation or ticket number, party or business name. After this, your case with the amount of the fine will be displayed. Pay using any online method. A convenience fee will be applied during this process.

· Mail: 

A Person can send a certified check or money order to the court’s mailing address17780 Arrow Blvd, Fontana, CA 92335, United States. Cash or personal checks are not acceptable in the mail; only certified checks or money orders are accepted. Remember to write your citation, name, case number, and account number when you send the payment, and mail the amount in a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want a receipt.

· Drop Box:

You can put your payment envelope in the drop box available outside the court. Please write your name and citation number on the envelope and do not put cash in it.

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· Phone:

Payment can also be made by contacting 909-481-4228 or 760-241-9529 24 hours a day. Follow the instructions they tell you and pay your fine. Service charges will be applied in this case.

How can small claims cases be filled?

Fontana Court’s small claims division will handle the small claims and eviction matters if the claims are up to $10,000 for individuals and $5000 for business entities. Small claim cases can be filled by filling out the form available online at or or by visiting the clerk’s office and filling it out there. Fill out the personal information of the plaintiff and the defendant, the statement of claim and the amount you are claiming. After the case is filed, the clerk will send you a trial date and you have to be present with all the proof in court. The claims can only be filled if the person’s age is 18+. The case hearing will be done by a small claims court commissioner, a temporary judge, or a judge.

The family law division handles which types of cases?

Fontana Court family law division handles cases that involve family matters. The matters include adoption, divorce, separation, domestic violence, child support and visitation matters. This division will provide family court service that provides service of mediation and counseling in child support and visitation, counseling in the relationship between couples and premarital assessment. The court provides self-help services to those families that cannot afford an attorney and help them in case proceedings and matters. 

How can traffic tickets be resolved?   

Fontana Court traffic division handles all traffic speeding and vehicle violation matters. The violation includes accidents, speeding, using a mobile phone while driving, leaving the scene of the accident, passing by a school bus, violating traffic signals and traffic rules and many more. You can receive a citation after some days of getting the traffic ticket. If the ticket contains a mandatory appearance, then you have to appear on the schedule. If the court does not contain mandatory appearance, then many options are available that are:

  • Pay the full fine on the time 
  • Submit the proof of correction 
  • Enter and send a plea to the court
  • Request for a traffic school if your case is eligible for it
  • Request for a trial

 How many pleas can be sent to the court?

Fontan Court plea options are available for some traffic tickets and cases. Two types of pleas are available which are:

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· Plea of guilty:

If you are guilty of your actions then write this plea. After sending it the court will review your plea and send you the amount of the fine and there is no need to appear in court.

· Plea of not guilty:

If you are not guilty of your act, then write this plea. The court will give you a schedule and you have to appear on that day with your proof of innocence.

What is the eligibility for applying for a traffic school?

Fontana Court traffic school eligibility is that you have not attended any other traffic school in the previous 18 months, and you do not have any commercial driver’s license. You do not have the violation of seat belts, zero-point violations, or drive within the speed of 25 mph. If you do not have these things then you can apply for a traffic school instead of paying the full fine amount.

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What happens if I do not pay a traffic fine on time?

If you do not pay traffic fines on time then your license will be suspended, extra fines will be added to the previous one and in serious cases, warrants will be issued against you.

How many trials are available for traffic citation cases?

You can request two types of trials in traffic citation cases that are:

  • Court Trial
  • Written Declaration Trial
Can I get an extension on the payment of the traffic fine?

Yes, the court will provide an extension in the payment of the traffic fine but you had to give a request before the deadline. The court can provide a one-time 60-day extension or two 30-day extensions on infraction citations.  

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative Dispute Resolution is used to resolve disputes by providing an opportunity for parties to receive assistance in reaching a resolution in their cases with a trained mediator. This can save time, and money and gives more control over the outcome.  

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