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Wayne W. Williams (Colorado)

Early Life and Education of Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams was born in 1967 in Virginia. He attended Brigham Young University on a Truman Fellowship, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Williams then earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1989.

After law school, Williams moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. He quickly became involved with the El Paso County Republican Party as a precinct committee person.

Wayne Williams’ Legal Career

From 1998 to 2014, Williams operated a private law practice in Colorado Springs. He focused on election law, campaign finance, nonprofit compliance, and civil litigation.

Williams’ expertise in election law would prove crucial in his future political career.

Entering Politics – El Paso County

Williams first ran for public office in 2002, winning a seat on the El Paso County Board of Commissioners. He served two terms as county commissioner from 2003 to 2011.

As commissioner, Williams focused on fiscal discipline and transparency. He helped lead efforts to streamline and improve county services.

Colorado Secretary of State

In 2014, Williams ran for Colorado Secretary of State and won. He was sworn in on January 13, 2015.

As Secretary of State, Williams prioritized election integrity and security. He created the first statewide voter registration system to help maintain accurate voter rolls. Williams also implemented innovative improvements like electronic poll books and post-election audits.

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However, Williams faced controversy regarding his administration of the 2016 and 2018 elections. Some critics accused him of voter suppression, but Williams asserted he was defending election integrity.

2018 Secretary of State Election Loss

In 2018, Williams sought re-election as Secretary of State. However, he lost narrowly to Democratic challenger Jena Griswold.

Williams’ loss was part of a broader Democratic wave in Colorado in 2018. However, Williams increased Republican turnout compared to 2014.

Colorado Springs City Council

After losing reelection as Secretary of State, Williams returned to Colorado Springs. In 2019, he ran for an at-large seat on the Colorado Springs City Council.

Williams won and served on the Council from 2019 to 2023. He advocated for infrastructure improvements, public safety funding, and fiscal restraint.

On the Council, Williams had a reputation for thoughtful analysis and detailed policy proposals. He emerged as a leader among the Republican council members.

2023 Mayoral Campaign

In 2023, Williams ran for Mayor of Colorado Springs against incumbent John Suthers. Williams lost a close and competitive race in the runoff election on May 16.

During the campaign, Williams proposed policies to reduce crime, address homelessness, and manage Colorado Springs’ rapid growth. He gained support from the business community and law enforcement.

Despite falling short in the mayoral race, Williams proved he still had substantial political support in Colorado Springs.

Wayne Williams’ Political Positions and Policies

Election Administration Policies as Secretary of State

As Secretary of State, Wayne Williams prioritized improving and securing elections in Colorado. He supported voter ID laws and regular maintenance of voter registration rolls.

Williams also implemented Colorado’s first statewide voter registration system and electronic poll books. He mandated post-election audits and worked extensively with county clerks on election procedures.

However, voting rights advocates accused Williams of making it harder to vote. He rejected claims of voter suppression.

Fiscal Policies

Throughout his political career, Williams has supported fiscal conservatism and responsible budget management.

As a county commissioner, he helped reduce spending and the tax burden on residents. On City Council, Williams scrutinized budgets and opposed unnecessary spending.

Williams has argued for transparent budgets and performance metrics for government programs. He believes in limited, effective government.

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Transportation and Infrastructure Positions

On the City Council, Wayne Williams emerged as an advocate for upgrading aging infrastructure in Colorado Springs.

He supported gradual pay-as-you-go infrastructure improvements, prioritizing roads, bridges, water systems, and other basic city facilities.

Williams also backed projects to ease congestion, like synchronizing traffic lights and optimizing bus routes. He balanced infrastructure needs with fiscal restraint.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Throughout his career, Wayne Williams has emphasized supporting law enforcement and improving public safety.

As a council member, he consistently voted for funding police and fire services in Colorado Springs. During his mayoral campaign, Williams released a detailed anti-crime plan.

He supports community policing programs and alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders. But he has opposed measures perceived as anti-police.

Education Policy

Wayne Williams advocates for local control of education policy and school choice programs.

As Secretary of State, he implemented online voter registration in high schools to engage students in civics.

Williams supports merit pay for teachers and expanding technical/vocational training. He has been skeptical of sweeping education mandates from the state and federal government.

The Legacy of Wayne Williams in Colorado Politics

Accomplishments as Secretary of State

As Secretary of State, Wayne Williams left a significant impact on elections in Colorado. He helped modernize election equipment, procedures, and security statewide.

Williams also professionalized operations in the Secretary of State’s office related to business registration, lobbying, and rules publication.

He was recognized nationally as an innovative leader in the field of election administration.

Impact on El Paso County

Wayne Williams has influenced Republican politics in El Paso County for over 20 years.

As county commissioner, he helped keep taxes low and streamline county government operations. His fiscally conservative philosophy remains prevalent.

Many subsequent GOP candidates in El Paso County have sought Williams’ endorsement and counsel over the years. He maintains extensive party connections.

Influence on Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, Wayne Williams is respected as an intellectual force in local politics. He digs into policy details and articulates a thoughtful conservative vision.

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On the City Council, Williams helped shape the city’s approach to growth, infrastructure, budgets, and public safety over four years.

He mentored other Republican elected officials and built bridges through his pragmatic, solutions-oriented approach.

The Future of Wayne Williams in Colorado Politics

Potential Comeback Bid for Office

After his competitive 2023 mayoral campaign, some speculate Wayne Williams may seek elected office again despite two recent losses.

Williams has proven he can still raise money and turn out voters. His name recognition remains strong in El Paso County.

Potential comeback options include a second run for Secretary of State, County Commissioner, or State Legislature. But Williams has yet to announce any firm plans.

Williams’ Ongoing Role in the Republican Party

Regardless of any future campaigns, Williams will continue as an influential voice in Colorado Republican politics.

Party leaders regularly seek his input on policy and strategy. He is a fixture at Republican events and remains well-connected to donors.

Williams may take on more of a party elder role, mentoring and advising younger conservative candidates.

Advice for Future Generations

When speaking to students and youth groups, Wayne Williams emphasizes the importance of being involved in the political process, even at a young age.

He urges young people to volunteer on campaigns, register to vote, and make their voices heard on issues they care about.

Williams believes strongly in public service and civic participation. He wants to inspire more young people to take an active role in our democracy.


Wayne Williams has devoted over two decades to public service in Colorado Springs and the state. He has left a significant impact through his roles as county commissioner, Secretary of State, and city council member.

While Williams has faced electoral losses in recent years, he continues to command respect for his integrity, intellect, and principled conservatism. Williams will likely remain an influential voice in Colorado politics and policy for years to come.


What offices has Wayne Williams held?

Wayne Williams has served as Colorado Secretary of State, a member of the Colorado Springs City Council, and a County Commissioner in El Paso County.

What were Wayne Williams’ main accomplishments as Secretary of State?

As Secretary of State, Williams improved election equipment, implemented statewide voter registration, increased election security, and modernized office operations.

How long was Wayne Williams on the Colorado Springs City Council?

Wayne Williams served on the Colorado Springs City Council as an at-large member from 2019 to 2023.

What election did Wayne Williams lose in 2023?

In 2023, Wayne Williams ran for Mayor of Colorado Springs but lost in the general election runoff to incumbent Mayor John Suthers.

Is Wayne Williams still involved in Colorado Republican politics?

Yes, Wayne Williams remains active with the Colorado GOP, advising candidates, attending events, and influencing policy conversations.

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