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South Carolina Court Dockets and Calendars

Court dockets and calendars are important resources that provide schedules of court proceedings and information on court cases. In South Carolina, dockets and calendars are available for Circuit Courts, Family Courts, Magistrate Courts, and Municipal Courts throughout the state. These records can be accessed online through court websites and public access portals. This article provides an overview of locating and using South Carolina court dockets and calendars.

Overview of South Carolina Court System

South Carolina has a unified judicial system composed of four levels of courts:

  • Supreme Court – Highest appellate court in South Carolina
  • Court of Appeals – Intermediate appellate court
  • Circuit Courts – General jurisdiction trial courts
  • Family Courts – Courts with jurisdiction over family law matters
  • Magistrate Courts – Courts with limited civil and criminal jurisdiction
  • Municipal Courts – Local courts in cities and towns
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Circuit Courts are South Carolina’s primary trial courts, hearing major civil lawsuits and serious criminal cases. Family Courts handle divorce, custody, support, and juvenile cases. Magistrate and Municipal Courts handle minor civil claims, traffic cases, and misdemeanor crimes.

Statewide Court Dockets and Calendars

The South Carolina Judicial Department provides some statewide court docket and calendar resources:

  • Circuit Court Judge Assignments – View judge assignments by month and name
  • Family Court Judge Assignments – View Family Court judge assignments by month
  • Circuit Court Rosters – View rosters of upcoming cases by county
  • Circuit and Family Court Terms – View court terms by county, month and judge
  • Circuit and Family Court Judge Schedules – Search judge schedules by date range, location and court
  • Court Schedules – View daily schedules of judges and court reporters

South Carolina Circuit Court Resources

Judge Assignments

The statewide judge assignment calendar shows which Circuit Court judges are assigned to each county for a given month. This can be used to identify the judge assigned to a specific case.

Court Rosters

Circuit Court rosters provide lists of upcoming motions, hearings, trials and other proceedings on a court’s docket. The rosters allow attorneys and litigants to see scheduled case events in advance.

Court Terms

Circuit Court terms provide schedules showing the judge assigned to hold court in each county during a given week and month. Checking the court terms can help determine availability for hearings, trials, etc.

Judge Schedules

The statewide judge schedule calendar allows searching judge availability during a date range and filtering by location, court type and judge name. This is useful for scheduling hearings and appearances.

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Court Schedules

Daily court schedules list the judges and court reporters assigned to each court for a particular date. These show where judges will be located if attorneys need to make in-person appearances.

South Carolina Family Court Resources

Judge Assignments

Family Court judge assignments show the judge designated to handle cases in each county for a given month. This can identify the judge assigned to a case.

Court Dockets

Some counties provide Family Court dockets listing upcoming proceedings by date and judge. Dockets allow previewing scheduled hearings, trials, etc.

Court Rosters

Family Court rosters in some counties provide searchable lists of cases with upcoming events like hearings, conferences, and trials. These help locate case information.

South Carolina Magistrate and Municipal Courts

Dockets for Magistrate Courts and Municipal Courts are available on a county-by-county basis. Dockets list cases scheduled by court location, date, and case type. Many allow searching pending cases by party name or case number. Dockets provide case status and upcoming proceeding dates.

Online Resources for South Carolina Court Dockets and Calendars

South Carolina provides public access to court dockets and calendars through the Judicial Department website and individual court websites. Users can:

  • Browse daily court schedules and calendars
  • Search for upcoming docket postings and case events
  • Look up judge availability and county court terms
  • View assigned judges and court locations
  • Search for case details and party information

These online docket and calendar resources allow users to efficiently find needed court dates, case details, judge assignments, court locations, and schedule information for courts across South Carolina.

Key Features of South Carolina Court Dockets and Calendars

Types of Dockets

South Carolina courts maintain various types of dockets including criminal, traffic, civil, family court, magistrate, and municipal court dockets. Each provides schedules of proceedings for its case type and court level.

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Locating Dockets Online

Dockets are posted online at statewide and local court websites. The Judicial Department site links to dockets from all levels of courts. Individual court sites also provide their own dockets.

Search Functions

Many online dockets have search tools to lookup cases by party name, date, case number, attorney, or judge. This allows finding case details and tracking upcoming events.

Accessing Court Dockets and Records

Public Access Policies

South Carolina court records are presumed open to public access under court rules and common law tradition. But sensitive cases like juveniles, abuse, neglect, and divorce have restricted access.

Obtaining Court Documents

Court dockets provide schedule information, but documents and full case files require additional steps. Court files can be accessed at courthouse public terminals or requested from clerks. Fees may apply.


South Carolina court dockets and calendars are vital resources providing schedules, case details, judge assignments, court locations, and access to proceedings. The state courts make these records available through user-friendly online portals allowing efficient lookup of court dates, schedules, and case information. Checking the dockets helps parties, attorneys, and the public follow court events and track cases of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are South Carolina court dockets available online?

Yes, South Carolina provides online access to court dockets from all levels of courts through the Judicial Department website and individual court portals. Dockets can be browsed and searched for case details.

Where can I find a South Carolina Circuit Court docket?

Circuit Court dockets are posted on county court websites. The statewide court calendar site also links to Circuit Court dockets for each county.

How can I look up a Family Court docket in South Carolina?

Some counties post Family Court dockets online by date or searchable by case details. Contact the local Family Court to find available docket information.

What if I need an actual court document from a case?

Court dockets only provide schedule information. To obtain court documents, a request must be filed with the clerk’s office, often for a per-page fee. Sensitive cases have restricted document access.

Are South Carolina court records public information?

In general, South Carolina court records are considered public records. But exceptions apply for confidential cases like juveniles, abuse victims, and divorces. Identity protection rules may also limit access.

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