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Willoughby Municipal Court


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Willoughby Municipal Court is a city courthouse serving the residents of Lake County, Ohio. The courthouse was established in 1952. It is one of the busiest courts in this county, serving approximately 90,000 citizens and handling 15,000 cases annually. The court is serving 10 communities and 14 agencies that include the Cities of Eastlake, Kirtland, Wickliffe, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills and Willowick, and the Villages of Kirtland Hills, Lakeline, Timberlake and Waite Hill and many more. It has jurisdiction over criminal, civil, small claims, misdemeanors, traffic, and vehicle matters. Weapons are prohibited in this court. The court rules and procedures must be followed by every person that visits the court. Wedding ceremonies services are also provided by this court.

How to search for case records?

Willoughby Municipal Court case search for records can be found online using the court case access portal www.benchmark.willoughbycourt.com. The court maintains all the records online, in files, or in a database. The case search can be done using the following ways:

  • Search by Case Number
  • Search by Traffic or Citation Number
  • Search by Name/ Company
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If you know the date opened or closed of the case then write them. Select the court types and case types. After entering the data, the case information will come. This website will only show those records information that is publicly available. The sealed records are not available for the viewing of the public. Some records are unavailable; if the information does not come, the case records will be removed or confidential and cannot be displayed online. You have to go to the court and give requests for these types of records. You had to pay the mandatory fees for each per-page copy of the record if you need the records certified copies. 

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How to search for dockets?

Willoughby Municipal Court docket search can also be done online at www.benchmark.willoughbycourt.com. The schedule for the current-day cases will be displayed. The docket contains the judge’s name, type of case, start and ending time of hearing with the location and the report information. The confidential cases dockets are not available online, you had to contact the court for these types of cases.

How to make a payment?

Willoughby Municipal Court payments can be made in the following ways:


A person can pay for tickets and fines by visiting the court during regular court hours and paying in cash, checks, or with a card at the court payment window. Take your ticket and citation number with you when you come for payment. Service charges will be applied if you make a payment with a credit card. 


Online payments can be made using the court Online Payment Portal https://app.fivepointpayments.com/portal/modules/payment/payment.aspx?s=46&t=423.Look up your case by using the first last name with date of birth, or by case number. After this, your case with the amount of the fine will be displayed. Pay using any online method and generate the receipt. A 5% convenience fee will be applied during this process.


A Person can send a certified check or money order to the court’s mailing address; 4000 Erie St, Willoughby, OH 44094, USA. Cash or personal checks are not acceptable in the mail; only certified checks or money orders are accepted. Remember to write your citation, name, case number, and account number when you send the payment, and mail the amount in a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want a receipt.


Payment can also be made by calling 440-379-9038. Follow the instructions they tell you and pay the fine. Charges will be applied in this case.

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How can small claims cases be filled?

Willoughby Municipal Court small claims cases will be handled if the claims are up to $6000. Small claim cases can be filled by filling out the form available online or by visiting the clerk’s office and filling it there. Fill out the personal information of the plaintiff and the defendant, the statement of claim and the amount you are claiming. $98 is the fee for a small claim complaint with one defendant otherwise $20 for each extra defendant. After the case is filed, the clerk will send you a trial date and you have to be present with all the proof in court.

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How can traffic tickets be resolved?

Willoughby Municipal Court traffic division handles all traffic and vehicle violation matters. The violation includes accidents, speeding, using a mobile phone while driving, leaving the scene of the accident, passing by a school bus, drag racing, illegal license plates, violating traffic signals and traffic rules and many more. You can receive a citation after some days of getting the traffic ticket. If the ticket contains a mandatory appearance, then you have to appear on the schedule. If the court does not contain mandatory appearance, then many options are available that are:

  • Pay the full fine on the time 
  • Submit the proof of insurance 
  • Enter and send a plea to the court
  • Request for a hearing using judge trial

How many pleas can be sent to the court?

Willoughby Municipal Court plea options are available for some traffic tickets and cases. Two types of pleas are available which are:

Plea of guilty

If you are guilty of your actions then write this plea. After sending it the court will review your plea and send you the amount of the fine and there is no need to appear in court.

Plea of not guilty

If you are not guilty of your act, then write this plea. The court will give you a schedule and you have to appear on that day with your proof of innocence.

How can a wedding schedule be done?

Willoughby Municipal Court wedding ceremony will be provided by this court if you got your valid marriage license. You had to submit a marriage license form with the photo ID, and birth certificate and if this is anyone’s second marriage then a divorce or death certificate document of the previous spouse had to be submitted when applying for the marriage license. The license is valid for 60 days. After getting the license applies for the schedule of the wedding by filling out the form https://www.willoughbycourt.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/WeddingApplication.pdf. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your schedule and bring a photo ID and the license packets that you receive from the probate office. 

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What is the responsibility of the court clerk?

Willoughby Municipal Court clerk is responsible for managing and safeguarding all the records, collecting and distributing all the payments, resolving payment issues, helping judges in the cases, making a schedule for the case, solving queries of the people that visit the court and providing certificates and documents. The clerk is prohibited from giving legal advice but they can help you with the procedure, give directions, and give you information about the attorney or agency that can guide you legally.

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What happens if I do not pay a traffic fine on time?

If you do not pay traffic fines on time then your license will be suspended, extra fines will be added to the previous one and in serious cases, warrants will be issued against you.

Where should I email the wedding application form?

Email the wedding application form to [email protected]

What is the OCSS client portal?

The OCSS client portal is used for conducting a video office visit with your officer. You have to make an account if you want to access this facility at https://ocssohio.com/client/.  

How can I know that I am selected for jury duty?

You will receive a summons letter, juror questionnaires and an excuse form if you have been selected for the jury duties. $25 per day is the salary for the services.

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