Verona town court

Verona Town Court


Working Hours:
Monday: 8:00 am– 3:00 pm
Tuesday: 8:00 am– 3:00 pm
Wednesday:8:00 am– 3:00 pm
Thursday:  8:00 am– 3:00 pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge Randall D. Smith
Judge Nelson T. Dodge 
Judge Robert G. Suttemeier 

Court Administrative:


Chief Prosecutor

 Scott D. McNamara 
Dial:  315-829-4481
Fax: 315-829-3553


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Clerk of Courts

Sandra Schell Sschel

Verona Town Court is situated in the Verona Town Office Building and is one of the 35th town and village courts in the county of Oneida. It is located within the 4th and 5th judicial district departments. It is one of the highest volume and busiest courts in that town. The court has jurisdiction over traffic, speeding, vehicle and criminal cases. Visiting the court by wearing a mask is mandatory.

How to find records?

Verona Court records can be found online in the following ways:

  • Searching by name
  • Searching by case number
  • Searching by address
  • Searching by phone
  • Searching by email

Some recorded information is confidential and is not found online. For these types of records, a person had to submit an open record request to the clerk’s office. Download and fill in all the information on the form and send it to the court clerk’s office. The court will then decide whether to provide you with that record information or not.

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How to pay for tickets?

Verona Town Court pay tickets can be made in the following ways:

· In-Person:

A person can make payment by visiting the court during business hours and paying in cash, checks, or with a card at the counter. Service or deduction charges will be applied if you pay with a credit card.

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· Online:

A person can pay online by using the online payment website of New York. Processing fees will be applied in this method.

· Mail: 

A Person can send a certified check or money order to the court’s mailing address. The address is 305 Peterboro Road, PO Box 643 Vernon, NY 13476. Do not send cash or personal checks in the mail; only certified checks are accepted

How to get a marriage license?

Verna Town Hall’s marriage license is obtained from the clerk’s office and is given by the health department of Oneida County. The fee for a marriage license is $40 and for certificates is $10 per copy. The couple’s age must be 18+. If the age is 16 or 17, then parents must be present at the time of license, and if the age is less than 16, then approval from the superior court is mandatory. The couple must be presented in court when they come for the license; the witness age is also present, and their age is 18+. To obtain the permit, the couple had to submit a marriage form with a birth certificate, photo ID like a driver’s license, passport, or anything that could prove their identity. If anyone is divorced, a divorce paper must be submitted before getting support. If anyone wants the copies, fill out the certificated copy of the marriage license request, send the social security number and submit it to the court. The license is valid for up to 630 days, and a marriage ceremony is held in court after receiving it.

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What is the role of a clerk?

Verona Town Court Clerk’s role is to help the judges to perform their duties. The clerk’s office also contains certificates, copies, and permits; a person had to submit the documents at their office for further case proceedings or papers. They also solve queries, collect fines and help the judge outside the court. The clerk’s office is an agent of licensing and custodians of the town records. It acts as the governing body secretary that makes agendas for the meetings and as the municipality’s chief registrar of voters.

Verona Town Court

When is an appearance in court necessary?

Verona Town Court appearance is necessary in criminal cases. In traffic cases, you can send a guilty or not guilty plea to the court. Then the court will respond if your appearance is necessary or if you pay the fine and do not come to the court.

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Which proof of identity documents are required for a marriage certificate?

The proof of identity documents required for the marriage license is:

· Driver’s License

· Passport

· Military ID

· Employee’s Photo ID

· Non-Driving License

Which certificate/license is provided by the clerk’s office?

The clerk’s office provides the following certificate/license:

· Marriage license/certificate

· Birth certificate

· Death certificate

· Genealogy certificate

Where should I submit the notice for the claims What are the fees for the birth and death certificate copies?

The fee for the birth and death certificate is $10 per copy.

How can I contact the clerk’s office?

You can contact the clerk’s office by visiting the office during business hours from Monday to Friday or call the office for any guidance or information.

Dial: 315-829-3196

What happens if I do not pay the fine on time?

If you do not pay a fine or speeding ticket on time, an extra penalty will be added, your license or insurance will be canceled, and sometimes warrants will be issued against you.

How can I pay for the traffic ticket?

Verona traffic ticket payment can be made online, by mail or by visiting the court during business hours.

What is a secure drop box?

The secure drop box is outside the court office and in the rear of the building, used to leave payments and documents for the court during the holiday.

WHere is the municipal court located?ay for the traffic ticket?

Verona Town Municipal Court is located at 305 Peterboro Road, PO Box 643 Vernon, NY 13476

What is Verona Town Hall?

 Verona Town Hall consists of many departments like the municipal court, economic development etc. Meetings and agendas are discussed in this town hall.

What are the etiquettes for the courtroom?

Verna Town Court etiquettes are:

· No electronic or food items are allowed in the court. Cell phones should be switched off.

· During court proceedings, no recording or speaking is allowed.

· Weapons are not allowed in the courtroom.

· Wear suitable, respectable and comfortable clothes. Take off your hats, caps or sunglasses after entering the courtroom.

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