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Alderman’s courts
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Counties in Delaware


Circuit court

Here are all of the Counties located in the Delaware Estate.

New Castle

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Alderman’s courts

Alderman’s courts

Detail of every Alderman’s courts is here.

Alderman’s Court 40, Delaware, Newark
Alderman’s Court 42, Delaware, Newport

Alderman’s Court 31, Delaware, Bethany Beach
Alderman’s Court 35, Delaware, Laurel

Alderman’s Court 36, Delaware, Dewey Beach
Alderman’s Court 37, Delaware, Rehoboth Beach

Superior Courts

District Court

District Courts

Here are all of the District Courts located in the Delaware Estate.

1st Circuit
2nd Circuit
3rd Circuit
4th Circuit
5th Circuit
6th Circuit

7th Circuit
8th Circuit
9th Circuit
10th Circuit
11th Circuit
D.C. Circuit
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