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Bergen County Courthouse


Working Hours:
Monday: 8:30 am– 4:30 pm
Tuesday:8:30 am– 4:30 pm
Wednesday: 8:30 am– 4:30 pm
Thursday:8:30 am– 4:30 pm
Friday: 8:30 am– 4:30 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge William C. Meehan
Judge Peter J. Melchionne, 
Judge Lisa A. Firko
Judge James X. Sattely
Judge Ronny Jo Siegal
Judge Terry Paul Bottinelli
Judge Magali M. Francois
Judge Jane Gallina Mecca
Judge Walter F. Skrod
Judge Gary N. Wilcox
Judge Mark T. Janeczko
Judge Liliana DeAvila-Silebi 
Judge Eugene H. Austin
Judge James J. Guida
Judge Edward A. Jerejian
Judge Patrick J. Roma
Judge Donald R. Venezia
Judge Robert Polifroni 
Judge Joseph R. Rosa, Jr. – Supervising Judge Special Civil
Judge Kenneth J. Slomienski
Judge Estela M. De La Cruz
Judge Lisa Perez Friscia
Judge Rachelle Lea Harz
Judge John J. Langan
Judge Charles E. Powers, Jr.
Judge Susan J. Steele
Judge Robert C. Wilson


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Clerk of Courts

John S. Hogan 

Bergen County Courthouse, also known as Bergen Justice Center, is in Hackensack. Its building is the most successfully designed and structured by James Riely Gordon in New Jersey, and it is also considered one of the historical places in that town. This courthouse consists of four buildings interconnecting three courtrooms, 240000 square feet of courtrooms and an agency space related to justice. It hears and solves cases of civil, criminal, traffic and family matters.

Case Information:

Bergen County Courthouse case information can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Search by Name
  • Search by Case Number
  • Search by Address 
  • Search by Phone
  • Search by Email


Bergen County Clerk of court public records like birth, death, divorce, marriage, land, civil, murder etc., are available in files, documents, and transcripts with court cases in the docket of Berger county court New Jersey. The records are found at the federal, New Jersey State, Berger County and local levels. Some forms are also available for public access online. If a person wants some naturalization case record, then a written request must be given to the Clerk’s Office, and it contains the following information:

  • Person Full Name
  • Person Date of Birth
  • Date and address at the time of naturalization
  • Fees also are paid at the time of submission

how much are court Fees?

Bergen County Courthouse Fees depend upon the type of services you are taking. For example, the fees for the payment of a passport application is $35; the trade name dissolution file fee is $25; the Business address change file is unrestricted, $50 for the trade name amend the file and $10 for the record of photocopy.

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Recording Fees

Bergen County clerk’s office recording fees depend upon the type of recording service. For example, $10 for any document re-recording, $30 for the first page and $ 5 for additional page fees for amended construction linen, $25 for the statement of financing, $25 for the partial release recording and $20 for missing cover sheet fee.

 How to do a Ticket Payment?

Bergen County Courthouse payment can be made in three ways:


A person can make payment by visiting the court during business hours. 


A person can pay online by using the court website.


A person can make payment by sending checks to the court’s mailing address. The mailing address is 10 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601.


Passport payment is made at the clerk’s office of Bergen County, and it cannot be paid using credit, debit card or by mail. Its method is:

  • Send a check or money order to the U.S Department of State.
  • Pay in person with cash, and check the application acceptance fee that is $35.

How to get a Marriage License?

Berger County Courthouse Marriage License is provided by the Berger Clerk Office. The fee for the license is $28, and the couple’s age must be 18+. A photo ID like Driver’s License, Passport etc., is mandatory for personal identification. After the marriage license, a marriage ceremony is held. The couple can also request a virtual marriage ceremony. Contact the court if you want guidance or want an appointment.



Bergen County Courthouse online case hearing using the phone and video conferring is also introduced by the court due to coronavirus. Marriage ceremonies are also held online. For any online case hearing, fill out the form, and the schedule will be given to the person by mail or phone.

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What are Sheriff Requirements?

Berger County Courthouse sheriff’s requirements are:

  • The candidate must currently work as a sworn officer in the New Jersey Civil Service Law enforcement agency for at least two years.
  • Candidates must graduate from a New Jersey PTC certified law enforcement academy and have a certificate from New Jersey Police Training Commission.

For any information, guidance contact the court office of Berger County 

Phone: 201-336-3500

How to get a Property Record?

Bergen County Clerk Property records are provided by the clerk’s office in the land record service. It contains e-recording and land searching services. Make an account and then log in to search the property record online. The search instruction and Index rules are also available on the searching sites. For any guidance, contact the land record team during business hours.

Family Courthouse

Bergen Family Courthouse service is provided by the family law court of Bergen County. Family-related matters like divorce, child custody, child support, etc., are heard and solved in the family courthouse.

Bergen County Courthouse family division phone number is 201-773-8919

Family Court Mediation

Bergen County Family Court Mediation provides the perfect solution for peaceful and professional family and divorce matters. If you have a family matter case in court, then use the mediation service and hire an experienced meditator. Contact the mediation court for further information and guidance.

Phone: 201-773-8919

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Where is the parking for the public in Bergen County Courthouse located?

Berger County Courthouse public parking is next to the Courthouse at 55 Court Street.

Where is the passport counter located?

The passport counter is located in the clerk’s office. The address is One Bergen County Plaza Hackensack and the room number is 120.

Phone: 201-336- 7011

When will the Civil Court Case hearing be scheduled?

A Civil Court Case hearing is scheduled on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

What is the phone number of the Clerk’s Office of Bergen County?

Bergen County Clerk’s Office phone number is 201-336-7000

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