Guard Municipal court

Girard Municipal Court


Working Hours:
Monday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Girard Municipal Courts were established in 1964 by State law and are helping the group of people in Girard, Hubbard Twp, and Vienna Twp. The Girard Municipal Court is the city government judicial branch. They provide fairness and justice to people. They will accurately administrate all the affairs before the Municipal Court. Girard Municipal Court will provide a high level of confidence in the public and fairness through accurate public service. All fines collected by clerks are given out per law to the villages and the state of Ohio.

How to do Case Search?

Girard Municipal Courts Case Search can be done in the following ways:

  • Searching using Name
  • Searching using Case Number
  • Searching using Attorney
  • Searching using Ticket/Citation Number
  • Searching using Advanced Attorney

How to do a Court Fine Payment?

Girard Municipal Court payment can be made in three ways:


A person can pay a fine by visiting the court during business hours with necessary documents.


The Girard Court introduced e-Payment. You will make an account on e-payment and then pay online.

Pay by Mail

A person can send a certified check to the mailing address of Girard Municipal Court. The mailing address is 100 N. Market Street, Girard, Ohio 44420.

How much a Case Cost?

Girard Municipal Court Case Cost depends upon the type of case; for speed offense, the total cost of 21+mph over the limit is $197; for improper passing, the total cost is $117; for the victim of criminal case, the total cost is $9, etc.

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What Services can I get in GIRAD Court?

Girard Municipal Courts Services includes:

  • Service for Traffic Camera Information
  • Service for Public Access
  • Service of eFiling
  • Service of Payment
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is there any Probation in Girard court?

Girard Municipal Court Probation Service Department will perform investigation services for misdeed cases. The probation department’s purpose is to encourage justice through community supervisors to protect public safety.

How to get Traffic Camera Information in GIRARD?

Girard Municipal Court Traffic Camera Information will produce extraordinary municipal court services. If any person receives a violation notice from a traffic law photo monitor device, that person will first use the Request For Hearing Form that Girard Municipal Court gives. Then after filling out the form, visit the court during business hours and file your appeal. Lastly, follow the way of contesting the Ticket written on the back of the violation.

What are TIPS to Case Filing in GIRARD MUNICIPAL COURT?

Some tips for case filing in Girard Municipal Court:

  • Selection of Suitable filling action
  • one copy is essential, so avoid sending many copies
  • Single payment is allowed by shopping cart for all the transaction
  • In a correct format like 2015 XXX 12345 enter the case number
  • Avoid the mixing of motion. Separate filing is required by every motion.
  • The court will make all payments in an authenticated way.
  • If the filing is rejected, then contact the Clerk’s Office

Clerk Office Contact :(330) 545-3177

What are Juror Rules in GIRARD MUNICIPAL COURT?

Jurors must follow some rules if they are working in the Girard municipal court. They should be punctual and must avoid coming late to court. Jurors must not discuss the case or not talk with any other person during the case. For a biased or unbalanced case, the juror must be open-minded, and for being open-minded, they must watch television and read articles that may occur during the trial. If any juror faces a personal problem, the juror must tell the court before the case.

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Can the Ticket I received be paid, or do I have to go to court?

If you received a ticket on which a Minor Misdemeanor or mm is written, you could pay it without appearing in court; you can pay it online or mail it to the address. If these words are not written on your Ticket, then your appearance in court is mandatory.

How much is my Ticket?

To see the cost of your Ticket, you can visit Waiver Cost Schedule or contact (330) 545-3049.

Must I bring proof of insurance when paying this Ticket or when going to court?

Yes, you must take insurance proof when going to court for the payment of a ticket.

How do I know the payment has been received if I mail the fine in?

You can use the Public Access System online to see if your fine has been received at their address, or you can contact them at (330) 545-3049 to ask about whether they received the fine or not.

How can I access the e-file?

You can access the e-file by logging into your e-file account. Fill in your username and password in the login window. If you don’t have an account, you first made an account on the e-file.

How many rules does Girard Municipal Court have?

Girard Municipal Court rules consist of six local rules of practice and procedure.

What is the First Offender Program?

First Offender Program is a substitute for prospecting a person charged with a misdemeanor crime with no previous criminal judgment.

What are the Program Fees and other expenses of the First Offender Program?

A $200 fee is paid for First Offender Program, and the fees must be paid before entering into the program. The Theft E.D program fee is $50, and it must be paid by the class date.

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