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Rockingham County Courthouse is a historic courthouse situated in the United States at 80 Court Square, Harrisonburg, VA 22802. Frank P. Milburn designed this courthouse in 1907. This courthouse consists of Circuit, District and Magistrates Court. The court serves the area of Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg. The Clerk’s Office is responsible for finding civil suits, criminal action docketing, filings, etc. It also contains a genealogy room with Minute Books and other items dating back to 1777.

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Rockingham County Courthouse Clerk of Court Responsibility:

Rockingham County Courthouse Clerk of Court Responsibilities are: 

  • Civil Suits filings
  • Criminal action docketing and filings
  • Give Marriage License 
  • Real estate records and plats recording
  • Military Charges Forms recording
  • Maintain genealogy room

Civil Division:

Rockingham County Courthouse Civil Division is a circuit court division. In this division, civil cases are heard and solved. Civil cases include contract breach, adoption, divorce, changing of name, church property conveyance, repeal, estate and wills affairs. The filing party was accountable for guaranteeing that all pleadings were produced according to the code of virgin and Supreme Court virgin rules. It is recommended to take the services of an attorney when filing civil cases.

Criminal Division:

Rockingham County Courthouse Criminal Division is accountable for the processing and maintenance of appealing criminal cases. It is also responsible for indexing traffic appeal cases and gathering court costs. It also handles that are given to the grand jury or transferred from a civil court trial by a judge. 

Courtroom Technology:

Rockingham County Courthouse Technology is very advanced. Normal Digital AV Podium contained by all the courthouses. The podiums have interactive technology that includes a confidence monitor, camera document, player of blu-ray, blank image, the connection of the personal device, the controller that contains a mounted touch screen, and witness annotation.

Case Alert Subscription System:

Rockingham County Courthouse Case Alert Subscription System is an event update service by the court that allows users to receive email and text message updates related to cases in the court of the trial of Virginia for which OCIS 2.0 case information is available. It is free to use. 

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Case Information:

Rockingham County Courthouse Case information can be accessed online through Officer of the Court Remote Access. All civil and criminal records with images are available in the OCRA. $25 is the fee for one month to access this remote system. The system is accessed through the link

how to do Payment:

Rockingham County Courthouse Payment can be made in the following ways:

· In-Person:

A Person can make payment by visiting the court during business hours.

· Online

A Person can make payment using the online system. The courthouse accepts all online methods.

· mail

A Person can pay by sending a check to the court’s mailing address. The court’s mailing address is 80 Court Square, Harrisonburg, VA 22802, United States.

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Marriage Certificate:

Rockingham County Courthouse Marriage Certificate is obtained from the clerk’s office. The requirements for obtaining a marriage certificate are:

  • Both parties are available at the court at the right time.
  • The couple’s age is 18+
  • Both parties had a photo ID like a driver’s license or passport that is valid and is not expired.

The application can be submitted online. Take the oath after the application is submitted and the marriage license is received. The time for obtaining a marriage license is between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. If the couple has no officiants, you can contact any civil celebrants available in the courthouse.


Rockingham County Courthouse Divorce is given by Civil Court. This court does the divorce if you are a resident of Virginia. For an uncontested divorce, either no children or all children are above 18; then divorce occurs; otherwise, the couple must live separately for at least one month before filing for a divorce.

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 How to do Name Change:

Rockingham County Courthouse Name change after marriage fees is $2.50 for each copy. You need to submit the following document to the courthouse:

  • Social Security
  • Registration of Voter card
  • Personal Property document
  • Driver License
  • Address Change document


What are the fees for a marriage license in Rockingham County Courthouse?  

Rockingham County Courthouse Marriage License fee is $30; if a credit card is used, there are 4% surcharges.

How do I get a certified copy of my marriage license?

There are many ways to get a certified copy of a marriage license. You can get the document by visiting the court, online, by phone or by mail. For more information, contact the clerk’s office.

Phone: 540-564-3126

What is the genealogy in Rockingham County Courthouse?

Rockingham County Courthouse genealogy contains the record name, year of the applications and the availability online. It is on the first floor of the dead room in the clerk’s office.

How to get any information from the criminal division?

You can visit the court during business hours to get information or call the criminal division office.

Phone 1: 540-564-3119

Phone 2: 540-564-3118

Phone 3: 540-564-3110

How many forms are available for divorce?

Three types of forms are available for obtaining a divorce that are:

  • Six-Month Separation Divorce Form
  • One Year Separation Divorce Form
  • Name Change according to a Divorce Form

How do I add someone or remove someone from my deed?

A new deed will be made and recorded in the clerk’s office if you want to add or remove someone from the deed. Contact an attorney that is familiar with the Virginia laws. The deeds must meet the requirements of the Virginia code and Virginia Recordation Standard Library.

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