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Working Hours:
Monday: 8:00 am– 4:00 pm
Tuesday:8:00 am– 4:00 pm
Wednesday: 8:00 am-4:00 pm
Thursday:8:00 am– 4:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am– 4:00 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge Terry B. Elia 
Judge Eugene J. Rizzo
Judge Stacy Lopez
Judge Kelly Betters

Court Administrative:


Chief Prosecutor

Lewis DiStasi Jr 
Dial: 845-691-7544
Fax: 845-483-8169


Connect with a Attorney

Clerk of Courts

Heather Blume

Lloyd Town Court is a justice court on the second floor of the Town Hall in Highland, New York. In Dutchess County, this court is one of the busiest courts. This court hears and solves criminal, traffic, civil, and small claims cases. The small claims jurisdiction limit is $3000. The court is held every Tuesday at 4:00 pm, morning on Wednesday, and at 3:00 pm on Thursday. This court offers high security and screening of every visitor.

The Lloyd Town Court is located in Highland, New York, in Ulster County. It’s one of the town courts in the county and serves the residents of the town of Lloyd. The court is responsible for handling a variety of legal matters, including traffic violations, civil cases, small claims, and criminal cases.


The Lloyd Town Court has limited jurisdiction over legal matters that occur within the town of Lloyd. This includes violations of town ordinances, traffic violations, and criminal cases involving misdemeanors and violations. The court also has jurisdiction over civil cases that involve amounts up to $3,000.

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Court Operations

The Lloyd Town Court operates under the supervision of the New York State Unified Court System. The court has one justice, who is elected by the residents of the town of Lloyd. The justice is responsible for presiding over all legal matters that come before the court.

The court is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you need to contact the court, you can do so during these hours by calling (845) 691-7544 or by visiting the court in person at 12 Church Street, Highland, NY 12528.

Legal Matters Handled by the Court

The Lloyd Town Court handles a variety of legal matters, including:

Traffic Violations

If you receive a traffic ticket within the town of Lloyd, your case will be heard in the Lloyd Town Court. This includes violations such as speeding, running a red light, and driving without a license.

Criminal Cases

The Lloyd Town Court has jurisdiction over criminal cases that involve misdemeanors and violations. This includes crimes such as petty theft, disorderly conduct, and harassment.

Civil Cases

The court also handles civil cases that involve amounts up to $3,000. This includes disputes between individuals or businesses, such as breach of contract or personal injury claims.

Small Claims

The Lloyd Town Court also handles small claims cases, which are civil cases involving amounts up to $3,000. Small claims cases are designed to provide a quick and inexpensive way for individuals to resolve disputes without the need for an attorney.


Lloyd Town Court division consists of the following:

  • · Traffic or Vehicle Division
  • · Criminal Division
  • · Civil Division
  • · Small Claims Division

How to do Case Search:

Lloyd Town Court Case search can be done online by using first name, Last name, and entering the city or state. After typing all the information, you can get all the information related to the case.

What are penalties?

Lloyd fees tell the number of fines in a case. For example, the fine for an accident in the daytime is $200 and $250 if it occurs in the evening or at night. Acceptable fees for using a vehicle with a G.V.W.R. over 5000 lbs. is $350. The storage fee for any vehicle is $65 per day for outside and $85 per day for inside storage.

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How to Appear in court:

In some cases, it is mandatory to appear in person at the court, while in some cases, there is no need to appear in court; only fines can be paid by submitting a plea y guilty or not plea by guilty mail. The court replies to your mail with the acceptable cost, and you only pay that fine within the due date.

Mainly in criminal cases, small claims and accident appearance in court is necessary.


Lloyd Town Court payment can be made in the following ways:


A person can pay a fine by visiting the court during business hours and paying in cash or with a card at the counter.


A person can pay online by using the www.paycourtonline.com website for the court. Convenience charges are applied through an online method.


A Person can send a check to the mailing address of the court. The mailing address is 12 Church St, Highland, NY 12528, United States.


This court also provides the facility to pay through the phone using credit or debit for paying by phone, dial: 845-691-2144. Convenience charges are applied through calling.

What Traffic Division do?

Lloyd Town Court Traffic Division hears and solves the cases of traffic or vehicle matters. The cases involve:

  • Speeding
  • Accident
  • Without a license or insurance driving
  • Cell phone ticket
  • License involving commercial drivers 
  • Other vehicle charges like D.W.I., D.U.I., etc.

Hire or consult with an experienced traffic attorney if you received a ticket or are involved in any traffic case.

How to get Traffic Court Information:

Town of Lloyd Traffic Court Information that should be known by any person living in that town are:

  • Conciliation before the trials
  • Case Try
  • Your defences
  • Charges will be removed if you are proven innocent

What are Charges Convicted?

In this court, if some charges against you are proved, then:

  • · Your licenses will be cancelled or suspended.
  • · Your Insurance price will be increased significantly in case of moving vehicles.
  • · You must pay some court costs and fines.
  • · Your judgment will be forwarded to the motor vehicle of the N.Y. department and into your home or state.

How to File Small Claims?

Lloyd Traffic Court’s small claims division handles the case that claims are less than or equal to $3000. Hiring an attorney or lawyer for this type of case is not necessary. A person that claims something must be 18+, and they will explain the claims in a court form. If the person’s age is less than 18, the guardian or parents will fill out the form and appear with the child on the court date for the case.

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What is Town Hall?

Lloyd Town Hall is a community organization building where the justice court of that town is located. It is situated in Highland, New York. It provides municipal service for the people living in the highland. The hall has a government office that contains the legislative body of Highland and gives public records, services, and information about the services of Highland. Contact them at 845-691-8011 for any information.

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The Lloyd Town Court is an important part of the legal system in Ulster County. If you have a legal matter that falls within the court’s jurisdiction, it’s important to understand how the court operates and what types of cases it handles. By having this knowledge, you can be better prepared for any legal matter that you may encounter.


There is a court date on the front of my ticket, and the back says I have 48 hours to respond. Which one do I follow?

You can follow the back side ticket time, i.e., 48 hours. You only have that time to enter a letter of pleading not guilty.

What is the capacity of the courtroom?

Seventy-five people can sit at a time in the courtroom.

What is the case trying?

 In traffic court, if the negotiator does not come to the court, then the burden of proving their case is on the police officer and prosecutor, which is case trying. This trying requires:

  • · Appearance of a police officer
  • · Police officers must have the ability to prove the list of citation facts. 
  • · Prosecutors and a police officer can prove that motor vehicle violation occurs.
  • · The Defense Lawyer has the authority to question the police officer.

How can I pay traffic tickets online?

Lloyd Town Court pays tickets online can be done using the  www.paycourtonline.com website. All online payment options are acceptable.

What happens if I do not pay the fine within the due date?

If you do not pay the fine within the due date, then these things will happen to you:

  • · Extra Fine
  • · Insurance premium increases
  • · Driving license would be canceled
  • · Possibly, you may go to jail

Which forms/documents does this town contain?

The court contains some necessary forms and documents, and these are:

  • · Address Change form
  • · Property Tax document working document
  • · Tax estimation sheet document for new construction
  • · What to do after the disagreement regarding the assessment

What will I do if I don’t have time for the appearance in court for my traffic ticket case? 

It would be best if you gave the authority to your attorney to appear in court instead of you.

What will I do if I need some information about my case?

It would be best if you visited the court during business hours or called the court for any information. Do not email or message the court; do not reply.

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