Chardon Municipal Court

Chardon Municipal Court


Working Hours:
Monday: 7:45 am – 4:30 pm
Tuesday: 7:45 am – 4:30 pm
Wednesday:7:45 am – 4:30 pm
Thursday:  7:45 am – 4:30 pm
Friday:  7:45 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Maryann D’Addezio Kotler
Daniel B. Goldstein
Eddie C. Sturgeon
Howard H. Shore
John S. Meyer
Laura H. Parsky
Michael J. Popkins
Michael T. Smyth
Paula S. Rosenstein
Richard S. Whitney
Robert J. Trentacosta
Matthew C. Braner
Tilisha Martin


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Chardon Municipal Court is a city and municipal courthouse in Geauga County, Ohio. The courthouse was established in 1869. This court was serving the communities of Aquilla, Auburn, Burton, Chardon, Russell, Thompson and Troy. It has jurisdiction over criminal, small claims, civil, probation, traffic, and vehicle matters. Proper dressing is required during the court session.

How to search for case records?

Chardon Municipal Court case search for records can be found online using the online portal;jsessionid=90B41CC7C5343CD7E49735A5B7548E83?x=9TzSL*CA*ZP NazRI I0w.  The court maintains all the records online, in files, or a database. The case search can be done using the following ways:

  • Search by Case Number, citation, or traffic number
  • Search by First, middle, and last name
  • Search by Case Types
  • Search by Attorney
  • Search by Advanced Attorney
  • Search by Action Code
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After entering the data, the case information will come. The portal will only show those records information that is publicly available. The sealed records are not available for the viewing of the public. Some records are unavailable; if the information does not come, the case records will be removed or confidential and cannot be displayed online. You have to go to the court or give a record request for these documents, and then the court will decide whether to provide that information. The fee for each document per page is $0.50, which is mandatory when you come to the court for a records copy.

How to make a payment?

 Chardon Municipal Court payment can be made in the following ways:


A person can pay for tickets and fines by visiting the court during regular court hours and paying in cash, checks, or with a card at the court payment window. Take your ticket and citation number with you when you come for payment. 2% surcharges will be applied if you make payment with a credit card. 


Online payments can be made using the Online Payment Enter any search type, like a case or traffic ticket number, name, etc for case searching. Your case information with the amount of the fine will be displayed. Select the payment option and pay the amount online


A Person can send a certified check or money order to the court’s mailing address; 111 Water St, Chardon, OH 44024, United States. Cash or personal checks are not acceptable in the mail; only certified checks or money orders are accepted. Remember to write your citation, name, case number, and account number when you send the payment, and mail the amount in a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want a receipt.

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How to search for dockets?

Chardon Municipal Court dockets can be found by using the calendar in the court view portal of this court. The calendar contains the case hearing time, event type, judge name, location and description of your case. You can see the detail by clicking on the row for which you want to see the full information. You can also navigate and filter the calendar.

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How to file a small claim case?

Chardon Municipal Court’s small claim division handles all cases in which a claim is up to $6000. A claim greater than this amount will be sent to the civil court. You can file a small claim case by filling out the form and submitting it at the clerk’s office. Fill in your and the defendant’s personal information, and tell the reason for claiming with the number of claims. You had to give $105 at the time of filing the form. After the form and documents are submitted then the court will send a rial date notice to the defendant. If the plaintiff fails to appear in court, then the case will be dismissed. All other instructions and fee information are available on the website, you can take help from them or may visit the clerk’s office during regular hours. 

How can I resolve my traffic tickets?

The Chardon Municipal Court traffic division handles all traffic and vehicle violation matters. The violation includes accidents, speeding, using a mobile phone during driving, violating traffic signals and traffic rules and many more. You can receive a citation after some days of getting the traffic ticket. If the ticket contains a mandatory appearance, then you have to appear on the schedule. If the court does not contain mandatory appearance, then many options are available that are:

  • Pay the full fine on the time 
  • Appeal if you receive a twelve-point suspension 
  • Enter and send a plea to the court
  • Request for a hearing
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How many pleas can be sent to the court?

Chardon Municipal Court plea options are available for some traffic tickets, parking and non-traffic cases. Two types of pleas are available which are:

Plea of guilty

If you are guilty of your actions then write this plea. After sending it the court will review your plea and send you the amount of the fine and there is no need to appear in court.

Plea of not guilty

If you are not guilty of your act, then write this plea. The court will give you a schedule and you have to appear on that day with your proof of innocence.

How to appeal in case of suspension?

Chardon Municipal Court suspension accessed points in the form of violation of two, four, or six points. Six points will be given in cases of DUI, Driving under suspension, four points for reckless operation two points for speeding etc. The court will prepare a memorandum that can help you in understanding the traffic laws of Ohio State. Your license will be suspended for six months after your violation points become twelve in two years. You can appeal in these cases but you had to send an appeal request within 20 days from the date you received the suspension notice. You can appeal by sending a B.M.V suspension letter with the petition for the driving privilege. $85 is the cost for appealing.

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How much fine is set for traffic violations?

The Chardon Municipal Court fine depends upon the type of traffic violation you committed. $162 for the speed limit of over 5-20 miles, $182 for the speed limit over 21-31 miles, driving without seatbelts for driver fine is $138 and for the passenger is $128 etc.


How to confirm your juror appearance?

You can confirm your juror appearance by calling 440-279-2222 x 7149 after 3:00 pm. The jury service payment is $25. 

How can I know the cost of my ticket?

Call 440-286-2670 or visit if you know the cost of my ticket.

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