Findlay Municipal Court

Findlay Municipal Court

Findlay Municipal Court, situated on the second floor of the City of Findlay Municipal Building at 318 Dorney Plaza, Findlay, OH 45840, is an integral part of the local legal system. With its jurisdiction covering the city of Findlay and all townships in Hancock County, except Washington Township, the court plays a crucial role in resolving various legal matters within its boundaries.

Jurisdiction of Findlay Municipal Court

The court’s geographical jurisdiction encompasses the city of Findlay and all townships in Hancock County, providing a centralized location for residents to address their legal concerns. With a focus on maintaining justice and order within the community, Findlay Municipal Court is the designated venue for a wide range of cases.

Structure and Functioning of Findlay Municipal Court

Findlay Municipal Court operates under the competent guidance of Judge Stephanie M. Bishop, who was appointed to the bench by Governor DeWine in April 2021. Alongside Judge Bishop, experienced legal personnel and staff ensure that the court functions efficiently and upholds the principles of justice.

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Legal Proceedings in Findlay Municipal Court

The court handles diverse cases that include traffic offenses, non-traffic misdemeanors, evictions, and small civil claims. Its broad jurisdiction allows it to address various legal disputes and provide resolutions that align with the law.

Key Services Offered by Findlay Municipal Court

In addition to conducting trials and hearings, Findlay Municipal Court offers various key services to the public. This includes providing options for fine payments, offering probation programs, and facilitating community service opportunities for defendants.

Rights of Defendants in Findlay Municipal Court

The court ensures that defendants are aware of their rights and privileges during legal proceedings. Among these rights are the right to legal representation and a fair trial, which contribute to a just and balanced legal process.

Findlay Municipal Court Records and Public Access

To foster transparency and accessibility, Findlay Municipal Court maintains comprehensive records of past cases. These records are available to the public upon request, ensuring that relevant information is readily accessible.

Role of Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Findlay Municipal Court encourages the use of mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods to facilitate amicable resolutions. Through mediation, parties can explore compromises, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes.

Traffic Violations and Findlay Municipal Court

Traffic offenses form a significant portion of the court’s caseload. Findlay Municipal Court provides efficient ways for individuals to handle traffic violations, including online fine payments and opportunities to attend traffic school.

Findlay Municipal Court in the Community

The court actively engages with the community through various outreach programs and educational initiatives. By fostering a strong connection with the public, Findlay Municipal Court aims to promote a deeper understanding of the legal system.

Technology and Findlay Municipal Court

Embracing technology, Findlay Municipal Court offers online services and resources for the convenience of the public. Electronic filing and case management systems streamline processes, reducing administrative burdens.

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Comparison with Other Courts in the Area

Understanding the differences between municipal, county, and state courts is vital for residents seeking legal resolution. Findlay Municipal Court’s specific jurisdiction and services make it a valuable resource for its community.

Recent Developments and Future Outlook

As the legal landscape evolves, Findlay Municipal Court adapts to new challenges and opportunities. Recent developments, including the appointment of Judge Stephanie M. Bishop, promise a future of continued efficiency and accessibility.

Jurisdiction and Services

Findlay Municipal Court’s jurisdiction encompasses the entire Hancock County, except Washington Township, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court. Within its boundaries, the court handles a diverse range of cases, including traffic offenses, non-traffic misdemeanors, evictions, and small civil claims.

Contact Information

For civil and small claims matters, individuals can reach the court at 419-424-7143. If the case involves criminal or traffic issues, the contact number is 419-424-7141. The court’s fax number is 419-424-7803. Additionally, the court’s website provides further details and directions for those seeking assistance.

Judge Stephanie M. Bishop

Judge Stephanie M. Bishop is a notable figure on the Findlay Municipal Court Bench. Appointed by Governor DeWine in April 2021, she brings experience, integrity, and a commitment to ensuring justice prevails in every case that comes before the court.

Online Court Resources

The court’s website offers valuable online resources applicable not only to Findlay Municipal Court but also to courts throughout Hancock County, Ohio. Residents can access court case records, search for published opinions and orders, and find essential forms related to civil, criminal, and traffic matters.

Dockets and Calendars

To keep track of court proceedings, individuals can access Findlay Municipal Court’s daily dockets for traffic, criminal, and civil cases. Additionally, upcoming court dates and schedules are available for those who need to plan their appearances accordingly.

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Legal Forms and Background Checks

Findlay Municipal Court provides access to a range of legal forms related to various case types. For individuals seeking background checks, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office offers instructions on obtaining criminal background checks from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

The court actively promotes mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods through its Citizen Settlement Program. These processes offer parties an opportunity to resolve their disputes without the need for a full trial, saving time and resources for all involved.

Support for the Community

Findlay Municipal Court acknowledges the importance of community outreach and support. The court engages with the public by offering valuable information on topics such as small claims, domestic violence, and foreclosure and eviction issues.

Self-Help and Legal Information

For individuals seeking self-help resources, the court offers interactive self-help forms that guide users through the process of completing various court forms. Additionally, resources for seniors and disabled individuals are available for those with specific legal needs.


Findlay Municipal Court stands as a pillar of justice, committed to providing fair and efficient legal solutions to the community it serves. Its accessible location, dedicated personnel, and array of services make it an essential institution in the pursuit of justice.


  1. Where is Findlay Municipal Court located? Findlay Municipal Court is situated on the second floor of the City of Findlay Municipal Building at 318 Dorney Plaza, Findlay, OH 45840.
  2. What is the jurisdiction of Findlay Municipal Court? Findlay Municipal Court has jurisdiction over the city of Findlay and all townships in Hancock County, except Washington Township.
  3. What are the court’s operating hours? Findlay Municipal Court operates from Monday to Friday, with varying hours on different days. The hours are Monday 8 AM–5:30 PM, Tuesday 7:30 AM–6:30 PM, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30 AM–5:30 PM, and Friday 8 AM–12 PM. The court is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
  4. What types of cases does Findlay Municipal Court handle? Findlay Municipal Court handles cases involving traffic offenses, non-traffic misdemeanors, evictions, and small civil claims.
  5. Who is the presiding judge of Findlay Municipal Court? Judge Stephanie M. Bishop serves on the Findlay Municipal Court Bench after being appointed by Governor DeWine in April 2021.

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