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Miami-Dade County Traffic Court

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Miami-Dade County Traffic Court

Miami-Dade County Traffic Court handles cases involving traffic citations and moving violations that occur within Miami-Dade County, Florida. The court’s goal is to promote traffic safety and ensure drivers operate vehicles lawfully on county roads.

The court adjudicates common traffic violations like:

  • Speeding
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving without a valid license or insurance

Defendants have legal rights when contesting tickets, including requesting a hearing before a judge. However, you may choose to simply pay the ticket to avoid court appearances.

The Traffic Ticket Process

When a police officer pulls you over and issues a traffic citation in Miami-Dade County, you have three options:

  1. Pay the ticket and associated fines
  2. Contest the ticket by requesting a court hearing
  3. Attend traffic school, if eligible, to dismiss the ticket

You must act within 30 days of receiving the ticket. Failure to pay or contest the citation will result in additional penalties.

If you contest the ticket, the court will schedule a hearing before a judge. You must present evidence and testimony to beat the ticket.

Contesting Your Traffic Ticket

Reasons to contest a Miami-Dade traffic ticket include:

  • You believe the officer made a mistake
  • There were circumstances beyond your control
  • You want to avoid fines, fees, and points on your license

As a defendant, you have specific rights in traffic court:

  • Right to see evidence against you
  • Right to cross-examine witnesses
  • Right to call your own witnesses
  • Right to testify on your own behalf

To request a hearing, check the dispute box on your ticket and submit it to the court clerk. You may also contest the ticket online. Prepare evidence and your testimony ahead of time.

The Traffic Court Hearing

On the day of your hearing:

  • Arrive early to find parking and get through security
  • Dress professionally and be polite to court staff
  • When your case is called, approach the judge and listen carefully
  • Present your argument, evidence, and witness testimony contesting the ticket

The judge will consider both sides and issue a verdict. If the ruling is guilty, you must pay the ticket fines and fees.

Searching Miami-Dade Traffic Cases

You can look up traffic case details through the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts website. Search options include:

  • Case number
  • Party name
  • Driver’s license number
  • Citation number

Case records provide info like:

  • Charges filed
  • Hearing dates
  • Rulings and dispositions
  • Fines and fees assessed
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Routinely check your case status online leading up to your court date.

Paying Traffic Tickets

To pay a Miami-Dade traffic ticket, you must do so by your court date or within 30 days if you don’t contest it. Payment options include:

  • By mail
  • Online
  • In person at the court clerk’s office
  • Over the phone

If you miss the payment deadline, late fees will apply. Failure to pay may result in your driver’s license being suspended.

For multiple unpaid tickets, you may be eligible for an amnesty program to have certain penalties waived.

Your Driving Record

Any moving violations go on your DMV driving record and stay there for several years. Points will be assessed against your license as follows:

  • 3 points for moving violations like speeding
  • 6 points for reckless driving
  • DUI results in an automatic 6-month license suspension

Too many points can lead to license suspension. Traffic convictions also raise your insurance rates.

Special Circumstances

Unique rules and processes apply to certain drivers who receive tickets:

  • Commercial drivers face stricter violations and penalties given their licensing status.
  • Out-of-state drivers must handle tickets within Miami-Dade County and may have home state consequences.
  • Non-US citizens can attend traffic school to avoid points on their driving record. Points can negatively impact their visa or immigration status.
  • Juveniles must appear in court with a parent or guardian. Their licenses may be suspended until age 18.

Traffic School

Drivers without prior tickets in the last 18 months can elect to attend traffic school to avoid points on their license. You must:

  • Request traffic school at the time you are cited
  • Pay court fees
  • Complete an approved traffic course
  • Present certification of completion to the court

Your ticket will then be dismissed. However, you must still pay fines.

Common Traffic Violations

Some of the most common traffic citations issued in Miami-Dade County include:

  • Speeding – Exceeding posted speed limits. This is one of the most prevalent traffic offenses.
  • Stop sign and red light violations – Failing to fully stop at traffic signals and signs. This infraction is dangerous and disruptive.
  • Cell phone use – Florida has strict laws prohibiting texting, e-mailing, and talking on handheld phones while driving.
  • Uninsured motorist – All vehicles must maintain Florida insurance minimums at all times. Lack of proof of insurance can result in tickets, fines and license suspension.
  • Registration and license violations – Citations for expired registration tags or driver’s licenses without renewal. Violators may get tickets for every day out of compliance.

Fighting Tickets Strategically

To beat your traffic ticket, certain approaches may prove effective:

  • Consult a traffic ticket lawyer – They understand loopholes and technicalities to get charges reduced or dismissed.
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor – Discuss mitigating circumstances and request lesser charges the day of court.
  • Get charges dropped – Work out a deal to complete driving school or community service in exchange for ticket dismissal.
  • Avoid fines and points – Plead to reduced non-moving violations that don’t add points to your license.

Potential Penalties

Traffic ticket penalties in Miami-Dade County include:

  • Monetary fines from $150 up to $1,000 depending on violation severity.
  • License suspensions for certain violations including excessive points or lack of insurance.
  • Up to 60 days jail time for reckless driving and DUI convictions.

Factors affecting penalties:

  • Your driving history and number of prior tickets
  • Severity of violation
  • Aggravating circumstances like speed excess

Habitual Traffic Offender Laws

Florida designates drivers as a “habitual traffic offender” if they amass:

  • 15-19 points within 12 months
  • 20-29 points within 18 months
  • 30+ points within 36 months

Consequences include license revocation for 5 years minimum. You cannot drive until meeting relicensing requirements.

Regaining your license involves:

  • Serving all revocation time
  • Paying $75-$600 reinstatement fee
  • Purchasing FR-44 insurance
  • Passing written and road exams

Traffic Safety

You can avoid traffic tickets and enhance safety by:

  • Obeying speed limits and traffic signals
  • Allowing proper following distance
  • Actively scanning for hazards
  • Eliminating distractions like phones
  • Granting right-of-way when required

Safe, courteous driving improves the overall road experience for everyone. Protect yourself, passengers, and fellow motorists by exercising sound judgment behind the wheel.

Miami-Dade County Traffic Court Online Court Resources

If you find yourself entangled with the Miami-Dade County Traffic Court or any court in the state of Florida, you’re in the right place. Navigating the legal system can be a daunting task, but with the wealth of online resources available, you can make the process smoother. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the online court resources specific to Miami-Dade County Traffic Court and also touch on broader resources applicable to courts throughout Miami-Dade County and the entire state of Florida.

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Search court case records

Finding What You Need

When dealing with legal matters, one of the first steps is often to access court case records. In Miami-Dade County, this process has been made more convenient with online access to various types of case records.

Miami-Dade County Civil, Family, and Probate Case Records

If your case falls into the civil, family, or probate category, you can easily search for case records online. This resource allows you to access the information you need without the hassle of physically visiting the courthouse.

Miami-Dade County Criminal Case Records

For criminal cases, the same convenience applies. Accessing criminal case records online can help you stay informed about your case or the case of someone you know.

Florida Official Records

If you’re looking for broader information that extends beyond Miami-Dade County, the Florida Official Records database provides access to court documents, judgments, liens, probate records, and more from all counties in Florida. Keep in mind that while searching is free, there may be charges for records requested. Additionally, criminal records are not available through this service.

Parental Access to Teen Driving Records

Keeping Tabs on Your Teen

Parents often worry about their teen’s safety on the road. Fortunately, in Florida, parents have the ability to search their child’s driving records through The Florida Department of Highway Safety. This resource allows parents to monitor their teen’s driving history and ensure they are following the rules of the road.

Dockets, calendars, and other information about court cases

Staying Informed

To stay updated on court proceedings, it’s crucial to access docket information and court calendars. Whether you’re a party involved in a case or simply an interested observer, these resources provide valuable information.

Miami-Dade County Civil, Family, and Probate Court Calendars

You can search Miami-Dade County civil, family, and probate court calendars by hearing date, court type, calendar type, and judge. This helps you keep track of upcoming court dates and proceedings.

Miami-Dade County Judges’ Motion Calendars

If you’re interested in specific motions or actions scheduled in court, you can view Miami-Dade County judges’ motion calendars. This resource helps you stay informed about the latest developments in court cases.

Published opinions and orders

For a deeper understanding of legal decisions and the reasoning behind them, you can search for published opinions and orders from Miami-Dade County Circuit and County Court. This resource is valuable for legal researchers and anyone interested in the legal process.

Forms and related information

Preparing Your Documents

Proper documentation is essential in legal matters. Miami-Dade County offers a selection of court forms that cover various case types, including civil, criminal, family, juvenile, probate, small claims, and traffic cases. These forms can be easily accessed and downloaded from the Clerk’s homepage.

Florida Family Law Forms

For family law matters, the Florida State Courts’ Self-Help Center provides instructions, forms, and additional resources. This resource is particularly helpful for those dealing with divorce, child custody, and related issues.

Online Self-Help Forms

FloridaLawHelp offers do-it-yourself forms and instructions organized by legal issue. Some forms can even be completed online through an interactive interview process. This resource simplifies the process of preparing legal documents.

Prepare and File Court Forms Online

Turbo Court is a valuable resource that allows you to prepare and file court forms online for family law, small claims, and evictions. While there is a registration fee associated with this service, it streamlines the document preparation process.

Online fine payments

Settling Your Dues Electronically

If you’ve received a traffic or parking ticket in Miami-Dade County, you can conveniently pay your fines online. This saves you time and effort and ensures that you fulfill your financial obligations to the court.

Pay Miami-Dade County Parking Tickets

Parking tickets can be paid online, allowing you to promptly address any violations you may have received.

Pay Miami-Dade County Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets can also be paid online, simplifying the process of settling traffic-related fines.

Pay Motor Carrier Compliance Citations

For commercial vehicle citations related to motor carrier compliance, online payment options are available, making it easier for businesses to manage their citations.

Pay Traffic Tickets Online

Florida Clerks of Court offer online payment services for traffic tickets in most counties. You can not only pay your fines online but also access ticket information through their search service. Please note that there may be a fee associated with this service.

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Self-help, legal research, general information

Empowering Yourself with Knowledge

In legal matters, knowledge is power. Various resources are available to help you understand the legal system, your rights, and the services available to you.

Criminal Record Sealing and Expungement

If you have a criminal record and are seeking to seal or expunge it in Florida, you’ll find valuable information on how to do so in this resource.

Florida Child Support Services

Parents looking for answers to child support-related questions can turn to Florida Child Support Services. This resource also offers an online payment system for child support.

Florida Court Information for Veterans

Veterans can access a resource guide to the state legal system, with an overview of Veterans Courts—a specialized court program designed to provide treatment instead of incarceration for offenders with substance abuse or mental health issues.

Florida Court Programs and Services

Learn about various court programs and services available in Florida, including alternative dispute resolution, court interpreters, drug courts, family courts, and jury duty. Educational resources and videos about the court system and procedure are also available.

Florida Court Self-Help Resources

If you’re seeking assistance or information, Florida offers self-help centers, family law resources, details on free or low-cost legal services, lawyer referral services, and legal resources for seniors.

Florida Family Law Information

Access a Florida Family Law handbook in English or Spanish and find publications providing guidance on marriage laws.

Florida Foreclosure Prevention Resources

For those facing the risk of foreclosure in Florida, this resource provides information about local housing counseling agencies, programs, workshops, and state and federal agency resources.

Florida Laws

You can search the Florida Statutes and Constitution or browse by table of contents to access the legal framework governing the state.

Florida Legal Information and Resources

Explore information and resources for various legal issues, including family matters, juvenile cases, domestic violence, housing, debt collection, employment, and immigration.

Florida Legal Pamphlets

The Florida Bar offers online pamphlets covering a range of legal issues. These include consumer rights, civil and small claims, credit, family law, immigration, property, wills, trusts, and estates. Pamphlets can be downloaded, and print versions are available for a small fee.

Florida Small Claims

If you’re dealing with a small claims case in Florida, this resource provides an overview of the process, including what constitutes a small claims case and where to file it.

Florida Traffic and Motor Vehicle Information

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers driver licensing handbooks in both English and Spanish, ensuring that you have the information you need to stay safe on the road.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

When You Need Professional Help

Sometimes, legal matters require professional assistance. Florida offers various services to help you find the legal representation you need.

Directory of Free and Low-Cost Legal Services

If you’re in need of free or reduced-fee legal assistance, this directory allows you to search for organizations based on your location and the specific legal issue you’re facing.

Find a Florida Lawyer

The Florida Bar offers an online search tool to help you find attorneys by name, location, and bar number. This can simplify the process of finding a qualified attorney to represent you.

Florida Attorney Complaints and Discipline

If you have concerns or complaints about an attorney’s conduct, The Florida Bar provides information about attorney regulation and discipline. It also offers an Attorney Consumer Assistance Program to handle complaints against attorneys. Additionally, you can access summaries of recent disciplinary actions taken by the Florida Supreme Court against member attorneys.

Florida Lawyer Referral Services

The Florida Bar and local bar associations offer lawyer referral services to connect you with qualified attorneys who specialize in the area of law relevant to your case.

Free and Low-Cost Legal Services

For those seeking organizations that provide free or reduced-fee legal services to eligible clients, this resource offers valuable information.

Conclusion & Key Takeaways

Miami-Dade Traffic Court handles moving violation cases countywide. By contesting erroneous tickets, you can potentially have charges reduced or dismissed. Check your case status online, act before deadlines, and exercise courtroom manners. Prioritize safe driving habits to keep your record clean going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common penalties for traffic tickets in Miami-Dade County?

Common penalties include fines from $150-$1,000 depending on the offense, license suspension or revocation for serious violations, and up to 60 days jail time for reckless driving or DUI convictions.

How many points will a speeding ticket add to my Florida license?

A standard speeding ticket conviction adds 3 points to your license. Excessive speeding may add more points.

Will my insurance go up if I pay a traffic ticket in Miami-Dade County?

Most insurers will raise your premiums for traffic convictions since you’re now viewed as a higher risk driver. Paying a ticket is considered a guilty plea.

Can I attend traffic school more than once in Florida?

You can only elect traffic school once every 12 months and no more than 5 times in your lifetime. It keeps your driving record clean by avoiding points.

What happens if I miss my Miami-Dade County Traffic Court date?

The judge will likely issue a bench warrant for your arrest, your license may be suspended, and additional fines and penalties will apply. Contact the court immediately to reschedule.

How can I access Miami-Dade County civil, family, and probate case records online?
You can access these records online through the Miami-Dade County official website.

Are criminal case records in Miami-Dade County available online?
Yes, you can access Miami-Dade County criminal case records online, making it convenient to stay informed about criminal cases.

Is there a charge for accessing court records in Florida?
While searching for records is often free, there may be charges for requesting copies of specific records.

How can parents access their child’s driving records in Florida?
Parents can access their child’s driving records through The Florida Department of Highway Safety.

Where can I find information on sealing or expunging a criminal record in Florida?
You can find information on sealing or expunging a criminal record in Florida through official resources.

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