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Vermont Court Dockets and Calendars

Court dockets and calendars are important tools for tracking cases and scheduling hearings in the Vermont court system. Understanding how to find and read these documents can help you follow a case, prepare for a hearing, or request court records. This guide provides an overview of locating, interpreting, and obtaining Vermont court dockets and calendars.

Understanding Vermont’s Court System

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s start with a brief overview of Vermont’s court system. Vermont’s judiciary is divided into various divisions, each handling different types of cases. These divisions include the Environmental Division, Superior Court, Judicial Bureau, and Environmental Court. Understanding these divisions will help you navigate the court system more effectively.

Vermont Court System Overview

The Vermont state court system is comprised of trial courts and appellate courts.

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Trial Courts

The trial courts are where civil and criminal cases originate. They include:

  • Superior Courts – 14 counties, general jurisdiction
  • District Courts – 36 locations, limited jurisdiction
  • Family Courts – 14 counties, specialized jurisdiction
  • Probate Courts – 14 districts, specialized jurisdiction

Appellate Courts

The appellate courts hear appeals from lower courts. They include:

  • Vermont Supreme Court – Highest state appellate court
  • Environmental Court – Appeals of environmental, land use cases
  • Professional Regulation – Appeals of disciplinary cases

Finding Court Dockets and Calendars in Vermont

Dockets and calendars can be accessed both online and at courthouses.

Online Resources

The Vermont Judiciary website provides online access to dockets and calendars. Dockets can be searched by case number, party name, county, or date. Calendars can be browsed by court location.

Courthouse Resources

Paper dockets and calendars are available by request at clerk’s offices. Dockets are organized by case type and date. Calendars list upcoming hearings.

Understanding Vermont Court Dockets

Dockets provide case information and record proceedings. Types include:

Criminal Dockets

Criminal dockets list defendants, charges, attorneys, hearings, orders, and case status for felony and misdemeanor cases.

Civil Dockets

Civil dockets include plaintiffs, defendants, hearing dates, filings, and orders for lawsuits and small claims cases.

Family Court Dockets

Family court dockets record information related to divorce, child support, custody, and other domestic cases.

Locating Court Calendars in Vermont

Calendars schedule court hearing dates.

Online Court Calendars

The Vermont Judiciary website posts daily calendars for upcoming hearings by court location.

Courthouse Calendars

Paper court calendars are posted at clerk’s offices and list hearings scheduled that day or week.

Statewide Court Dockets Calendars

Now, let’s explore the resources available for accessing statewide court dockets and calendars.

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Environmental Division Calendar

The Vermont Superior Court Environmental Division calendar provides crucial information about upcoming environmental cases. You can access this calendar by date and location, making it easy to plan ahead if you’re involved in or interested in environmental matters.

Superior Court Calendars

The Superior Court is where a wide range of cases, including civil, criminal, and family matters, are heard. Here’s how you can access Superior Court calendars:

Search by Date Range and County

If you have a specific date range in mind or need information for a particular county, this option allows you to narrow down your search efficiently.

Search by Attorney Name and Date Range

For those looking for cases involving a specific attorney, you can search by their name and date range. You can also filter results by court and county, ensuring you find the information you need quickly.

Deciphering Entries on Dockets and Calendars

Key details include:

Case Numbers

The docket number identifies the case. Format includes court code, year, case type code, and number.

Party Names

Party names are listed as Plaintiff/Petitioner vs. Defendant/Respondent.

Hearing Types

Calendar entries denote hearing types like arraignment, pre-trial conference, motion hearing.

Case Status

Docket entries note actions like case filed, dismissed, judgment entered.

Getting Copies of Court Records

Court records can be obtained remotely or in-person.

Online Requests

Court records like filings, orders, or hearing transcripts can be requested and paid for online.

In-Person Requests

Records can also be requested at the clerk’s office by filling out a records request form and paying any fees.

Court Hearings

Court hearings are central to the legal process, and finding relevant information about them is crucial. Vermont offers a comprehensive search option for court hearings, allowing you to track cases with ease.

Search by Attorney Name

If you’re interested in a particular attorney’s cases or appearances, you can search for court hearings by their name.

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Search by Judge

Perhaps you want to follow cases presided over by a specific judge. This search option allows you to do just that.

Search by Docket Number or Case Name

If you have the docket number or case name handy, this is the quickest way to access the information you need.

Search by Date Range, County, and Court Division

For a more extensive search, you can specify the date range, county, and court division, ensuring that you retrieve the most relevant results.


Accessing and understanding Vermont court dockets and calendars is easier with the right resources. Online dockets and calendars provide convenience, while courthouses retain paper records. Entries can be decoded using key details like case numbers, party names, and hearing types. Following cases and obtaining records is possible with practice navigating the courts’ docketing systems.


Q: How can I look up a docket for a case in Vermont?

A: You can search for case dockets online at or request a paper docket at the courthouse clerk’s office.

Q: Where are court calendars posted in Vermont?

A: Daily court calendars can be viewed at or paper calendars are posted at each courthouse.

Q: What is included in a case docket?

A: Dockets include the case number, parties, attorneys, list of filings, hearing dates, and orders entered for the duration of the case.

Q: How can I get copies of court documents?

A: Court records can be requested and paid for online or by filling out a records request form at the clerk’s office.

Q: Can anyone access Vermont court dockets and calendars?

A: Yes, court dockets and calendars are public records available both online and at courthouses. Exceptions can include sealed cases.

How often are the court calendars updated in Vermont?

The court calendars in Vermont are regularly updated to ensure that they reflect the most current information available.

Can I access court calendars for all counties in Vermont?

Yes, you can access court calendars for all counties in Vermont, making it convenient to find information about cases statewide.

Is there a fee for accessing court docket and calendar information in Vermont?

In most cases, accessing court docket and calendar information in Vermont is free of charge, but there may be fees associated with obtaining specific documents or records.

How can I receive notifications about upcoming court hearings in Vermont?

Vermont offers notification services that allow you to receive updates on upcoming court hearings via email or other means. You can sign up for these services on the official Vermont court website.

Can I request court records online in Vermont?

Yes, you can request court records online in Vermont through the official court website. There may be fees associated with obtaining copies of these records.

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