Surry County Superior Court

Surry County Court System

The Surry County court system serves the residents of Surry County, North Carolina. The court system handles both criminal and civil court cases arising within the county. Surry County has a District Court, a Superior Court, and a Small Claims Court. Key players include judges, the District Attorney’s office, the Clerk of Court, bailiffs, court reporters, and the Sheriff’s department.

Overview of Surry County Courts

The District Court handles misdemeanors, traffic violations, juvenile cases, and civil cases involving $25,000 or less. The Superior Court oversees felony criminal cases and civil cases exceeding $25,000. The Small Claims Court handles civil disputes up to $10,000.

Key Players in Surry County Court System

  • Judges: Preside over trials and hearings
  • District Attorney’s Office: Prosecutes criminal cases
  • Clerk of Court: Maintains court records and documents
  • Bailiffs: Maintain order in the courtroom
  • Court Reporters: Record trials and hearings
  • Sheriff’s Department: Provides court security and serves warrants

Surry County Superior Court Location and Contact Information

If you ever find yourself in need of the services offered by the Surry County Superior Court, you can reach out to them at the following contact information:

  • Address: 201 East Kapp Street, PO Box 345, Dobson, NC 27017
  • Phone: 336-386-3700
  • Fax: 336-386-3701

Website  https://www.nccourts.gov/locations/surry-county

These contact details are essential for anyone seeking assistance, information, or guidance regarding legal matters in Surry County.

Understanding the Surry County Court Calendar

The court calendar schedules hearings, trials, and other proceedings for pending court cases. Knowing how to read and navigate the calendar is crucial.

Types of Court Cases in Surry County

Surry County courts handle:

  • Criminal Cases: Violations of criminal statutes, from traffic tickets to felonies. Handled in District or Superior Court.
  • Civil Cases: Private disputes between parties, such as contract breaches. District Court handles cases up to $25,000. Superior Court oversees higher stakes cases.
  • Small Claims: Civil claims up to $10,000. Heard in Small Claims Court.
  • Juvenile Cases: Cases involving minors charged with acts of delinquency. Handled in Juvenile Court.
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How Court Cases Proceed Through Surry County Courts

Criminal cases typically start in District Court, while major civil cases go directly to Superior Court. Smaller civil cases may begin in District Court. Cases can be appealed up to Superior Court.

Checking the Surry County Court Calendar

The court calendar schedule is posted online at the Surry County website. Parties in a case can also call the Clerk of Court for calendar information.

Navigating the Surry County Court Calendar as a Litigant

For parties involved in a court case, the calendar outlines important events.

Finding Your Case on the Court Calendar

Litigants can locate their case on the calendar by searching the case number. This provides dates/times of upcoming proceedings.

Confirming Court Dates and Deadlines

Check the calendar regularly to confirm court dates, deadlines for filings, and any schedule changes. Deadlines are firm so calendaring is crucial.

Preparing for Scheduled Court Events

Use your court calendar notices to request time off work, arrange childcare, and take other steps to prepare for court proceedings. Notify witnesses of hearing dates.

Accessing the Surry County Court Calendar as a Non-Litigant

Non-parties to cases can also view the court calendar.

Looking Up a Case Calendar by Case Number

The public can access civil and criminal case calendars by case number. This allows tracking case progression.

Viewing Courtroom Assignments

Check the calendar to see which cases are assigned to which courtrooms on a given day. Seating is limited so arrive early.

Checking Availability of Court Officials

Attorneys and others can check the court calendar to see a judge or clerk’s availability before scheduling a meeting.

Key Tips for Using the Surry County Court Calendar

Here are a few key tips for getting the most out of the court calendar:

Understanding Calendar Terminology

Learn common terms like docket call, motion hearing, jury selection, etc. This helps interpret the calendar.

Checking Calendar Frequently for Updates

Case calendars change often so check back frequently for new or rescheduled hearings. Don’t rely on outdated notices.

Following Proper Courtroom Etiquette

When attending proceedings, dress appropriately, remain quiet, and be respectful. Silence cell phones and avoid disruptions.

The Surry County court calendar provides an essential schedule of court cases and proceedings. All parties involved in litigation should consult the calendar regularly to track their case’s progression and prepare for all upcoming hearings and deadlines. Even non-litigants can satisfy public curiosity by viewing the court calendar. Following proper etiquette helps courts maintain decorum and efficiency.

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Surry County Superior Court: Online Court Resources

Surry County Superior Court, located at 201 East Kapp Street, PO Box 345, Dobson, NC 27017, is a pivotal institution in North Carolina’s judicial system. This court serves as a crucial pillar of justice, and in the digital age, it’s essential to understand the various online court resources available to both residents of Surry County and the broader North Carolina community. In this article, we’ll explore the wealth of information and services provided by the Surry County Superior Court’s online resources.

Navigating the Surry County Superior Court’s Online Presence

Court Case Records Search

One of the most valuable tools available online is the ability to search court case records. You can access past and future criminal court appearance dates by citation number or defendant name, county, and court type. This resource is an invaluable aid for legal professionals and concerned citizens alike.

Criminal Background Checks

For individuals or businesses in need of criminal background checks, the Surry County Superior Court provides detailed instructions and links to request forms. Whether you require an online fingerprint-based search or wish to explore paid search options, this resource covers all your needs.

Dockets, Calendars, and More

Stay up-to-date with court proceedings by accessing criminal appearance dates, civil or criminal court calendars, and even impaired driving court dates. You can search by county, defendant zip code, and more. The superior court master calendar and holiday schedule are also conveniently available online.

Published Opinions and Orders

Legal professionals seeking guidance can delve into North Carolina Attorney General legal opinions dating back to 1977. This resource allows you to search by statute, topic, date, requestor, or keyword, providing a comprehensive understanding of legal precedents.

Access to Court Forms

The Surry County Superior Court offers access to both local and statewide court forms. Whether you’re a legal practitioner or a self-represented litigant, these forms can prove indispensable in navigating legal processes.

Self-Help and Legal Research

Understanding legal procedures is made more accessible through the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys. They provide overviews, answers to frequently asked questions, and a glossary of legal terms to empower the public with knowledge.

Criminal Procedure Insights

Navigate the intricacies of North Carolina’s criminal procedure, from bond and bail to court dates, pleas, and appeals. This resource provides essential information for those involved in or affected by criminal cases.

Domestic Violence Support

For victims of domestic violence, the Surry County Superior Court offers information on protection orders, legal assistance, and enforcement procedures. This resource aims to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals.

Guardianship Information

If you’re dealing with adult or minor guardianship issues in North Carolina, this resource is a valuable guide. It covers the role of guardians, alternatives to guardianship, court procedures, and more.

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Local Court Rules

Stay informed about local court rules in North Carolina by accessing relevant information, making your legal journey smoother.

Mediators Directory

Need mediation services? Search rosters of mediators and find guidance on selecting the right mediator for your situation.

Understanding the Court System

For those new to the North Carolina court system, this resource provides an overview of court types, cases, officials, alternatives, and appeals.

Court Procedures Demystified

Explore information on court dates, procedures, witnesses, self-representation, records, and appeals in North Carolina. This knowledge empowers individuals involved in legal matters.

Court Rules and Conduct

Delve into the North Carolina Rules of Practice for Superior and District Courts, Rules for Court-Ordered Arbitration, and the Code of Judicial Conduct to ensure compliance with legal standards.

Dispute Resolution Options

Learn about mediation and arbitration in North Carolina, offering alternatives to trial litigation. This resource can help parties resolve disputes more efficiently.


The Surry County court calendar is a vital resource for anyone interacting with the local court system. By outlining schedules for court cases, it helps litigants, attorneys, court personnel, and the public stay on top of judicial proceedings. Checking the online calendar regularly and understanding typical terminology ensures users can access accurate, up-to-date information. Whether participating directly in a case or simply observing the courts, familiarizing oneself with the Surry County court calendar leads to an informed experience.


Q: How far in advance are court dates scheduled on the calendar?

A: Court dates are typically scheduled weeks or months in advance, depending on the court’s caseload. High profile trials may be scheduled over a year out. However, calendar dates can change with little notice if cases settle or continuances are granted.

Q: Where can I find contact information for Surry County court offices?

A: Contact information for the Clerk of Court, District and Superior Court judges, Small Claims court, the DA’s office, and other court entities is available on the Surry County government website.

Q: Is there a cost associated with accessing the Surry County court calendar?

A: The court calendar is available for free as a public record. There are no fees to search and view the online court calendar. Charges may apply for obtaining official copies of case documents.

Q: Can I add court dates directly to my personal calendar electronically?

A: Yes, many county court websites allow exporting online court calendar dates to your preferred calendaring platform like Outlook or Google Calendar to help stay organized. Check your court website for details.

Q: Who should I contact with questions about a specific court date on my case calendar?

A: The best resource is your attorney, who can clarify scheduling details and overall case strategy. You can also call the Clerk of Court or consult the judge’s courtroom staff with administrative calendar questions.

How can I search for court case records online?
To search for court case records online, visit the Surry County Superior Court’s official website and use their search tools. You can search by citation number, defendant name, county, and court type.

How do I obtain a criminal background check through the Surry County Superior Court?
To obtain a criminal background check, follow the detailed instructions provided on the Surry County Superior Court’s website. You can choose between various search methods, including an online fingerprint-based search.

Where can I find court calendars and dates for hearings?
You can find court calendars and dates for hearings on the Surry County Superior Court’s website. They offer comprehensive search options, including by county, date, and hearing type.

How can I access published legal opinions and orders?
Accessing published legal opinions and orders is easy through the Surry County Superior Court’s online resources. You can search for North Carolina Attorney General legal opinions by statute, topic, date, requestor, or keyword.

Are there resources available for victims of domestic violence in North Carolina?
Yes, North Carolina provides resources and support for victims of domestic violence. You can find information on protection orders, legal assistance, and enforcement procedures on the Surry County Superior Court’s website.

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