Parma Municipal Court

Parma Municipal Court


Working Hours:
Monday: 8:30AM–4:15 PM
Tuesday: 8:30AM–4:15PM
Thursday:  8:30AM–4:15PM
Friday:    8:30AM–4:15PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge Deanna O’Donnell
Judge Kenneth R. Spanagel
Judge Timothy P. Gilligan


Magistrate Edward J. Fink
Magistrate John L. Spellacy
Magistrate George Lonjak

Chief Prosecutor

Timothy G. Dobeck
Dial: (440) 887-7400
Fax: (440) 887-7499


Connect with a Attorney


Judge Gilligan
Dail : (440) 887-7458
Judge Spanagel
Dail : (440) 887-7459
Judge O’Donnell
Dail : (440) 887-7457


Dail : (440) 887-7400 – Option 5
Fax: (440) 887-7476
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:45am – 4:15pm


Phone: (440) 887-7400 – Option 4
Fax: (440) 887-7499


The Parma Municipal Court was developed in 1952 of Ohio revised code. The area of the Court of Parma municipal is 71.9sq. Miles. Perma municipal Court has 30,000 filling traffic and 177,964 citizens, criminals, and parking. It has located in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The authority of this Court is Broadview Heights, County Agencies, Brooklyn Heights, and approximately ten other states, Brooklyn, Linndale, Seven Hills, Parma, and Parma Heights.

If you want to release a Court ticket, you need to know that the Parma municipal holds a session every Friday at 10:30 except on holidays. If you did not attend, you must pay a heavy fine. The most important thing is that if you do not fulfil the fine, then the chances of that acceptable increase daily. Parma Municipal Court number is (440)887-7400, and the address is 5555 Powers Blvd, Parma, OH 44129.

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How To Do Parma Municipal Court Case Lookup?

Numerous people are confused about how to do Parma Court case lookup and are applying different methods. But we will try to determine some simple ways to do case lookup. If you are trying to do case lookup, then case search and record research is best. You can quickly get it.

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Do Parma courts deal in Small Claims?

Yes, per legislation and following laws, you can be an applicant to find a Suit for the Court. For further details, you can contact at small Claim Department of Court. 

Dail : (440) 887-7400 – Ext. 3

Fax: (440) 887-7477

Is Parma Court dealing with Civil Suit?

Yes, Parma Court is available for Civil kinds of suits; for that, You have to Follow the General Procedure; you can do it in Person or By sending secure Mail or by Fax. For further details, you can contact at the following information for more details.

Phone: (440) 887-7400 – Option 3

Fax: (440) 887-7477


How To File a Case?

There is a standard procedure to carry on The Court proceeding, 

U.S. Mail Filing

you can File via Mail System, and You can send the details to the Court 

You must make up the Documentation of all the processes using the Protected Mail. You can send that to the Clerk of the Court. Once the Court receives it, they shall Soumon both of the parties.

Martin E. Vittardi, Clerk of Court

Parma Municipal Court

5555 Powers Boulevard Parma, Ohio 44129-5462

In Person Filing

Another Way is Person Filing in the Court. You can connect with Court timings till 4:30 for the Clerk under the Ohio Law. For criminal, Civil and Traffic violation

Facsimile Filing

In the modern era, the fax method is a little antiquated, but you can still fax any paper document if you want to. What matters is that You must adhere to Local Court Rule 6. If you file documents electronically, you don’t need to send them back to the court unless a case is closed by a judgement entry. While only (440) 887-7490 or (440) 887-7481 is used as a fax number. Call (440) 887-7490 for criminal matters, or (440) 887-7477 for civil cases. Your facsimile machine’s created Fax Transmittal Sheet serves as your documentation that the document was filed.

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Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed Parma Municipal Court and detail like email address, phone number, location, what is minimum qualification before becoming a clerk in Court. If you are finding local court cases, they should use public access to electric Records. If you find the result of the Court cases, then you can contact the person who asked you to come to Court. Court dockets are one the best way to hear instances online. If you want to listen to cases online, then this is best for you. Cases files are available on the internet. 

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Can We Pay Camera Ticket?

Sure, you can trouble- free pay camera ticket by paying the fine. The law was passed camera object in 2019. Whose is a violation and did not follow this law must confliction in municipal. It is a responsibility that pays the fees and costs. If not delivered in time, shall be responsible for penalties and extras.

How Do I Find Parma Municipal Court Criminal Record?

If you want to find out the Parma municipal record, there is no need for any know-how. Because we will determine some practical steps to find the Parma Court record, only follow our steps. Let’s

Step1. Look in on the Records Division of the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office located at 1215 West 3rd Street.

Step2. Cleveland, OH. Also, you can log in and request that via the Online system.

How Do I Find Public Records In Ohio?

The process is the same if you are finding a public record or criminal record. In both situations, you can follow only one method that is mentioned. The Person Filing the claim, the “Plaintiff”, can appear at the Clerk’s office between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM at the Court, or the Small Claims Complaint can be mailed.

 How Do We Pay The Parma Municipal Court Ticket?

Numerous people are paying for Parma Municipal Court Tickets due to a violation of the law. Do not miss the time that has decreased. The Court will find you again and again until you are not paying. Your fine may be increased. You must attend the session that is held every Friday. This session can help and tells how to pay parma municipal court ticket. The Parma Municipal Court email address is [email protected].

How Do You Read A Court Case Number?

You need to identify the first two digits to read Court case numbers. The first two digits show the Court case numbers, and the third shows the case type. His actual type of Court number starts from 00001 in the current year. All case numbers are unique and different from other cases. That is why every case has additional identification and is easy to identify. It is unchallenging to tell where the respondent field is assigned. If you have confused about the Court case number, then you need to help of the Clerk of Court. The clerks are ready to help people are finding the court case number.

What We Need Education For Court Clerk?

To become a Clerk of Court, you must follow the policy of where you are trying to get a Clerk job. The Court’s criteria are that one should at least middle pass to bachelor’s education. You need to business management degree, criminal degree, etc. The federal criteria want at least a law degree.

What Is The Parma Municipal Court Jury Duty?

You may expect to be “on call” for four (4) days when called for a Petit Jury. Your four-day term of service begins with the beginning date printed on your jury summons. During your tour of service, you may be asked to report to the Court more than once.

Is Parma A Part Of Cleveland?

In 1924, it was a village. After two years, like 1926, Parma was embarrassed as a mayor-council. After the defeat of Cleveland, it was a city. Maria Gallo is the mayor of Parma and Parma is not a part of Cleveland. Now Parma has been a Court and a different city since 1926. Ninth is a district of Parma. Parma — 20.07 square miles (20.02 of land), Brecksville — 19.56 square miles (19.45 of land), Westlake — 15.94 square miles (15.93 of land), Broadview Heights — 13.05 square miles (13.03 of land), North Olmsted — 11.67 square miles (11.67 of land), and Euclid — 11.48 square miles (10.66 of land) are the largest community of Cleveland.

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