Elizabeth Mercedes Krause

Elizabeth Mercedes Krause

Elizabeth Mercedes Krause was the 2022 Democratic nominee for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District. She lost in the general election to incumbent Republican Mark Amodei. Krause brought a background in education and a progressive policy agenda to her first run for federal office. Though unsuccessful, the experience raised her profile as a champion for liberal causes in Nevada.

Early Life and Education

Elizabeth Mercedes Krause was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in 2001. Krause later attended Montana State University in Bozeman where she studied educational leadership. In 2016, she completed a master’s degree in the field from Concordia University.

Professional Background

After college, Krause worked professionally in education. She taught in the Clark County School District for several years. Krause later took on administrative roles, serving as an assistant principal and principal in Nevada public schools.

Political and Advocacy Work

Outside her education career, Krause was involved in various political and social causes in Nevada. She served on the Nevada Minority Affairs Commission. Krause was part of the Nevada Native Caucus and NEA-SN Hispanic Caucus as well. She also worked with the ACLU Nevada chapter and NV Muslim Caucus.

2022 Congressional Campaign

In 2022, Krause set her sights on national office. She declared her candidacy for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District, seeking the Democratic nomination.

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Primary Election

Krause faced six competitors in the Democratic primary held on June 14. Her background as an educator and community activist paid off. Krause won the seven-way contest decisively with 49% of the vote.

General Election

In the November 8 general election, Krause challenged Republican incumbent Mark Amodei. Amodei had held the 2nd District seat since 2011. The rural district leans Republican, posing an uphill battle for any Democrat.

Ultimately, Krause lost by a significant margin. Amodei was reelected with 59.7% of the vote to Krause’s 37.8%. Still, her campaign helped raise the profile of progressive policies in the district.

Key Policy Positions

During her campaign, Krause emphasized traditional Democratic positions. She supported protecting abortion rights and same-sex marriage. Krause backed pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. She also called for criminal justice reforms like ending cash bail.

On economic issues, Krause promoted raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. She supported Medicare for All and debt-free college tuition. Krause also pushed for strong action on climate change. Expanding renewable energy was one of her key proposals.

Assessment of Campaign and Defeat

Krause’s 2022 campaign demonstrated both strengths and weaknesses. On the positive side, she built on her roots in Nevada’s activist community to win the Democratic nomination. Krause also introduced more progressive policy ideas into the district’s political dialogue.

However, the general election loss highlighted the difficulties Democrats still face in rural areas. The 2nd District remains challenging terrain given its significant Republican advantage in voter registration. Krause lacked the fundraising and name recognition to seriously threaten the entrenched incumbent.

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Future Prospects

Despite falling short in her congressional bid, Krause’s political career may continue to develop. At just 43 years old, she has plenty of time to run again. The experience gained was invaluable. Krause also raised her profile among Nevada Democrats. She could potentially seek state or local offices in the future. With her background, education roles would be a natural fit.

In the near term, Krause is expected to stay active in progressive causes in Nevada. She brings both passion and organizational experience. While the congressional loss was disappointing, Krause still has a bright political future in the state if she wants to pursue it.


Elizabeth Mercedes Krause offered a youthful, progressive voice during her 2022 congressional run in Nevada. She ultimately came up short against the Republican incumbent. However, the race enhanced Krause’s credentials and built valuable campaign experience. At just 43 years old, she may have a promising political career still ahead of her. Krause has strong connections in the Nevada Democratic and activist communities. Her passionate advocacy for policies like immigration reform, abortion rights, and action on climate change resonated with many primary voters. If Krause chooses to stay involved in public life, she has assets to potentially mount another bid for state or federal office.


What congressional seat did Elizabeth Mercedes Krause run for in 2022?

Krause was the Democratic nominee for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District in the 2022 election. She lost to incumbent Republican Mark Amodei.

What was Krause’s background before running for Congress?

Krause worked professionally as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal in Nevada public schools. She also was involved in progressive advocacy groups in the state.

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How did Krause perform in the Democratic primary?

Krause won a crowded 7-candidate Democratic primary decisively, with 49% of the vote.

What were some of Krause’s key policy positions?

Krause campaigned on progressive policies like Medicare for All, abortion rights, immigration reform, higher minimum wage, and strong climate change action.

What political future may Krause still have after her 2022 defeat?

At 43 years old, Krause may still have a promising political career. She could run again for Congress or pursue state/local offices in Nevada.

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