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David Bruce Foster (Virginia congressional candidate)

David Bruce Foster is an independent politician who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd and 1st Congressional Districts in 2020 and 2022, respectively. Despite his electoral losses, Foster’s outsider campaigns focused on often-overlooked issues like legalizing hemp, instituting term limits, and prosecuting alleged coup plotters from the 2016 election. His Ballotpedia candidate surveys provide insight into his political priorities and philosophy as a non-traditional candidate.

Early Life and Education

Birth and Upbringing

David Bruce Foster was born in Glasgow, Montana. Details about his early life and upbringing in Montana are limited.


In 1987, Foster earned a bachelor’s degree from Christopher Newport College in Newport News, Virginia.

Early Career

Trucking Industry

After college, Foster worked in the trucking industry, though specifics about his role are unknown. The experience exposed him to a key sector of the economy.

Legal Document Processing

Foster later worked in processing legal documents. This legal sector experience may have informed his interest in prosecuting alleged coup plotters after the 2016 election.


At some point in his early career, Foster obtained several aviation licenses and certificates, including a commercial pilot license and flight instructor certificates. This allowed him to work as a flight instructor.

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Political Career

Independent Congressional Campaigns

Foster first ran for Congress in 2020, followed by another attempt in 2022. Both campaigns were unsuccessful but increased his name recognition.

2020 Campaign

In 2020, Foster ran as an independent in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District against incumbent Democrat Elaine Luria and Republican Scott Taylor. Foster received 2.5% of the vote, losing to Luria.

2022 Campaign

In 2022, Foster ran as an independent in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District against incumbent Republican Rob Wittman and Democrat Herb Jones. He received 1% of the vote, with Wittman winning reelection.

Key Platforms and Priorities

Foster’s campaigns focused on several key priorities:

Hemp Legalization

One of Foster’s main priorities is legalizing industrial hemp, which he believes could become a trillion dollar industry in the U.S. He sees hemp as an agricultural and ecological opportunity.

Congressional Term Limits

Foster supports instituting 12-year term limits for members of the House and Senate. This reflects his anti-establishment political philosophy.

Prosecuting Alleged Coup Plotters

Foster wants prosecutors to charge those he believes were involved in an “ongoing coup” against the 2016 election. This relates to unproven claims about a “deep state” plot.

Ballotpedia Candidate Surveys

Foster completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection surveys in 2020 and 2022, highlighting his campaign priorities.

2020 Survey

In his 2020 survey, Foster emphasized his aviation experience and said the most important elected official qualities are honesty, integrity, and constituents’ interests. His key goals included legalizing industrial hemp, term limits, and prosecuting the alleged coup plotters.

2022 Survey

In 2022, Foster again focused on legalizing hemp, instituting 12-year congressional term limits, and prosecuting those involved in the “2016 ongoing coup.” He cited honesty, integrity, and constituents’ interests as ideal elected official qualities.

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While David Bruce Foster’s independent congressional campaigns were ultimately unsuccessful, they demonstrated his unique political priorities and outsider perspective. His support for legalizing industrial hemp, establishing congressional term limits, and prosecuting alleged 2016 coup plotters reflected his vision for shaking up the status quo. Foster’s journey from aviation to politics spotlighted his ability to adapt and speak out as a non-traditional candidate.


What congressional districts did Foster run in?

Foster ran in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District in 2020 and Virginia’s 1st Congressional District in 2022.

What were some of Foster’s key campaign themes?

Some of Foster’s main campaign themes included legalizing industrial hemp, instituting congressional term limits, and prosecuting those involved in an alleged coup against the 2016 election.

What early career experiences did Foster have?

Early in his career, Foster worked in the trucking industry, processed legal documents, and was a licensed commercial pilot and flight instructor.

How much of the vote did Foster receive in his campaigns?

In the 2020 race for Virginia’s 2nd District, Foster received 2.5% of the vote. In the 2022 race for Virginia’s 1st District, he received 1% of the vote.

What qualities did Foster say are most important for elected officials?

In his Ballotpedia surveys, Foster said honesty, integrity, and prioritizing constituents’ interests are the most important qualities for elected officials.

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