Jacky Eubanks

Jacky Eubanks

Jacky Eubanks is a Republican politician who ran an unsuccessful campaign in 2022 for Michigan’s 63rd District seat in the state House of Representatives. A political newcomer, Eubanks lost in the Republican primary for the open seat on August 2, 2022. Her defeat highlighted the challenges non-incumbent candidates can face in crowded primaries.

2022 Michigan House District 63 Republican Primary

The Republican primary for Michigan’s 63rd House District in 2022 attracted significant interest with no incumbent running. The district, located northeast of Detroit, leans Republican. Eubanks faced two other GOP candidates – Jay DeBoyer and Jacob Skarbek.

DeBoyer, a businessman, emerged as the frontrunner while Eubanks and Skarbek battled for second place. DeBoyer promoted conservative policies and was endorsed by the county GOP. Eubanks ran to the right of DeBoyer on cultural issues.

In the end, DeBoyer prevailed with 49.5% of the vote. Eubanks finished second with 28.8%, while Skarbek garnered 21.6%. DeBoyer went on to easily win the general election.

Eubanks’ Campaign Fundraising and Spending

Eubanks raised $91,969 and spent $68,217 during the 2022 election cycle according to records. Her top contributors included Save America PAC, associated with former President Donald Trump, which gave $5,000. She also received support from several individual donors.

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Much of Eubanks’ spending went towards advertising and promotional materials. Her top vendors included mailers, sign makers, and media consultants. Despite her fundraising, Eubanks was outraised by primary winner DeBoyer.

Eubanks’ Campaign Platform and Positions

Based on public statements, Eubanks aligned with the GOP’s conservative wing. She emphasized traditional values, gun rights, and keeping critical race theory out of schools. However, her platform lagged the specificity of her primary opponents.

Reasons for Eubanks’ Primary Defeat

Several factors contributed to Eubanks coming up short in the Republican primary:

  • Stiff competition – Facing two other committed GOP candidates in an open seat race proved challenging for a political newcomer.
  • Lack of name recognition – Unlike DeBoyer, Eubanks did not have high existing local name recognition. This likely hurt her performance.
  • Funding disadvantages – Eubanks was outraised by DeBoyer, limiting her ability to get her message out.
  • Gender biases – Research suggests female candidates often face additional difficulties, some of which may have hindered Eubanks.

Biography and Background

Jacky Eubanks was born and raised in Michigan. She has a background in accounting and runs her own photography business. Active in her local community, she serves on several civic organizations.

Eubanks and her husband have four children. They live in Riley Township located in St. Clair County within the 63rd District. She emphasized her local roots during her first-time House run.

Prior Political Campaigns

Eubanks did not have a record of previous campaigns prior to running for the Michigan House in 2022. Her bid for the District 63 seat marked her inaugural entry into electoral politics.

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The lack of name recognition from past races likely put Eubanks at a disadvantage compared to opponents with more political experience. This was highlighted by her second place primary finish behind DeBoyer.

Path to 2022 House Run

According to interviews, Eubanks was motivated to run for office out of frustration with COVID-19 restrictions imposed on local businesses. She also cited concerns about schools and inflation.

Eubanks secured endorsements from a couple of Republican state legislators but lacked the establishment support of some other candidates. She focused her campaign on grassroots outreach and door knocking.

After the 2022 Loss

Following her primary defeat, Eubanks expressed disappointment but said she was proud of the race she and her team ran. She vowed to stay involved politically and continue advocating for conservative principles.

It remains unclear if Eubanks will mount another campaign for elective office. However, she gained valuable experience and name recognition from her 2022 House bid.

Impact on Michigan Politics

Eubanks’ loss demonstrated the wide-open nature of the Republican primary for Michigan’s 63rd House District absent an incumbent. It also reflected the GOP’s ideological diversity with multiple candidates running from varying perspectives.

Moving forward, the district’s right-leaning tendencies suggest it may be a priority pickup opportunity for Republicans as they seek to regain control of the state House in 2022. Eubanks’ former primary opponent DeBoyer went on to flip the seat for the GOP in the general election.


While she came up short in her first political race, Jacky Eubanks gained valuable experience as a candidate for Michigan’s House in 2022. Her defeat highlighted the difficulties faced by non-incumbents in crowded primaries. However, Eubanks has vowed to stay involved in politics and could potentially mount another campaign in the future armed with greater name recognition. Her run reflected the diversity of perspectives within the state’s Republican Party.

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What race did Jacky Eubanks run in during 2022?

Eubanks ran in the Republican primary for Michigan’s 63rd District seat in the state House of Representatives.

Who defeated Eubanks in the 2022 primary?

Eubanks lost to Jay DeBoyer, who won the 3-way GOP primary and went on to capture the seat in the general election.

What were some of Eubanks’ policy positions?

Eubanks campaigned as a staunch conservative, supporting gun rights, traditional values, and banning critical race theory in schools.

Why did Eubanks lose the primary?

Reasons included stiff competition, lack of name recognition, funding disadvantages, and potential gender biases.

Could Eubanks run for office again in the future?

It’s possible. She gained valuable experience and has vowed to stay active in politics after her 2022 defeat.

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