Alex Walker (Colorado)

Alex Walker was a Democratic candidate who ran for election to the U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in 2022. He lost in the Democratic primary to opponent Adam Frisch on June 28, 2022 after facing criticism for running a disorganized campaign light on policy specifics. While his background as a military veteran and aerospace engineer drew initial intrigue, Walker failed to gain momentum and define his candidacy amidst a crowded field of Democrats vying to unseat controversial Republican incumbent Lauren Boebert.

Alex Walker’s Background

Personal History

Alex Walker was born in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1978. He comes from a military family, with his father serving in the U.S. Army. Walker graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2001 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. After college, he joined the U.S. Air Force as a pilot and served for over a decade, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He flew reconnaissance and intelligence missions during his military service. After leaving the Air Force in 2013, Walker worked in the private sector as an aerospace engineer. He is married with two young children and resides in Grand Junction.

Professional Background

In addition to his decade of military service as an Air Force pilot, Walker has worked as an aerospace engineer for companies including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. His engineering expertise is in areas such as flight control systems, avionics, and unmanned aerial systems. Prior to running for Congress, Walker was employed as a lead systems engineer at Sierra Nevada Corporation in Colorado. He is skilled in program management, systems integration, and managing complex aerospace projects from conception to production.

Political Experience

Walker’s 2022 candidacy was his first run for political office. He had not previously held elected office or run for public office before announcing his campaign for Colorado’s 3rd District seat. His only prior political involvement was as a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, where he supported Hillary Clinton’s nomination.

Walker’s 2022 Congressional Campaign

Key Policy Positions

As a first-time candidate, Walker’s policy platform was not deeply developed. His campaign website and interviews highlighted general Democratic priorities like protecting abortion rights, combating climate change, strengthening public education, and securing voting rights. He emphasized pragmatic bipartisan policymaking. However, he faced criticism for lacking detailed stances on major issues before Colorado voters.

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Messaging and Themes

Walker’s campaign slogan was “Courage to Lead.” His messaging frequently emphasized his status as a political outsider, veteran, and problem-solver. He stressed the need for competent bipartisan leadership compared to what he dubbed the “extremism” of Rep. Boebert. However, Walker struggled to cultivate a clear progressive populist brand to match other Democrats in the race. His messaging was characterized as vague and hard to pin down ideologically.

Views on Key Issues

  • Abortion: Walker identified as pro-choice and expressed opposition to restrictions on abortion access.
  • Economy: He emphasized pragmatic bipartisan measures to spur economic growth, including investment in emerging industries.
  • Energy: Walker supported continued natural gas production but paired with investments in renewable sources like wind and solar. He tried to strike a middle ground between Colorado’s fossil fuel and environmental interests.
  • Guns: As a veteran and gun owner, he positioned himself as a defender of 2nd Amendment rights who could broker compromise on measures like universal background checks.
  • Immigration: Walker joined the rest of the Democratic field in opposing President Trump’s border wall. He advocated for comprehensive immigration reform policies.

The 2022 Democratic Primary

Other Candidates

The Democratic primary field seeking to challenge Lauren Boebert was crowded. It included prominent state senator Kerry Donovan, former state representative Sol Sandoval, and Aspen businessman Adam Frisch among others. As a political newcomer, Walker stood out from more experienced contenders.

Primary Campaign

Walker announced his candidacy in February 2022 after reconsidering an initial decision not to run. His campaign events were centered in Grand Junction and western Colorado. He emphasized his Air Force service and aerospace engineering career. However, Walker struggled to match other Democrats’ fundraising and failed to articulate a compelling policy vision. He was also frequently absent from high-profile forums and events during the primary.

Primary Results

In the June 28, 2022 primary election, Walker finished a distant third with 15.7% of the vote behind winner Frisch and runner-up Sandoval. His loss was not entirely surprising given his poor fundraising, low-profile campaigning, and lack of policy specifics. However, some analysts argued that with more focus and discipline, his outsider biography could have overcome initial obscurity.

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The General Election

Lauren Boebert

Incumbent Republican Lauren Boebert was a leading conservative House freshman whose brash style enthralled the GOP base but was controversial outside it. First elected in 2020, she became notorious for incendiary rhetoric and ties to QAnon conspiracy theories. However, she consolidated right-wing support during her first term representing the mostly rural, Republican-leaning district.

The Campaign

Adam Frisch emerged battered from a tough primary but polled competitively against Boebert through the general election. His fundraising outpaced hers, while groups like the House Majority PAC spent millions supporting him. But Boebert’s conservative populist brand ultimately prevailed, defeating Frisch by just 546 votes despite his advantages as the Democratic nominee.

Outside Support

In addition to Frisch’s fundraising edge, Democratic groups like the DCCC supported him hoping to oust Boebert. He drew support from center-left PACs and pro-choice organizations. But national Republicans rallied around Boebert, while deep-pocketed conservative groups backed her campaign. The race became one of the most expensive House battles of 2022.

General Election Results

Boebert defeated Frisch 50.1% to 49.9%, with just 546 votes dividing them. Her narrow victory defied predictions of a possible upset but proved the power of her hyper-partisan appeal among the district’s conservative base. Walker, had he prevailed in the primary, would have faced those same challenging odds against her.

Analysis of Walker’s Primary Loss

Disorganized Campaign

The consensus among political observers was that Walker’s campaign never gained its footing and failed to put forward a compelling case for his candidacy. Despite an intriguing biography, he was unable to articulate a clear progressive vision and instead relied on platitudes about bipartisanship that fell flat as Boebert’s extremism animated Democratic voters. Organizational missteps like missing major forums further diminished his standing.

Messaging Shortcomings

While Walker’s background as an Air Force veteran and aerospace engineer seemed tailored for the district, he struggled to translate that into persuasive messaging that inspired enthusiasm and support. His themes of bipartisan cooperation failed to match the populist progressive energy that fellow challengers like Sandoval and Frisch channeled. He was unable to sufficiently define and differentiate his campaign.

Fundraising Difficulties

Walker’s fundraising lagged well behind other top candidates in the Democratic field. While Frisch and Sandoval collected over $1 million each for their campaigns, Walker raised only around $300,000 according to FEC records. His lack of resources inhibited voter outreach and advertising efforts needed to introduce himself in the primary.

Alex Walker’s Political Future

Potential Next Steps

At just 44 years old, Walker still has potential to remain active in politics after his initial congressional bid fell short. Possibilities include running for state legislature or local office in Mesa County to gain experience and build his political profile. He could also engage with party organizations or activist groups to expand his connections. Advising future Democratic campaigns is another option.

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Community Leadership

Whether or not he runs again soon, Walker can play a role in the community through veterans organizations, aerospace industry groups, Latino advocacy, and more. His military service and engineering expertise position him to take on leadership roles and serve as a voice on key local and regional issues impacting western Colorado. These activities would boost his standing for any future candidacy.

2024 or Beyond

While an immediate rematch with Boebert or Frisch in 2024 seems unlikely, Walker could position himself to run again for the 3rd District seat or another office later in the decade. With a more seasoned campaign and sharper messaging, his profile as a veteran and Latino candidate could still hold appeal. But to be viable, Walker will need to improve his political skills.


Alex Walker’s 2022 congressional campaign highlighted both the potential of his unique biography and the pitfalls of launching an underdeveloped candidacy against seasoned opponents. While his veteran status and aerospace background offered a strong foundation, Walker was unable to capitalize with effective messaging, grassroots organizing, and fundraising necessary to prevail in a crowded Democratic primary. However, at just 44 years old there is ample time for Walker to gain the skills and connections to become a political force representing Colorado’s Western Slope if he pursues elected office again. Regardless, his perspective will add value to veterans causes and Latino advocacy in the Grand Junction region he calls home.


What congressional district did Alex Walker run in?

Walker ran in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in the 2022 elections. The district covers the western and southern portion of Colorado including Grand Junction, Durango, and Pueblo.

What was Walker’s background before running for office?

Walker was an Air Force veteran who served as a pilot for over a decade, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also worked professionally as an aerospace engineer for defense contractors after leaving the military.

Who defeated Alex Walker in the Democratic primary?

Walker lost the June 2022 Democratic primary to opponent Adam Frisch, a businessman and former city councilman from Aspen who ran as a pragmatic moderate.

Did Walker hold elected office before his 2022 run?

No, Walker’s 2022 campaign was his first run for political office. Prior to announcing his candidacy, he had never been elected or run for public office before.

What criticisms did Walker face during the primary campaign?

Critics called Walker’s campaign disorganized and said he failed to articulate detailed progressive policy stances. He also struggled with fundraising compared to other top candidates.

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