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Shukri Abdullahi Abdirahman

Shukri Abdullahi Abdirahman, a Republican candidate from Minnesota, mounted an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2022. Born in Somalia, Abdirahman sought to represent the state’s 5th Congressional District, but withdrew before the Republican primary. Her candidacy gained little traction, but provides insights into the political landscape.

Campaign and Platform

Key Issues and Policy Goals

Details about Abdirahman’s campaign platform are scarce, as she exited the race early. However, she likely focused on typical Republican issues like the economy, immigration, and conservative social policies. Policy specifics remain unclear, though her Muslim faith may have shaped views on religious freedom and foreign affairs.

Messaging and Themes

Abdirahman’s campaign messaging also remains mostly unknown. She may have emphasized her compelling personal story as an immigrant and minority. Or highlighted representing an increasingly diverse district. But without more details, assessing her campaign themes is difficult.

Primary Election

Republican Primary Overview

Abdirahman did not appear on the August 9 Republican primary ballot, having withdrawn or been disqualified beforehand. This left three candidates competing to challenge Democratic incumbent Ilhan Omar.


The Republican frontrunners were activist Cicely Davis and basketball player Royce White. Also running was Guy Gaskin, but he trailed distantly.


Davis prevailed with 48% of the votes over White’s 37%, winning the GOP nomination. She had positioned herself as a pro-police conservative and gained establishment support.

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General Election

Democratic Opponent

In the general election, Davis faced off against high-profile progressive Rep. Ilhan Omar. Omar seeking her third term after making history as the first Somali-American elected to Congress.

Lack of Competitiveness

The race remained a long-shot bid for Republicans, given the district’s staunch Democratic tilt. Omar cruised to reelection here in 2020 by nearly 40 points.

Resounding Democratic Victory

As expected, Omar coasted to victory on November 8. She defeated Davis by a landslide 50-point margin, 74% to 24%. The non-competitive nature of the seat proved insurmountable.

Reflection on Candidacy

Minimal Impact

Given her early withdrawal, Abdirahman’s candidacy failed to gain substantial recognition or support. She did not emerge as a formidable contender versus her Republican rivals.


However, her running can be seen as reflecting rising diversity in the Republican Party and among Minnesota candidates. Though ultimately unsuccessful, she represents demographic shifts.

Future Outlook

What’s Next?

It remains unclear if Abdirahman intends to pursue elected office again after this defeat. She could mount another Congressional bid in the future. Or focus on building her political profile through other means.

Potential for Other Races

If she does opt to run again, lower statewide or local offices may offer better opportunities than Congress. Areas with large Somali-American populations could be receptive to her background.


In the high-profile race for Minnesota’s 5th District, Shukri Abdirahman entered as an underdog candidate but exited the stage early. While her truncated candidacy gained minimal traction, it symbolized changing dynamics in the region and Republican Party. Abdirahman may yet resurface in Minnesota politics. But her congressional ambitions stalled in 2022 amid challenging prevailing winds. The cycle demonstrated the difficulties minority GOP hopefuls still face rising despite diversifying demographics. Though she fell short this time, Abdirahman’s political aspirations may persist as she navigates her role.

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What race did Shukri Abdirahman run in?

Abdirahman was a Republican candidate in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District in the 2022 elections before withdrawing before the primary.

What were Abdirahman’s main policy positions?

Abdirahman’s specific policy stances remain unclear since she exited the race early on and did not elaborate much on her platform.

How did Abdirahman perform in the Republican primary?

Abdirahman did not appear on the primary ballot, withdrawing from the race prior to the vote which nominated Cicely Davis.

Who won the general election in the 5th District?

Longtime Democratic incumbent Ilhan Omar easily won reelection with 74% of the vote compared to 24% for Republican nominee Davis.

Could Abdirahman run for office again in the future?

It’s possible Abdirahman may mount another bid for Congress or explore running for lower state or local positions where she may find more favorable conditions.

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