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Brian Telander

Brian Telander, a well-respected judge on the 18th Judicial Circuit Court in Illinois, developed an interest in the law from an early age. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Telander demonstrated great intelligence and an analytical mind even as a young student. He graduated from high school with honors, earning admission to prestigious academic programs across the country.

Earning a Law Degree at John Marshall

Ultimately, Telander chose to pursue his passion for the law by studying at a top Illinois law school. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from John Marshall Law School in 1976, immersing himself in constitutional law, litigation, and other staples of a superb legal education. His professors noted Telander’s acute legal mind and tireless work ethic.

Admission to the Illinois Bar

Armed with his law degree, Telander sat for the Illinois bar exam as soon as he completed law school. He passed on his first attempt, proving his comprehensive knowledge of state laws and procedures. The Illinois bar admitted Telander to practice in 1976, allowing him to launch his legal career fresh out of law school.

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Launching His Legal Career

Getting His Start at a Small Firm

Like many young attorneys, Telander started out at a small general practice law firm. He gained experience in civil litigation, criminal defense, family law, and other areas while working long hours. Telander quickly established himself as a knowledgeable, dedicated lawyer with top-notch writing and analytical skills.

Becoming an Associate Judge in DuPage County

Several years into his career, an opportunity arose for Telander to become an associate judge in DuPage County’s 18th Judicial Circuit. In 1988, the circuit judges appointed him to this position, where he ably presided over civil and criminal cases.

Presiding Over Civil and Criminal Cases

As an associate judge, Telander oversaw a variety of cases, from small claims and contract disputes to misdemeanor criminal charges. He conducted bench trials, supervised case settlements, and ruled on pretrial motions. This hands-on experience prepared him well for bigger things to come.

Gaining Valuable Judicial Experience

Telander’s years on the associate judge bench allowed him to gain judicial experience and learn court operations. He fine-tuned his skills related to evidence, trial procedure, and application of the law. This set the stage for Telander’s future judgeship on the 18th Circuit Court.

Appointed to the 18th Judicial Circuit Court

Filling a Vacancy on the Bench

In early 2014, a vacancy arose on DuPage County’s 18th Judicial Circuit Court. Telander threw his hat into the ring, boasting nearly 30 years of combined legal and judicial experience.

Unanimously Recommended by Bar Associations

Impressed, numerous bar associations unanimously found Telander qualified for the post. They recognized his sharp legal acumen, trial skills, judicial temperament, and commitment to fairness.

Appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court

Based on these glowing recommendations, in March 2014 the Illinois Supreme Court appointed Telander to fill the open judgeship. He took the bench shortly thereafter, ready to preside over more complex civil and felony criminal matters.

Overseeing Cases in DuPage County

As an 18th Circuit Court judge, Telander manages a sizeable caseload covering a range of topics. He treats each case seriously, understanding the stakes for all parties involved.

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Managing a Busy Court Docket

Telander’s organizational skills and tireless work ethic serve him well on the busy DuPage County court docket. He carefully reviews case materials, presides efficiently over hearings, and issues well-reasoned rulings in a timely manner.

Handling a Variety of Case Types

From commercial litigation to personal injury cases, Telander capably handles whatever comes before him. His extensive legal experience makes him comfortable overseeing complex civil lawsuits and serious criminal prosecutions alike.

Running Unopposed for a Full Term

Earning Support Across Party Lines

When Telander’s interim appointment term ended in 2016, he had to run in an election to remain on the bench. Supported by Democrats and Republicans alike, he faced no challengers in the primary or general election.

Popular with Voters in DuPage County

Well-liked by DuPage County citizens, Telander won handily in 2016. Voters appreciated his fairness, legal knowledge, and commitment to administering justice. His bipartisan support spoke volumes.

Considered Fair and Impartial

Lawyers praise Telander for treating all parties equally and objectively applying the law regardless of his personal views. This impartiality makes him popular across the political spectrum.

Winning the 2016 Republican Primary

Telander ran in the Republican primary since he was appointed under the GOP. Running unopposed, he easily clinched the nomination.

Running Uncontested for the GOP Nomination

No other Republican challenged Telander in the primary. The party universally supported giving him a full term on the bench.

Garnering Over 110,000 Votes

Telander secured over 110,000 primary votes running solo on the Republican ticket. This strong showing foreshadowed his general election success.

Making His Mark as a Respected Jurist

Known for His Sharp Legal Mind

Telander has earned respect for his first-rate intellect and mastery of the law. Attorneys appreciate his ability to quickly grasp complex issues and identify the heart of each legal dispute.

Fairly Applying the Law to Each Case

Lawyers know Telander will thoughtfully hear arguments from both sides before making an impartial ruling based on the applicable law. He follows the law wherever it leads in each case.

Issuing Well-Reasoned Rulings

Telander’s decisions reflect his thorough analysis and sound logic. He carefully explicates his rationales in detailed rulings that provide meaningful guidance to parties.

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Exhibiting Integrity On and Off the Bench

In addition to his legal acuity, Telander displays unimpeachable integrity and ethics. He adheres to the highest standards personally and professionally.

Demonstrating High Ethical Standards

Telander’s record is free of any ethical blemishes. He treats all parties with respect and avoids any semblance of bias or impropriety when carrying out his judicial duties.

Serving as a Positive Example

Telander models upright behavior in his personal life as well. He sets a positive example that has earned him the community’s trust and respect.

Impacting the Community Beyond the Courtroom

Active in DuPage Bar Association

Ever since law school, Telander has remained deeply involved with the DuPage County Bar Association. He supports its mission of promoting legal education and high ethical standards.

Supporting Legal Education and Mentorship

Telander assists with the DuPage association’s continuing education programs, helping current attorneys gain new skills. He also mentors up-and-coming lawyers, selflessly sharing his wisdom.

Working to Improve the Legal System

At bar association meetings and events, Telander provides ideas for enhancing the profession. He brainstorms ways to update court procedures and expand access to legal services.

Volunteering with Local Organizations

The judge also makes time to volunteer with civic groups, schools, churches, and youth sports organizations. He enjoys giving back outside the courthouse.

Donating Time to Worthy Causes

Telander selects volunteer activities benefiting disadvantaged residents and improving life in DuPage County. He regularly donates his time and talents to these philanthropic organizations.

Inspiring Future Generations

In interactions with students and young people, Telander motivates them to pursue education and become engaged citizens. He serves as a caring mentor both within and outside the legal profession.


For over four decades, Brian Telander has served DuPage County as a knowledgeable, principled jurist and dedicated public servant. His impartiality, work ethic, judgment, and commitment to ethics have made him a highly respected figure within Illinois’ legal community and beyond. Telander’s career on the bench demonstrates the positive impact judges can have when they administer justice fairly and selflessly. There is no doubt Telander will continue making a difference in his current role and whatever future pursuits he undertakes.


What legal positions has Brian Telander held?

Telander has served as an associate judge, and is currently a circuit court judge, on the 18th Judicial Circuit Court in Illinois. He was appointed to the circuit court in 2014.

What type of cases does Judge Telander oversee?

As a circuit court judge, Telander presides over a range of civil lawsuits and felony criminal cases in DuPage County. His docket includes commercial litigation, personal injury, and criminal matters.

How long has Brian Telander been on the bench?

Telander has served as a judge in DuPage County for over 25 years. He was an associate judge starting in 1988 before becoming a circuit court judge in 2014.

Why is Judge Telander so popular and well-respected?

Lawyers and voters admire Telander for his ethics, legal knowledge, impartiality, fairness, and dedication to public service. He enjoys bipartisan support.

How is Telander involved in the local community?

Telander volunteers his time to numerous civic causes outside the courtroom. He is also active in the DuPage County Bar Association, supporting legal education and mentoring young attorneys.

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