Jessica Piper

Who is Jessica Piper?

Jessica Piper is a Democrat from Missouri who unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the state House of Representatives in 2022. She lost in both the primary and general elections for District 1.

Early Life and Education

Piper was born in Metairie, Louisiana. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith in 2004. She went on to complete a graduate degree at the University of Arkansas, Monticello in 2007.

Teaching Career Background

Piper’s professional experience includes working as an English teacher. Her background in education helped shape her political priorities and passions.

Overview of Missouri’s 1st House District

Missouri’s 1st House District covers counties in the southeastern part of the state. Piper sought to flip the district from Republican control.

Democratic Primary Result

In the August 2 Democratic primary, Piper ran unopposed and advanced as the party’s nominee. She received 100% of the 1,094 votes cast.

Competitive Republican Primary

The Republican primary featured a crowded field of 5 candidates. Jeff Farnan ultimately prevailed with 47.3% of the vote.

General Election Loss

In the November 8 general election, Piper lost decisively to Republican Jeff Farnan by a margin of 75.2% to 24.8%. Farnan received over 9,700 votes compared to Piper’s 3,225.

What’s Next for Jessica Piper?

While this election did not go as hoped, Piper may look to mount another campaign in the future. At a young age, she still has time to establish herself.

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Key Takeaways

  • Piper lost 2022 bid for Missouri House District 1
  • Faced no primary challenger but lost general election
  • Passionate about education and healthcare


What election did Jessica Piper lose? Piper lost in the 2022 election for Missouri’s House of Representatives District 1.

What party does Jessica Piper belong to?
Piper is a member of the Democratic Party.

Who defeated Jessica Piper? Republican Jeff Farnan defeated Piper in both the primary and general elections.

What profession is Jessica Piper part of? Piper has professional experience working as a teacher.

Will Piper run again in the future? After this defeat, Piper may look to mount another campaign down the line. Her political career does not necessarily end here.

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