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Lavern Spicer

Lavern Spicer is a Republican candidate running for Florida’s 24th Congressional District in the 2022 midterm elections. As a political newcomer and first-time candidate, Spicer faces an uphill battle against Democratic incumbent Lois Frankel. However, her candidacy provides a window into the GOP’s efforts to flip competitive House seats and retake control of Congress.

Overview of her candidacy and policy positions

Spicer is campaigning on a typical mainstream Republican platform of limited government, lower taxes, repealing Obamacare, protecting gun rights, and increased border security. Her professional background is in cosmetology and she has been involved with local community groups. While lacking in political experience, she believes her values connect with voters in the district.

Spicer’s Background and Qualifications

Early life and education

Lavern Spicer was born and raised in South Florida. She attended local public schools, where she first developed an interest in cosmetology and hair design. After high school, Spicer began working as an apprentice at a local salon to obtain hands-on training in cutting, coloring, styling, and other cosmetology skills.

Professional career as a cosmetologist

Spicer successfully obtained her cosmetology license and eventually opened her own salon, Curley’s House of Style, in the Miami area. As a small business owner, she learned skills like managing a team, marketing, budgeting, and building a book of clients. Spicer ran Curley’s for over 15 years, building it into a trusted local salon before selling the business.

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Community involvement

Outside her salon career, Spicer showed an interest in community service. She served on the Liberty City Model Citizen Advisory Board, where she worked on neighborhood improvement initiatives. Spicer was also active with the Federation of Republican Women, reflecting her conservative political leanings. This grassroots activity helped motivate her to pursue elected office.

What led her to run for Congress?

After selling her salon, Spicer decided to re-enter public life by running for Congress. She was motivated by a desire to bring her conservative values and business experience to Washington. Spicer also believed the district was trending more Republican under Trump and that the incumbent was vulnerable. Her campaign slogan “Service above Self” captures her goal of community-focused representation.

Spicer’s Policy Positions and Priorities

Economy and jobs

As a former small business owner, Spicer makes job creation and economic growth key issues. Her policies emphasize tax cuts, reducing regulations on businesses, workforce development, and trade policies that benefit American companies. She believes her experience gives her unique insight into how policy affects local employers.

Healthcare and the ACA

Spicer strongly opposes the Affordable Care Act and wants to repeal and replace it with a market-driven system. She argues that the ACA has led to higher premiums and less choice. Her alternatives focus on tax credits, expanding health savings accounts, and allowing insurance sales across state lines.


Spicer takes a hard-line stance on immigration issues. She supports building a border wall, mandatory E-verify, limiting asylum claims, and prioritizing deportations of those here illegally. Spicer believes lax enforcement has worsened the border crisis under Biden.

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Gun rights

An unapologetic defender of gun rights, Spicer oppose all forms of restrictions and bans. She supports national concealed carry reciprocity and argues that more armed citizens improve public safety. Spicer has earned an A rating from the NRA.

Other conservative issues

Spicer stakes out typically conservative ground on most other hot button issues – she is pro-life on abortion, supports expanded school choice programs, opposes LGBTQ rights measures, and wants to aggressively promote American energy production. She aims to demonstrate ideological consistency.

Spicer’s Path to Nomination

Competing in the Republican primary

While the general election matchup with Rep. Frankel awaits, Lavern Spicer must first compete in the Republican primary on August 23, 2022. She faces businessman Rod Dorilas and doctor Steve Chess in the GOP contest. Each candidate is striving to show voters they are the true conservative choice.

Endorsements and funding

In the primary, Spicer has earned endorsements from a number of Republican officials and groups, including Governor Ron DeSantis. She has raised over $300,000, outpacing her primary opponents in fundraising thanks to local donors and national conservative PACs.

Messaging and campaign strategy

Spicer is positioning herself as the “America First”, Make America Great Again candidate who will take on the Washington status quo. She has emphasized her personal story, business record, and vow to defend traditional values. Spicer hopes this branding will turn out the GOP base while showcasing electability.

Spicer vs Democratic Incumbent Lois Frankel

Frankel’s background

In the general election, Lavern Spicer would likely face Democratic incumbent Lois Frankel. Frankel has represented the district since 2013 and previously served as Mayor of West Palm Beach. She is well-funded with strong connections to national Democrats.

Differences between the candidates

Frankel and Spicer would present voters with starkly different choices. Frankel is a down-the-line liberal who supports the Biden agenda. Spicer would run as an unapologetic political outsider and conservative advocating a change in direction. Their contrasts on policy would be immense.

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Spicer’s plan to flip the district

Though Frankel has won handily in the past, Spicer sees an opportunity as the political environment has shifted. She aims to unite Republicans who view the Biden administration negatively while reaching suburban moderates on issues like inflation and crime. Spicer’s formula depends on high GOP turnout and winning over independents.


What a Spicer victory could mean

If she can achieve her goal, Lavern Spicer would provide another boost to Republican efforts to win the House majority. She would be positioned to advance a conservative policy agenda while denouncing Democrats like Frankel as representing failed far-left governance. For Spicer, victory would validate her unconventional path to Congress.

Key factors to watch

As the race unfolds, key factors will determine if Lavern Spicer can defy the odds. Voter views of President Biden, fundraising parity with Frankel, and Spicer’s ability to appeal beyond the GOP base will shape her performance. Regardless of outcome, Spicer has emerged as a rising hard-right voice within a resurgent Florida Republican Party.


What professional background does Lavern Spicer have?

Spicer is a former small business owner who operated a cosmetology salon called Curley’s House of Style for over 15 years in the Miami area. She brings this experience as an entrepreneur and cosmetologist to her congressional campaign.

What congressional district is Spicer running in?

Spicer is running for Florida’s 24th Congressional District, which includes parts of Palm Beach County and Broward County. The seat is currently held by Democrat Lois Frankel.

Who are Spicer’s opponents in the Republican primary?

Spicer faces businessman Rod Dorilas and doctor Steve Chess in the GOP primary scheduled for August 23, 2022. She hopes to position herself as the most reliably conservative choice.

What are some of Spicer’s key policy positions?

Spicer promotes typical mainstream Republican positions like repealing Obamacare, limiting government spending, supporting gun rights, and strengthening immigration enforcement. Her agenda reflects Trump-era conservative priorities.

Does Spicer have a real chance of winning the election?

While the district leans slightly Democratic, Spicer believes national dynamics like Biden’s low approval ratings combined with her campaign’s grassroots efforts can help flip the seat. But she still faces an uphill battle against the Democratic incumbent.

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