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Marvin Attiq

In 2022, Marvin J. Attiq made his first run for elected office, campaigning as a candidate for District 3 of the San Diego County Board of Education. While Attiq brought experience in education and local government to his campaign, he struggled to gain traction against incumbent Alicia Muñoz. Attiq ended up losing decisively in the November general election, failing to unseat the existing board member. However, his campaign provided valuable experience that could aid future runs for office.

Background on the San Diego County Office of Education

Overview and responsibilities

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) oversees 42 school districts in San Diego County. The SDCOE has a range of responsibilities, including distributing state and federal funding to local districts, providing training and support services for school staff, operating alternative education programs, and approving district budgets and finances. The board helps set policies and priorities for the county’s public schools.

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Board of Education districts

The five-member Board of Education includes representatives from five geographic districts. Board members serve four-year terms in nonpartisan elections. District 3, which Attiq sought to represent, covers central San Diego County including neighborhoods like Tierrasanta, Allied Gardens, and San Carlos.

Marvin J. Attiq’s previous roles and experience

Education and early career

Attiq has over 35 years of experience working in education in San Diego County. He began as an elementary school teacher in the Cajon Valley Union School District. After earning his doctorate in educational leadership, he became an administrator serving as a principal and superintendent.

Positions in local government

In addition to his education roles, Attiq gained government experience on the Santee City Council from 1994 to 2002. He served multiple terms as both a city council member and vice mayor. This provided him exposure to the functions and responsibilities of elected office.

Attiq’s 2022 campaign platform and priorities

Improving opportunities and equity

A major focus of Attiq’s campaign was expanding access and opportunity for all students in San Diego County. His platform emphasized closing achievement gaps and providing extra support to low-income students and students of color. Improving equity was a motivator for Attiq’s run.

Fiscal responsibility and transparency

Attiq highlighted the importance of responsible spending and open governance on school boards. He advocated for transparent budgets, bidding processes, and contract awards. Fiscal oversight was a key theme of his campaign.

Supporting teachers and staff

As a former educator himself, supporting teachers and staff was important to Attiq. He called for competitive salaries, robust benefits, and improved training and professional development. Investing in personnel was part of his pitch to voters.

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The 2022 election campaign

Facing incumbent Alicia Muñoz

Attiq faced a formidable opponent in Alicia Muñoz, who had held the District 3 seat since 2018. As an incumbent, Muñoz had much greater name recognition. She also had a fundraising advantage as the sitting board member.

Lack of campaign finance activity

Unlike many candidates, Attiq did not report any fundraising activity to the California Secretary of State. This likely put him at a major disadvantage in terms of voter outreach. Muñoz significantly outspent him according to disclosure reports.

Election results and defeat

Large margin of loss to Muñoz

In the November 8 general election, Attiq suffered a decisive defeat. Incumbent Muñoz captured over 66% of the vote compared to just 34% for Attiq. He lost by a margin of over 50,000 votes countywide.

Certified final vote tallies

The final certified results cement Attiq’s loss. Muñoz received 105,621 votes while Attiq managed 53,889 votes out of 159,510 ballots cast. Attiq failed to unseat the incumbent, ending his bid for the San Diego County Board of Education.

Reflections on Attiq’s campaign

Difficulty facing an incumbent

Attiq faced an uphill battle running against incumbent Muñoz. Incumbents are rarely defeated, enjoying enormous advantages of name identification, fundraising ability, and voter familiarity. These likely proved insurmountable for Attiq.

Missed opportunities for outreach

More publicity, interviews, endorsements and campaign events could have boosted Attiq’s standing. Greater voter engagement and more visibility for his platform may have increased his competitiveness against Muñoz.

Learning experience for future

While his initial campaign fell short, the experience gained by Attiq could aid future runs for office. He now better understands the demands of running and what it takes to connect with voters. This provides helpful lessons to potentially mount a stronger bid down the line.

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Marvin J. Attiq brought passion for education and valuable experience to his 2022 campaign. However, he struggled to build momentum and awareness against incumbent Alicia Muñoz in the race for San Diego County Board of Education District 3. Though Attiq was defeated resoundingly, the lessons learned could strengthen future campaigns. His willingness to step up and offer voters a choice is still commendable.


Q: What was Marvin J. Attiq’s background before running for office?

A: Attiq had over 35 years of experience in education, first as a teacher, principal and superintendent. He also served on the Santee City Council from 1994 to 2002.

Q: What were some key platforms and priorities Attiq campaigned on?

A: Attiq focused on improving equity, fiscal responsibility, transparency on the school board, and supporting teachers and staff.

Q: Who did Attiq face in the 2022 election for County Board of Education?

A: He challenged incumbent Alicia Muñoz who had held the District 3 seat since 2018. As an incumbent, she had significant advantages.

Q: What was the final election result in Attiq’s race?

A: Attiq lost decisively, with Muñoz garnering 66% of the vote compared to his 34% share.

Q: Despite losing, how can the campaign experience help Attiq in the future?

A: Though unsuccessful, Attiq learned important lessons about running for office that could strengthen future campaigns.

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