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Have you heard of Gene Siadek? If you follow Nebraska politics, there’s a good chance his name rings a bell. As a Libertarian candidate, Siadek has challenged the two-party system by running in some high-profile statewide races. Even though he came up short each time, he succeeded in spreading the message of freedom and limited government. Let’s take a look at Siadek’s background, campaigns, and impact.

Growing Up in Omaha

Siadek was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city. As a kid in the Cornhusker State, he surely gained that independent, self-reliant spirit Nebraska is known for. Siadek has planted his libertarian roots right here in his home state.

Earning His College Degrees

After graduating from high school, Siadek stayed in Nebraska for his higher education. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and earned his bachelor’s degree in 1987. Siadek wasn’t done yet – he went on to complete his MBA at the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 1992. His business education would later inform his political philosophy.

Kickstarting His Engineering Career

With his degrees under his belt, Siadek was ready to enter the working world. He launched his professional career as a registered professional engineer. Engineering prepared Siadek with the analytical and problem-solving skills that engineers rely on daily.

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From Utilities to Politics

Siadek gained experience in the public sector by working for Metropolitan Utilities District. He served as the district’s director of water distribution, managing an essential public service. This role gave Siadek insight into how government operates.

Dissatisfied with the status quo of Nebraska politics, Siadek set out to shake things up. He took the bold step of founding the state’s Libertarian Party affiliate. Siadek aimed to give voters a third choice beyond Republicans and Democrats.

Taking On Ben Sasse in 2016

In 2016, Siadek jumped into electoral politics by running for U.S. Senate. He competed in the Republican primary against Ben Sasse, the favorite who ultimately won the general election. Siadek’s Senate bid laid the groundwork for bigger things to come.

Achieving the Senate Nomination in 2020

Four years later, Siadek sought federal office again, this time as a Libertarian. He handily secured the Libertarian nomination for U.S. Senate in Nebraska’s 2020 primary. In the general election, Siadek faced incumbent Ben Sasse once more.

Promoting Freedom for State Auditor

Siadek set his sights on a statewide race in 2022, pursuing the open seat for Nebraska Auditor. As auditor, Siadek would have used his position to shine a light on government spending. Though he lost again, he spread his small government message.

Limiting Government Power

One major theme emerged across Siadek’s political campaigns – limiting government. As a Libertarian, he consistently called for reducing spending, regulation, and bureaucracy. Siadek warned about the dangers of a federal government that grows ever larger and more powerful.

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Reforming Taxes to Put You in Charge

Along with reining in government, Siadek pushed for tax reform to reduce the burden on Nebraska taxpayers. He advocated shifting taxes from income to consumption. In Siadek’s view, this would enhance freedom by leaving more money in taxpayers’ pockets.

Empowering You to Control Your Health

Siadek made healthcare a centerpiece of his U.S. Senate runs. He presented free market solutions as an alternative to government-run healthcare. Siadek envisioned a consumer-driven system where you make your own medical decisions without interference.

Upholding Libertarian Values

Across his campaigns, Siadek stayed true to his libertarian philosophy based on individual liberty and free markets. He warned against government encroachment on personal freedoms like speech, gun ownership, and privacy. Basically, Siadek wants the government out of your business!

Carrying the Torch in Nebraska

Win or lose, Siadek advanced awareness of libertarian policies in Nebraska’s political sphere. Running as a Libertarian gave voters an alternative vision. Siadek’s presence may have caused some to rethink their views, even if they did not vote for him.

Coming Up Short at the Polls

Despite favorable media coverage at times, Siadek did not come close to winning any of his three statewide races. Against established Republican candidates, the electoral math was not on his side in deep red Nebraska. The LP is still gaining a foothold on the Nebraska political scene.

What’s Next for Siadek?

Siadek has not announced any plans to seek office in 2024 as of now. But this libertarian firebrand may not be done with politics just yet. It would not be surprising to see Siadek on the ballot again promoting personal freedom and free enterprise. His previous runs laid the groundwork for Libertarian growth.

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Throughout his political journey, Gene Siadek has unapologetically waved the libertarian flag. Running as an unabashed Libertarian is still a novelty in Nebraska elections. While Siadek’s electoral impact has been limited, he has played a role in starting conversations about limiting government in the state. Siadek brought attention to Libertarian policies despite facing long odds. Win or lose in politics, he stays true to the principles of individual freedom and free markets.


Q: What major political offices has Gene Siadek run for?

A: Siadek has run for U.S. Senate in Nebraska in 2016 and 2020. He was also the Libertarian nominee for Nebraska State Auditor in 2022.

Q: What is Siadek’s educational background?

A: Siadek earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1987. He also received his MBA from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 1992.

Q: How did Siadek get his start in politics?

A: Siadek founded the Libertarian Party affiliate in Nebraska. This allowed him to run for office on the Libertarian ticket to provide an alternative for voters.

Q: What were some of Siadek’s key policy positions?

A: As a Libertarian, Siadek advocated reducing government spending and regulation. He also called for tax reform, empowering individuals on healthcare, and upholding civil liberties.

Q: What is Siadek’s professional background outside of politics?

A: Siadek worked as a professional engineer early in his career. He later served as Director of Water Distribution for the Metropolitan Utilities District in Nebraska.

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