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Stuart MacKie

Over the past few election cycles, attorney Stuart MacKie has emerged as an intriguing figure in Nevada Democratic politics. He mounted unsuccessful campaigns for Nevada Attorney General in both 2018 and 2022, falling short of victory in the Democratic primaries. While he failed to garner his party’s nomination, MacKie’s presence in these races still impacted the political landscape in Nevada. This article will take a deep dive into Stuart MacKie’s background, his vision for the state, and the legacy he leaves behind despite his defeats.

Background on Stuart MacKie

Early Life and Education

Stuart MacKie was born and raised in Nevada. He attended the University of Nevada, Reno for his undergraduate degree and then went on to receive his Juris Doctor from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California.

Legal Career

After completing law school, MacKie returned to Nevada to launch his legal career. He worked in private practice for several years, handling cases related to criminal defense, personal injury, and civil litigation. According to his campaign platforms, he sought to represent “ordinary Nevadans” who needed help fighting large corporations and navigating the complex legal system.

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Entry Into Politics

MacKie developed an interest in politics early in his legal career. As a lawyer, he witnessed firsthand the impact that policymakers had on Nevada’s legal system and wanted to bring a progressive approach. This led him to run for Attorney General twice in recent election cycles.

MacKie’s 2018 Run for Nevada Attorney General

Announcing His Candidacy

In early 2018, Stuart MacKie officially announced that he would seek the Democratic nomination for Nevada Attorney General. This was his first bid for a statewide elected office. MacKie was a political newcomer facing an uphill climb against a fellow Democrat with more establishment support.

Democratic Primary Campaign

MacKie ran to the left of his primary opponent, Aaron Ford, presenting himself as the more progressive choice. Key aspects of his campaign included reforming the criminal justice system, increasing healthcare access, promoting renewable energy, and preventing corruption. However, Ford had the backing of former U.S. Senator Harry Reid and assembled a broader coalition of supporters.

Losing the Nomination to Aaron Ford

When Democratic primary voters cast their ballots on June 12, 2018, Stuart MacKie lost decisively to Aaron Ford. The results were:

  • Aaron Ford – 78.1%, 94,699 votes
  • Stuart MacKie – 21.9%, 26,619 votes

This ended MacKie’s bid for Attorney General in 2018. However, it would not be his last run for the office.

The 2022 Nevada Attorney General Election

MacKie’s Disqualification from the Democratic Primary

In 2022, Stuart MacKie launched another campaign for Attorney General. However, his second attempt was even shorter-lived than the first. This time, MacKie was disqualified from the Democratic primary ballot.

Reasons for the Disqualification

The specific reasons behind MacKie’s disqualification were not revealed to the public. There was likely an issue with MacKie’s filing paperwork or failure to meet eligibility requirements. Without access to the official justification, the disqualification remained somewhat mysterious.

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Aaron Ford’s Uncontested Primary

With MacKie removed from the Democratic primary, incumbent Attorney General Aaron Ford ran unopposed. Ford coasted through the primary and went on to defeat Republican Sigal Chattah in the November 2022 general election, securing a second term as Nevada’s top legal officer.

MacKie’s Political Views and Platform

Although he never made it to the general election, Stuart MacKie ran on a platform advocating for progressive policies. Some key examples included:

Criminal Justice Reform

MacKie called for reduced sentencing for nonviolent crimes, decriminalization of minor drug offenses, and more rehabilitation programs to reduce recidivism. He was also critical of private prisons.


The candidate campaigned on defending and expanding access to affordable healthcare. He supported protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions and expanding Medicaid.


MacKie’s education proposals involved raising teacher salaries, reducing class sizes, increasing vocational training, and making higher education more affordable.

Economy and Jobs

To spur economic growth, MacKie pushed for investments in infrastructure and clean energy. He favored raising the minimum wage and expanding workplace benefits and protections.

Analysis of MacKie’s Unsuccessful Campaigns

Stuart MacKie proved unable to translate his progressive vision into electoral success. Examining his shortcomings provides insight into his defeats:

Factors Leading to His 2018 Loss

In 2018, Aaron Ford benefitted from strong name recognition and institutional support. As a sitting state senator, he had connections that the political newcomer MacKie lacked. This enabled Ford to run a well-funded campaign and consolidate support.

What Led to His 2022 Disqualification

While the exact reasons remain uncertain, MacKie likely failed to meet eligibility requirements to appear on the 2022 primary ballot. Disorganization from his fledgling campaign may have prevented him from properly filing.

How He Could Have Run Stronger Campaigns

More campaign experience and establishment backing may have changed MacKie’s fortune. Building his profile before running for a major statewide office could have helped him gain traction.

MacKie’s Impact on Nevada Politics

Although he never attained public office, Stuart MacKie still had an influence:

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Increasing Competitiveness in the Democratic Party

By providing a primary challenger in 2018, MacKie ensured that Aaron Ford had to actively campaign and defend his positions. This accountability is healthy for democracy.

Keeping Incumbents Accountable

MacKie’s willingness to take on an incumbent forced Aaron Ford to reconsider his stances and governed with the next election in mind.

Bringing Attention to Key Issues

Through his focus on issues like criminal justice reform, the environment, and education, MacKie kept these topics prominent in the political discourse.

What’s Next for Stuart MacKie?

It remains to be seen if Stuart MacKie will continue pursuing elected office:

Potential Future Political Bids

Given his passion for public service, MacKie may choose to run for office again – perhaps starting with a state legislative seat to gain experience.

Other Avenues to Serve Nevada

Even if he does not campaign again, MacKie could serve on boards or commissions to impact policy. His legal background makes him well-suited for this.


Summary of MacKie’s Story

The political journey of Stuart MacKie exemplifies how the democratic process can function even in defeat. While he fell short in two bids for statewide office, he provided a voice for progressive policies and a challenger to keep incumbents accountable. His presence in these races impacted Nevada’s political landscape.

His Political Legacy

Although he never attained the title of Attorney General, MacKie leaves behind a legacy that the voters had a choice and key issues received needed attention. He gained invaluable experience that could inform future involvement.

Final Thoughts on His Career

Stuart MacKie’s story is a reminder that win or lose, merely engaging in politics can elevate discourse and enact change. MacKie remains positioned to further serve Nevada, if not as an elected official, then in other civic capacities where he can utilize his experience and passion. His political journey may yet have further chapters.


Q: What office did Stuart MacKie run for in Nevada?

A: Stuart MacKie ran for Nevada Attorney General as a Democratic candidate in both 2018 and 2022.

Q: Did MacKie win the Democratic nomination?

A: No, MacKie lost the Democratic primary in 2018 to Aaron Ford and was disqualified from the ballot in 2022.

Q: What were some of MacKie’s key political positions?

A: As a progressive candidate, MacKie supported criminal justice reform, healthcare expansion, education funding, economic policies to reduce inequality, and action on climate change.

Q: Why did MacKie’s campaigns fall short?

A: Factors like low name recognition, lack of establishment support, and campaign disorganization hindered MacKie’s ability to win competitive statewide primaries.

Q: How did MacKie impact Nevada politics?

A: Despite losing, MacKie brought greater competitiveness to his races, kept incumbents like Aaron Ford accountable, and highlighted progressive issues.

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