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Kerri Seekins-Crowe

Rep. Kerri Seekins Crowe is a Republican member of the Montana House of Representatives, representing District 43 since 2021. She is known as a staunch conservative who advocates for parental rights in education, gun rights, and anti-abortion policies. Seekins Crowe has quickly made a name for herself in Montana politics despite her short tenure so far in the state legislature.

Elected Office

Montana House of Representatives District 43

Seekins Crowe first joined the Montana House in 2021 after winning election in 2020. She succeeded term-limited Republican Rep. Frank Garner in representing House District 43, which covers parts of Cascade County.

Election History

In the 2020 Republican primary, Seekins Crowe ran unopposed and then went on to win the open seat general election with 70% of the vote. She defeated Libertarian candidate Melody Benes.

In 2022, Seekins Crowe was re-elected after again running unopposed in the Republican primary. She cruised to victory in the general election with 100% of the vote as no other candidates ran.

Prior to winning election to the state House, Seekins Crowe had run unsuccessfully for a seat in 2016. She lost that race for House District 50 to incumbent Democratic Rep. Virginia Court.

Committee Assignments

For the 2023-2024 legislative session, Seekins Crowe holds the following committee assignments:

  • Business and Labor Committee – Vice Chair
  • House Education Committee
  • House Local Government Committee
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This builds on her previous committee experience. During the 2021-2022 session, Seekins Crowe served on the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee, Business and Labor Committee, and the House Education Committee.

Sponsored Legislation

In her first term from 2021-2022, Seekins Crowe sponsored several bills covering criminal justice reform, education, and other issues. Two of her bills were ultimately signed into law:

  • HB593 – Revise barbering and cosmetology laws
  • HB380 – Revise appointment process for judicial standards commission

So far in the 2023 session, Seekins Crowe has continued to introduce legislation consistent with her conservative policy priorities:

  • HB676 – Revise laws to clarify fundamental parental rights
  • HB500 – Eliminating youth court fees and fines
  • HB674 – Create enhanced concealed carry permit

Political Positions

Scorecards and Surveys

No major nonpartisan scorecards or assessments of her voting record are available so far during her time in the state legislature.

Campaign Themes


In her 2022 re-election bid, Seekins Crowe’s campaign messaging centered on protecting constitutional rights and pushing back against federal overreach. This included defending gun rights and parental involvement in education.


Similar themes were evident during Seekins Crowe’s first campaign for the Montana House in 2020. She emphasized safeguarding the Second Amendment, promoting school choice, and defending “Montana values.” Expanding rural broadband access was also part of her platform.

Controversies and Criticisms

Views on Parental Rights, Sex Ed, and Curriculum

Seekins Crowe has championed legislation to increase parental oversight of education. She supports allowing parents to opt their children out of sex education instruction. Critics argue this encroaches on the rights of young people to receive comprehensive and medically accurate information.

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She has also backed efforts to restrict certain materials and books from school libraries and curricula. Opponents express concern this amounts to censorship and government overreach into local education decisions.

Stance on Abortion

In the wake of the Dobbs decision, Seekins Crowe has indicated she would support further abortion restrictions in Montana beyond the state’s current laws. This includes backing a “personhood amendment” to the state constitution. Reproductive rights advocates argue this would severely limit access to abortion and reproductive healthcare.

Support for Expanded Gun Rights

Seekins Crowe has sponsored legislation to create an enhanced concealed carry permit with fewer restrictions on where firearms could be carried. She has also backed bills to allow concealed carry on university campuses. Critics contend these measures could make public spaces less safe.

Prospects and Future Goals

Potential Legislation in 2023 Session

With Republicans holding supermajorities in the Montana legislature, Seekins Crowe is well-positioned to advance her policy agenda in the ongoing 2023 session. Some of her priority bills include:

  • Parental rights and curriculum transparency bills
  • Abortion restrictions, including personhood amendment
  • Expanded concealed carry permits and lowering age to 18
  • Limiting governmental public health powers

Speculation on Seeking Higher Office

While only in her second term as state representative, some political observers see Seekins Crowe as an emerging leader who could seek higher office.

She has been mentioned as a possible candidate for statewide positions such as Attorney General or State Auditor. Seekins Crowe could also potentially run for the state senate in the future.


Summary of Crowe’s Career and Impact

Even as a relative newcomer, Rep. Kerri Seekins Crowe has already established herself as an important conservative voice in the Montana legislature. She has introduced and supported high-profile legislation on issues like gun rights, abortion restrictions, and parental oversight of education.

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While a divisive figure to some, Seekins Crowe’s supporters appreciate her steadfast advocacy for traditional Montana values and pushing back against perceived federal overreach. Her continued impact on state policy will depend on whether she seeks re-election in 2024 and beyond.

What’s Next for the State Legislator

All signs point to Seekins Crowe continuing to make her mark on Montana politics and policy. She will likely keep sponsoring bills aligned with her conservative ideology as long as she remains in the state legislature.

There is growing speculation that Seekins Crowe may have bigger political aspirations in the future. But for now, she seems focused on advancing her agenda as a state representative and building her clout within the Montana Republican Party.


Q: How long has Kerri Seekins Crowe been in the Montana legislature?

A: Seekins Crowe was first elected to the Montana House of Representatives in 2020. She is currently serving her second term after being re-elected in 2022.

Q: What are some of Rep. Seekins Crowe’s main policy priorities?

A: Seekins Crowe’s priorities include protecting gun rights, restricting abortion access, increasing parental involvement in schools, and pushing back against federal policies she disagrees with.

Q: What controversial issues has Rep. Seekins Crowe been involved with?

A: She has sponsored bills to limit sex education and certain books in schools, faced criticism for stances on abortion and gun laws, and advocated for legislation some view as eroding separation of church and state.

Q: Does Seekins Crowe have higher political ambitions beyond the state legislature?

A: There is speculation she may run for statewide office like Attorney General or Auditor in the future. Seekins Crowe has also been discussed as someone who could potentially seek a state senate seat.

Q: What reception have Seekins Crowe’s policy positions gotten in the Montana legislature?

A: With Republicans holding firm majorities, Seekins Crowe’s conservative agenda has substantial support in the state House and Senate. Several of her sponsored bills have advanced, though not all have yet become law.

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