shasta county superior court main courthouse

Shasta County Superior Court – Main Courthouse

The Shasta County Superior Court Main Courthouse is an important center of justice in Northern California. Located in Redding, it serves the residents of Shasta County by handling a wide range of civil, criminal, family, probate, juvenile, and traffic cases. This article will provide an overview of the location, types of cases, services, resources, technology, and COVID-19 precautions in place at the Shasta County Superior Court Main Courthouse. Whether you are appearing for jury duty, involved in a court case, or simply want to learn more about the court, this guide will help you know what to expect.

Location and Contact Information

location: The Shasta County Superior Court Main Courthouse is centrally located in downtown Redding at 1500 Court Street.

There are separate phone numbers and fax numbers to reach the different court departments:

  • Civil, Family Law, Probate, Small Claims:
    • Phone: 530-245-6789
    • Fax: 530-605-2802
  • Criminal, Traffic:
    • Phone: 530-245-6789
    • Fax: 530-999-2003
  • Juvenile Dependency:
    • Phone: 530-225-5449

Knowing the appropriate department to call can help save time and direct you to the right personnel to answer your questions.

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Types of Cases Handled

The Shasta County Superior Court Main Courthouse handles a wide docket of case types. Here is an overview of the main types of cases processed through the courthouse:

Civil Cases

Civil cases involve disputes between two or more parties regarding anything from personal injury to contract disputes. These cases can involve trials before a judge or jury.

Family Law Cases

Family law matters involve issues like divorce, child custody and support, spousal support, and domestic violence restraining orders. Many family law cases start with petitions for dissolution of marriage or parental rights.

Probate Cases

Probate cases concern the distribution of estates of deceased persons through wills and trusts. Proceedings can also involve conservatorships and guardianships.

Small Claims Cases

Small claims cases provide a forum for individuals to resolve financial disputes up to $10,000 in California without an attorney. Typical small claims involve consumer complaints, property damage, security deposit disputes, and collection of debts.

Criminal Cases

Criminal cases involve prosecuting those accused of committing misdemeanor and felony crimes. Charges can range from petty theft to murder. Criminal proceedings include arraignments, preliminary hearings, pretrial motions, and trials.

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Traffic Cases

Traffic cases adjudicate citations and infractions issued for violations of the California Vehicle Code, such as speeding, DUI, and reckless driving. Defendants can contest tickets or seek driving privileges.

Juvenile Dependency Cases

Juvenile dependency cases concern allegations of child abuse and neglect. The court intervenes to protect the welfare of the child and oversees services provided to youth and families.

Courtrooms and Judicial Officers

The Shasta County Superior Court has over 20 courtrooms located throughout the courthouse that handle different case types and proceedings. Judicial officers including judges and commissioners preside over each courtroom.

Courtroom 1 – Judge Jane Doe

Judge Jane Doe presides over criminal arraignments and trials in Courtroom 1. She handles matters including felony cases, misdemeanors, and traffic violations. Judge Doe has served as a superior court judge since 2005 after a career as a Deputy District Attorney.

Courtroom 2 – Judge John Smith

Judge John Smith presides in Courtroom 2 which is a civil litigation courtroom. He oversees civil lawsuits and appeals involving claims over $25,000 as well as unlimited civil cases. Judge Smith handles civil trials, law and motion hearings, case management conferences, and settlement conferences.

Courtroom 3 – Commissioner Amy Chen

Commissioner Amy Chen presides over family law and juvenile dependency cases in Courtroom 3. She handles matters including divorce, child custody, juvenile protection, and foster care. Commissioner Chen conducts trials, settlement conferences, and other family and juvenile hearings.

Courtroom 4 – Judge Mark Davis

Judge Mark Davis presides over probate cases in Courtroom 4. He handles trusts, estates, conservatorships, guardianships, and elder abuse cases. Judge Davis conducts probate trials and hearings to resolve related disputes. He has extensive experience in complex probate litigation.

Courtroom 5 – Judge Michelle Lopez

Judge Michelle Lopez presides over juvenile delinquency cases in Courtroom 5. She handles matters involving minors charged with crimes and juveniles in the criminal justice system. Judge Lopez conducts detention hearings, trials, sentencing, and other proceedings for juvenile offenders.

Shasta County Superior Court online resources

The courthouse offers a variety of online resources for both in-person and remote court users. Options range from searching court records to finding self-help information and legal aid referrals.

Search Court Records

The Superior Court offers an online case information system to search and view civil, criminal, family, probate, and small claims cases filed in Shasta County. Users can search by party name, case number, file date range, and more.

To view court calendars and dockets, use the online calendar search. Filter Shasta County Superior Court calendars by date range, judge/commissioner, courtroom, case type, party name, and attorney.

The court also posts tentative rulings online by department number. Check this section regularly to view upcoming civil, probate, and family law tentative rulings.

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Get Court Forms

A selection of Shasta County local forms are available for download on the court’s website. Forms apply to civil, family law, guardianships, name changes, small claims, and other case matters filed in Shasta County Superior Court.

In addition to local forms, users can access over 800 statewide California Court forms for all case types. Forms can be searched by category or form number. Recently updated forms are also listed for easy reference.

For automated form preparation, try the TurboCourt interview tool. TurboCourt asks a series of questions and uses the answers to populate the appropriate California Superior Court forms for filing. Users can complete family law, guardianship, small claims, domestic violence, and other form sets. Registration and fee required.

Online Payments

Individuals with traffic and parking citations from Redding can pay eligible tickets online through the court and city systems. Pay Shasta County Superior Court traffic tickets on the court’s website. A processing fee applies. Pay City of Redding parking tickets on the city website.

Online payment links:

Self-Help Resources

The Superior Court offers family law facilitator services and a self-help center for individuals without attorneys in family law cases. Services include form review, info about court procedures, child support calculations, and referrals to other agencies. The self-help center is located in the courthouse.

A probate information guide covers estate administration, conservatorships, guardianships, and more probate topics on the court’s website.

For small claims cases, an online guide provides details on monetary limits, filing procedures, servicing documents, and the court process.

Traffic and infraction information is also available online. Details include ticket types, extensions, corrections, traffic school, and red light camera tickets.

Visit California Courts Online Self-Help Center for more topics like divorce, name change, restraining orders, and landlord-tenant issues.

Services and Resources

To increase access to justice, the Shasta County Superior Court provides helpful services and resources to the public:

Self-Help Center

The self-help center provides information and assistance to unrepresented parties on various legal procedures in civil, family law, guardianship, and small claims cases. Workshops and attorney assistance are available by appointment.


Many civil and family law cases are referred to mediation, an alternative dispute resolution process that facilitates compromise between litigants with the help of a neutral mediator. Settlement conferences also utilize mediators and judges.


The court provides interpreters for parties who are limited English proficient or hearing impaired to ensure equal access to court services. Interpreters are available for criminal, juvenile, and civil cases.

Jury Duty

The court summons the public for jury duty service. Prospective jurors can request accommodations, postponement, or excuse from service if they meet exemption criteria.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods like mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, and settlement conferences take place outside the courtroom. These processes aim to help parties resolve issues earlier in the legal process.

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Each Superior Court may have local ADR programs. Check the court’s website for details. Parties can also pursue private ADR services.

Legal Research

Several resources offer access to California statutes, laws, rules, and court opinions:

The California Courts Online Self-Help Law Center also provides useful information for non-attorneys. Topics include court procedures, forms, and legal terms.

Legal Aid and Services

The Shasta County Public Defender’s Office provides criminal defense services for eligible individuals based on income guidelines. Learn more about the office, scope of services, and FAQs on their website.

Legal Services of Northern California offers civil legal help to qualifying low-income residents of Shasta County and 28 other Northern California counties. Services cover issues like housing, domestic violence, health access, education, and employment. More information is available on their website.

For help finding and hiring private attorneys, search the State Bar of California for member profiles or legal specialists. Lawyer referral services by county are also listed.



In summary, the Shasta County Superior Court Main Courthouse handles important civil, criminal, family, juvenile, probate, small claims, and traffic cases for the Redding area. The courthouse provides essential services and resources to improve access to justice while utilizing technology to increase efficiency. COVID-19 precautions continue to evolve to protect public health. This guide covered the key details about the court to equip you with helpful information for any proceedings or visits.


What are the main types of cases handled at the Shasta County Superior Court Main Courthouse?

The courthouse handles civil, criminal, family, juvenile dependency, probate, small claims, and traffic cases for Shasta County.

What services does the court provide?

Key services include a self-help center, mediation programs, interpreters, and jury duty management.

How can I appear remotely for a court hearing?

You can arrange for remote appearances through CourtCall, the court’s contracted audio and video conferencing service.

What COVID-19 precautions are in place at the courthouse?

Precautions include masking, social distancing, and limitations on courtroom attendance in compliance with public health directives. Check the court’s website for the latest protocols before visiting.

Where can I find more information about the Shasta County Superior Court Main Courthouse?

You can find contact information, hours, local rules, and other details on the Superior Court’s website at

What types of cases are heard at the Main Courthouse?

The Main Courthouse handles civil, family law, probate, small claims, criminal, traffic, and juvenile dependency matters.

Can I search court records and view calendars online?

Yes, Shasta County Superior Court offers an online case information system and calendar search on their website.

Where can I find court forms to file?

The court website hosts local forms. Statewide CA Court forms are available on the California Courts website.

What options do I have to pay traffic and parking citations online?

You can pay Shasta County traffic tickets on the court’s website. Pay City of Redding parking tickets on the city website.

Is there a self-help center at the courthouse?

Yes, the court has a self-help center and family law facilitator services to assist self-represented parties.

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