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Fresno County Superior Court – Downtown

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Working Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Saturday: closed
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fresno County Superior Court

The Fresno County Superior Court – Downtown location is the main courthouse for Fresno County. This courthouse handles a high volume of cases and serves as an important center for legal services in the region. Understanding key details about this courthouse can help you prepare for a visit.

Overview of Fresno County Superior Court

The Superior Court of Fresno County is part of the California state court system. This court has jurisdiction over all criminal and civil cases filed in Fresno County. The court system includes multiple courthouse locations, with the main courthouse located in downtown Fresno.

This courthouse handles felony criminal cases and major civil litigation. Several court departments and courtrooms operate out of this building. On a typical day, hundreds of people pass through the courthouse for various hearings, trials, and court services.

Location and Hours

Address and Contact Info

The Fresno County Superior Court – Downtown is located at:

1100 Van Ness Ave
Fresno, CA 93724

The main phone number is 559-457-1900. Court administration offices are open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Hours of Operation

Regular court hours at the downtown Fresno courthouse are Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. However, courtroom hours vary depending on the judge and type of case. Some courtrooms may be open earlier or later, including for night court sessions.

It’s recommended to double check the exact time and courtroom number listed on your paperwork. Arrive early to pass through security screening.

Courthouse Layout and Security

Courtroom Layout

There are multiple courtrooms on each floor of the courthouse. Courtrooms are numbered starting at 101 on the first floor. Odd numbered rooms are on the north side, while even numbered rooms are on the south side. Higher floors have courtrooms numbered in the 200s, 300s, and 400s accordingly.

When you enter a courtroom, the judge’s bench is at the front. The jury box is along the left or right side. Parties involved in the case sit at tables facing the judge. Spectator seating is in the back. Remain quiet when court is in session.

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Security Screening

To enter the courthouse, you must pass through a security screening checkpoint. Be prepared to walk through a metal detector. Bags and items you are carrying will go through an x-ray scanner. The sheriff’s deputies at security will inspect any prohibited items and may conduct further screening.

Give yourself extra time to get through security, as lines can often be long during peak hours. Have your paperwork, ID, and any essential items out and ready to show the deputies.

Types of Cases Heard

Fresno County Superior Court Cases

This section allows you to search specifically for Fresno County Superior Court cases. You can easily find the details you need, whether it’s related to a civil case, criminal matter, or any other legal issue within the county.

Criminal Cases

Felony criminal cases – including offenses like murder, robbery, and drug crimes – are heard at the downtown courthouse. Arraignments, pretrial hearings, motions, and trials for serious criminal charges all take place in these courtrooms.

Civil Cases

Major civil lawsuits are litigated at the downtown courthouse, including high-value personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Business disputes between companies may also wind up in these courtrooms.

Family Law Cases

Contested divorce proceedings, child custody battles, and domestic violence restraining orders are handled by the family law departments. Child support issues may be addressed here as well.

Probate Cases

Wills, estates, conservatorships, and guardianships go through the probate court at the downtown Fresno courthouse. Disputed matters involving deceased persons’ assets or incapacitated adults’ care are decided here.

Services and Resources

The Fresno County Superior Court – Downtown provides helpful services and resources for those using the courthouse:

Self-Help Center

The Self-Help Center assists people representing themselves without an attorney. You can get help filing court papers and understanding legal procedures. Appointments may be available for more in-depth assistance.


Many family law and civil cases will go through mediation here, where a neutral third party helps the parties come to an agreed resolution. This can save time and expenses of a trial.


Let the court know in advance if you need an interpreter for your hearing or trial. Spanish interpreters are frequently available, along with services for many other languages.

Tips for Visiting

Keep these tips in mind for your visit to the Fresno Superior Court – Downtown:

Dress Code

Dress respectfully as if you were going to church. Avoid revealing clothing, hats, sunglasses, or inappropriate logos/text.

Prohibited Items

Weapons, pepper spray, drugs, and other contraband are not allowed in the courthouse. Leave such items at home or you will not be permitted to enter.

Getting Through Security

Have ID and paperwork ready to show security staff. Leave extra time in case of long lines. Notify deputies of any medical devices or conditions before walking through the metal detector.

Finding Your Courtroom

Check the monitors near the elevators and information desk for courtroom locations. Arrive early so you have time to find the correct department and courtroom. Silence cell phones and remain quiet when entering courtrooms.

Fresno County Superior Court Online Services

The Superior Court website allows you to access services and information online:

Document Filing

E-filing is available for attorneys and self-represented parties on many civil and family law cases. This allows you to submit documents remotely without visiting the courthouse.

Case Information

Look up case details such as upcoming hearing dates, filed documents, and parties using the online case information system. Search by party name or case number.

Fresno County Superior Court Search court case records

Are you in need of vital court case records? Fresno County Superior Court provides an online platform for you to access these records conveniently. Whether you’re an attorney, researcher, or concerned citizen, this resource is invaluable for obtaining the information you require.

Request copies of public court records through the website. Certain documents like filed pleadings and minute orders can be downloaded or mailed to you. Restrictions apply for confidential cases.

Visiting the Fresno Superior Court – Downtown can seem intimidating, but going in with knowledge of what to expect will put you at ease. Understand the courthouse layout, security procedures, and courtroom conduct. Make use of available resources and services. With preparation and patience, you can effectively take care of your court business.

Dockets, calendars, and other information about court cases

Stay updated with the latest court proceedings by checking out the Fresno County Superior Court calendar. You can view schedules for the two most recent days, as well as the B.F. Sisk daily hearing docket.

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Published opinions and orders

Fresno County Superior Court Tentative Rulings are available for your perusal. These rulings issued by the Civil Law and Motion Judge provide valuable insights into legal matters.

Attorney General Legal Opinions

Are you looking for legal opinions from the California Attorney General? This resource offers access to legal opinions dating back to 1985.

Forms and related information

Navigate the legal paperwork efficiently by using Fresno County Superior Court Forms. You’ll find various local forms, along with links to statewide forms and interactive forms services.

AOC Records Request Form and Information

If you require records maintained by the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Judicial Council, or the appellate courts, this online request form and information section will guide you through the process.

Attorney Complaint Forms and Information

For matters related to complaints about an attorney, including an online complaint form, turn to the State Bar of California’s resources.

California State Superior Court Forms

Access and download California court forms by form name or form number, making the legal documentation process more manageable.

Interactive Online Forms

TurboCourt offers a convenient solution to generate family law, small claims, evictions, domestic violence, guardianship, and child support forms tailored to your California Superior Courts case. Registration is required, and a convenience fee may apply.

Online fine payments

If you need to pay fines, this section allows you to handle City of Fresno parking tickets and Fresno County Superior Court traffic tickets and court traffic school fees online, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Self-help, legal research, general information

Gain access to valuable resources such as the Fresno County Law Library and information about self-representation in Fresno County Superior Court cases.

Fresno County Superior Court Alternative Dispute Resolution

Explore alternative dispute resolution options, including mediation, arbitration, and case evaluation, to resolve disputes without going to court.

Fresno County Superior Court Juvenile Case Information

Find information related to juvenile cases in Fresno County, covering delinquency, status offenses, and child abuse and neglect intervention.

Fresno County Superior Court Rules

Access and download Fresno County Superior Court Rules to understand the procedures and regulations governing the court.

Fresno County Superior Court Self Representation

If you’re representing yourself in Fresno County Superior Court, this section provides essential information by type of case.

Fresno County Superior Court Small Claims

Learn about Fresno County Superior Court Small Claims cases, including filing a claim, trial preparation, and judgment collection.

Fresno County Superior Court Traffic Case Information

Find information regarding traffic cases in Fresno County Superior Court, including fine payments, contesting citations, DMV records, and traffic school.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Discover the benefits of alternative dispute resolution processes, including mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, and settlement conferences, to help parties resolve disputes without going to court.

Detailed Directory of Fresno County Courts

Navigating the legal maze can be perplexing. However, knowledge is power! Here’s your guide to the Fresno County courts:

B.F. Sisk Courthouse

Address & Contact: 1130 O Street, Fresno, CA 93721 Phone: 559-457-2000

This courthouse is a central hub, named after a prominent figure in Fresno’s history. It’s almost like the heart of Fresno’s judicial system. Picturing it yet?

Criminal Courts Departments 95 & 96

Address & Contact: 1265 M Street, Fresno, CA 93721 Phone: 559-457-2000

Think of this as the epicenter of criminal cases. These departments are dedicated to ensuring that justice is served, ensuring a fair trial for all.

Downtown Fresno Superior Court

Address & Contact: 1100 Van Ness Avenue, Fresno, CA 93724 Phone: 559-457-2000

Located in the bustling center of the city, this court is to Fresno what Broadway is to New York. An essential spot, pulsating with activity.

Juvenile Delinquency Facility

Address & Contact: Juvenile Delinquency Facility 3333 East American Avenue, Suite A, Fresno, CA 93725 Phone: 559-457-4810

Picture a place where young minds, unfortunately having made missteps, are given a chance to right their wrongs. This facility aims to do just that.

M Street Courthouse

Address & Contact: 2317 Tuolumne Street, Fresno, CA 93721 Phone: 559-457-1700

Another crucial cog in the Fresno judicial machinery, the M Street Courthouse is a testament to the region’s commitment to upholding justice.

California Court Rules

Access statewide California Rules of Court by case type and local Superior Court rules by county.

California Courts – Legal Information and Legal Resources

Explore comprehensive self-help information on various legal topics, including court procedures, legal research, and more. This resource also provides valuable links to additional online resources and a glossary of terms.

California Courts – Small Claims Information

Find information on Small Claims cases, including research, trial preparation, filing or responding to a claim, collection, appeal of a judgment, and judgment payment options.

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California Courts – Wills, Estates, and Probate Information

Access information about wills, estates, and probate cases in California, including asset distribution, will validity, and the probate estate administration process.

California Law Libraries

View a list of California county law libraries, complete with contact information, hours of operation, maps, and links to available local law library websites.

California Legal Document Assistance

Learn about California Legal Document Assistants who can help self-represented parties prepare and file legal documents for a fee. Search for a member in your area based on various criteria.

California Statutes

Search California codes by name of code and section, browse codes by table of contents, or search by name of code and keywords to access the statutes you need.

Child Support Services

The California Department of Child Support Services offers information and services related to child support, including online case information, a child support calculator, and contact information for local offices.

Foreclosure Prevention Resources

Find resources for preventing foreclosure in California, including local housing counseling agencies, state agencies, programs, and links to legal aid providers.

LawHelp California Legal Information and Legal Resources

LawHelp California offers legal information and resources for various legal issues, including housing, family matters, benefits, domestic violence, employment, small claims, veterans’ concerns, civil rights, immigration, disability, estates, and Native American issues.

Legal Research Information

The Council of California County Law Librarians offers an online class on how to conduct legal research effectively.

Legal Research Links

Explore a categorized list of links to state and national legal resources, including general research, laws, regulations, courts, forms, and rules, courtesy of the Council of California County Law Librarians.

Online Law Library Services

Several California law libraries provide AskNow law librarian services, offering online answers to legal reference questions and referrals for further research.

Search California Traffic Safety Institute Traffic Schools

The California Traffic Safety Institute provides lists of classroom and home-study traffic schools, searchable by county.

Traffic and Motor Vehicle Information

Access information about traffic laws, driver licenses, and vehicle registration through the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Explore resources such as the Fresno County Public Defender, Central California Legal Aid, and the California Bar Association’s attorney search and legal specialist search.

California Rural Legal Assistance

Learn about California Rural Legal Assistance, an organization that provides free legal assistance to low-income rural residents in many California counties.

Find a Lawyer, Referral Services, and Complaint Procedures

Find guidance on finding a lawyer, searching for legal specialists, accessing lawyer referral services, and filing complaints against lawyers.

Find Interpreters

The Judicial Council of California offers an online search for court interpreters by language spoken and county, including links to interpreter resources and medical interpreter searches.

Free and Low-Cost Legal Services Information

Access information about sources of free and low-cost legal services, including court-based services, legal aid agencies, government agencies, lawyer referral services, law schools, dispute resolution programs, and prepaid legal service plans.

Free Legal Help

LawHelp California offers a directory of organizations in California that provide free and reduced-fee legal services, searchable by counties and cities served.

Limited-Scope Representation

Learn about limited-scope representation, where lawyers provide some services to self-represented parties for a smaller fee than full representation.


The Fresno County Superior Court, Downtown, offers an extensive range of online court resources to assist you in your legal endeavors. From accessing case records to understanding court rules and finding legal aid, you can find all the information you need right here. Make the most of these resources to navigate the legal system effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cases are heard at the downtown Fresno courthouse?

The Fresno Superior Court – Downtown location hears major criminal, civil, family, and probate cases for the county. Felony trials and hearings, large-scale lawsuits, contested divorces, and disputed estates are among the cases handled here.

How early should I arrive for my court date?

It’s recommended to arrive at the courthouse at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled hearing time. This gives you plenty of time to get through security screening and find the correct courtroom.

Can I bring my cell phone into the courthouse?

Yes, cell phones are allowed but must be silenced before entering courtrooms. Do not make calls or text in courtrooms. Deputies may ask you to step outside if your phone rings or disturbs proceedings.

Are food and drinks allowed in the courthouse?

Outside food and drinks generally cannot be brought into the courthouse. Vending machines with snacks and drinks are available on the first floor. Do not eat or drink in courtrooms – water bottles with caps are okay.

Where can I get help if I’m representing myself without an attorney?

The courthouse has a Self-Help Center that provides resources and assistance for people without legal representation. Visit or make an appointment to get guidance filing court papers and navigating the legal process.

How do I search for court case records in Fresno County?
To search for court case records in Fresno County, visit the Fresno County Superior Court website and use their online search tool.

Can I pay fines for parking tickets online in Fresno County?
Yes, you can pay City of Fresno parking tickets and Fresno County Superior Court traffic tickets and court traffic school fees online through their respective online payment systems.

How can I access published opinions and rulings from the Fresno County Superior Court?
You can access published opinions and tentative rulings from the Fresno County Superior Court on their official website.

Where can I find legal forms for use in Fresno County Superior Court?
You can find a variety of local forms for use in Fresno County Superior Court on their website, along with links to statewide forms and interactive forms services.

How can I get legal assistance in Fresno County if I can’t afford an attorney?
If you can’t afford an attorney, you can explore resources like the Fresno County Public Defender, Central California Legal Aid, and other organizations that provide free or low-cost legal services.

What is the primary role of the Superior Courts in California?

They handle the majority of trial cases, overseeing matters like civil, criminal, and family cases.
Is there a difference between the Downtown Fresno Superior Court and the B.F. Sisk Courthouse?

While both are Superior Courts, they might cater to different types of cases and departments.
Do all the court locations in Fresno County have the same contact number?

No, while some might share a contact, each location generally has a unique number.
What is the significance of the Juvenile Delinquency Facility?

This facility specifically deals with cases involving juveniles, aiming to provide them with a chance at rehabilitation.
Can I access online court records for Fresno County Superior Courts?

Links for online court records and other free court resources are typically provided for each court, depending on availability.

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