Fresno County Superior Court B.F. Sisk Courthouse

Fresno County Superior Court B.F. Sisk Courthouse

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Superior Court Of Fresno

The Fresno County Superior Court serves the city of Fresno and surrounding communities in California’s Central Valley. The main courthouse, known as the B.F. Sisk Courthouse, handles a high volume of cases related to criminal, civil, family, probate, and other legal matters. This article provides an overview of key information related to court dockets, calendars, forms, online information, and paying fines and fees for the Fresno Superior Court.

The Superior Court of Fresno B.F. Sisk Courthouse has a long and storied history in the city of Fresno and the wider Central Valley region of California. As the main county courthouse, it has played a central role in the administration of justice and the rule of law for decades.

History and Background

The Superior Court of Fresno dates back to the formation of Fresno County in 1856. It has served the county for over 150 years, dispensing justice and resolving legal disputes. The B.F. Sisk Courthouse opened in 1966 and remains the main courthouse today. It was named after Judge B.F. Sisk, who served on the Fresno County Superior Court bench for over 30 years.

Jurisdiction and authority

The Superior Court has authority over all misdemeanor criminal cases, felony criminal cases, civil cases with claims over $25,000, family law, probate, juvenile dependency, and mental health cases in Fresno County. It has around 60 judges, commissioners, and referees who preside over matters and make legal rulings.

Architectural Design and Features

The B.F. Sisk Courthouse building has a distinct look thanks to its unique mid-century façade. The structure features stacked geometric shapes intersected by a horizontal wing. The courthouse was built using steel and reinforced concrete, making it sturdy while allowing for an open interior layout. Large windows flood the space with natural light.

Inside, the five-story building contains over 30 courtrooms along with judge’s chambers, jury rooms, and court administration offices. The finishes include marble walls, terrazzo floors, and ornamental bronze elevator doors adding style to the functional spaces.

Courtrooms and Facilities

In total, the courthouse contains 32 courtrooms along with hearing rooms, clerk offices, and jury assembly rooms. There are felony courtrooms designated for criminal cases and separate courtrooms for civil, family, and probate cases.

Modern upgrades allow for technology-enabled courtrooms. There are self-help computer kiosks available for the public along with law libraries and records rooms. Security screening takes place at the entrance.

Types of Services Offered at the Courthouse

The B.F. Sisk Courthouse provides a diverse array of services related to civil and criminal law. Key services include:

Alternative dispute resolution

The Courthouse offers mediation services to help parties resolve disputes out of court. Mediators facilitate negotiations between parties in a neutral way. This can save time and money compared to prolonged litigation.

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Civil cases

The Superior Court handles all civil cases with claims of over $25,000. These unlimited civil cases involve matters like personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, breach of contract, and real estate disputes. The court also handles limited civil cases under $25,000.

Limited civil

Limited civil cases may involve property damage, landlord-tenant disputes, contract claims, and personal injury. Parties in limited civil cases may or may not be represented by attorneys.

Unlimited civil

Unlimited civil cases have claims over $25,000. They often involve complex litigation with extensive discovery, multi-day trials, and attorneys on both sides.

Probate, conservatorship, and guardianship

The Probate Division handles wills, trusts, conservatorships, guardianships, and estate administration. It approves legal representatives to handle matters for those unable to manage their own affairs.

Family court services

This division assists families with issues like divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and domestic violence restraining orders. It includes specialized services like:

Family law

The family law department handles proceedings like divorce, legal separation, annulments, child support, and division of assets and debts. Family law attorneys represent clients in these complex cases.

Family law facilitator’s office

This office provides free education and services related to family law, including divorce, paternity, child support, and domestic violence. It offers workshops and helps people represent themselves.

Restraining orders

Individuals seeking protection from violence or harassment can petition the court for civil harassment restraining orders and domestic violence restraining orders..

Small claims

The small claims division handles civil disputes up to $10,000, providing a simple and affordable means of resolving claims. Parties represent themselves rather than hire attorneys.

Unlawful detainer

Unlawful detainers are eviction cases involving landlords seeking to remove tenants from a property for failure to pay rent or for other lease violations.

Importance and Impact of Courthouse Services

By providing these essential services, the Superior Court of Fresno has a significant role and impact on the community:

Providing access to justice

The court provides all Fresno residents with legal recourse and access to justice, upholding the promise of equal treatment under the law.

Supporting the community

From families going through divorce to landlords and tenants, the courthouse services support resolution of everyday legal issues that affect the community.

Upholding rights and resolving disputes

The Superior Court protects legal rights and peacefully resolves civil and criminal disputes that are critical for a just society. It upholds the rule of law.

Notable Cases Tried

With Fresno being the 5th largest city in California, the courthouse has hosted many high-profile cases over the years. These include celebrity trials, major criminal cases, and civil suits over contentious issues.

Some notable cases tried at the courthouse include:

  • The murder trials of serial killers like the Grim Sleeper and the Visalia Ransacker
  • Lawsuits related to water rights in the Central Valley
  • The criminal fraud trial of developer Granville Homes
  • Civil rights cases like Castaneda v. California which established language access rights
  • Celebrity divorces like Barry Bonds and many others due to Fresno’s quick process

Prominent Figures Associated with the Courthouse

In addition to the thousands of everyday people who have entered its doors, the Sisk Courthouse has been associated with many famous figures in the law over its long history.


The courthouse was home to judges like Judge Sisk himself along with other well-known jurists over the decades. Today, the courthouse has over 50 Superior Court judges across different divisions.


Many high-profile lawyers have tried cases in the Sisk Courthouse like celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser as well as locally famous criminal defense and personal injury lawyers.

Other Key Figures

Along with judges and lawyers, the courthouse has hosted many noteworthy litigants and defendants including sports stars, politicians, and criminals standing trial.

Significance to Fresno and the Central Valley

As the main county courthouse, the Sisk Courthouse holds great significance for the residents of Fresno and the surrounding areas.

Providing Access to Justice

The existence of the courthouse ensures local access to civil and criminal justice institutions. People can have their legal issues heard without having to travel long distances.

Central Location and Proximity to Downtown

Centrally located near Downtown Fresno, the courthouse enjoys close proximity to other justice system institutions like the jail, law offices, and legal service providers.

Hosting High-Profile Cases and Trials

The courthouse allows major cases to be tried locally rather than needing to be heard in larger cities. This gives the Fresno community great civic participation.

Recent Renovations and Improvements

While a new replacement courthouse has been proposed, the Sisk Courthouse has undergone renovations to update facilities.

Courtroom Upgrades

Many of the courtrooms have been upgraded with improved lighting, audio/visual technology, and accessible furniture. This modernized the spaces without compromising historic integrity.

Improved Access and Security

Changes were made to improve ADA accessibility such as adding ramps and elevators. Security screening was added to enter the building.

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Enhanced Technology

Features like digital evidence presentation, video conferencing, and electronic filing aim to make the courthouse more high-tech and efficient.

Ongoing Challenges and Issues

While a landmark building, the Sisk Courthouse faces some significant challenges common to older courthouses today.

Budget Constraints

With California court budgets constrained since the recession, less funding is available for maintenance, repairs, and operations. This makes upgrades harder to afford.

Caseloads and Backlogs

The courthouse was built to handle smaller caseloads. Current heavy caseloads lead to backlogs, delays, and congestion despite new construction.

Calling for a New Courthouse

With aging facilities and constrained space, many are calling for a brand new modern courthouse to be built to serve Fresno County’s needs.

Court Information of Superior Court B.F. Sisk Courthouse

The B.F. Sisk Courthouse is located in downtown Fresno at 1100 Van Ness Avenue. This section covers key details about location, hours, dockets, calendars, and online case information.

Location and Hours

The main courthouse is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, except on court holidays. Many departments, such as the clerk’s office, are open at 7:30am. It’s recommended to verify hours for your specific court business. There are also self-help centers located at the main courthouse and Jinny Beauty Supply at 99 E California Ave in Fresno.

Fresno County Superior Court Case Dockets and Calendars

Dockets are the official court record of case proceedings, documents, filings, and court orders. Calendars list scheduled hearings, trials, and other court events. Docket information can be obtained through the court’s online case management system or by requesting records from the clerk’s office. Calendars are posted daily outside each courtroom.

Online Case Information

Many records for the Fresno Superior Court are available through the court’s Online Case Information system. This provides public access to:

Register of Actions

This lists all the actions taken in a case with the corresponding dates, such as filings, hearings, orders, and more.

Fresno County Court Calendar

Daily court calendars list scheduled hearings and proceedings.

Case Index

This provides a list of cases sorted by case number, party names, filing date, and case type.

Court Forms and Filings of Fresno County Superior Court B.F. Sisk Courthouse

The court requires certain forms to initiate cases and file motions and documents. There are also fees for filing.

Common Court Forms

The California Courts website provides many of the standard forms used in Fresno Superior Court. Some common civil, criminal, family, and probate forms include:

Criminal Forms

  • Felony plea forms
  • Misdemeanor plea forms
  • Motions to dismiss

Civil Forms

  • Complaints
  • Summons
  • Case management statements

Family Law Forms

  • Petitions for dissolution
  • Custody and visitation requests
  • Support motions

Probate Forms

  • Petitions for conservatorship
  • Guardianship petitions
  • Decedent estate filings

Filing Fees and Process

The court charges filing fees outlined in its fee schedule. Many documents can be e-filed online.

Fee Schedule

The fee schedule provides the current fees for filing various types of cases and documents. For example, the fee for a limited civil case is $225, while dissolving a marriage is $435.


Many case documents can be e-filed through the court’s online portal. E-filing requires registration and is subject to transaction fees.

Paying Fines and Fees

The court handles payments for things like traffic tickets and criminal fees. Here’s an overview of how to pay legal financial fines and fees.

Fresno County Superior Court Traffic Tickets and Infractions

Traffic tickets issued by law enforcement agencies can be paid online or by mail, phone, or in person. Infractions may require appearing in court.

Criminal Fines and Fees

Fines and fees in criminal cases can involve bail, restitution, penalties, probation costs, incarceration costs, and more. The court provides options like payment plans and community service.

Civil Filing Fees

Plaintiffs initiating civil cases must pay the first appearance fee. Other motion and document filing fees may apply as the case progresses.

Payment Methods

The court accepts cash, checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards. Online payments are also accepted.

Payment Plans and Waivers

Those unable to pay may request fee waivers or arrange installment payment plans. Waivers require financial disclosure.

Getting Legal Help

The court provides some resources for those representing themselves or looking for attorneys.

Self-Help Center

Self-help centers at the courthouse and Jinny Beauty Supply offer information and assistance for non-lawyers. Services may include help completing legal forms. Resources are also available online.

Finding an Attorney

The Fresno County Bar Association offers attorney referrals and resources. Legal aid organizations may be able to provide assistance for those who qualify based on income. Court staff can also answer questions about the processes but cannot provide legal advice.

The Future of the Courthouse

The future of the Sisk Courthouse remains uncertain with pressing needs but also appreciation of its history.

Possible Replacements and New Construction

Fresno County may eventually construct a new courthouse complex to replace Sisk, however rising costs make this a challenge.

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Preserving History While Modernizing

Any future plans will need to maintain historic integrity of the striking 1958 building while modernizing systems and spaces.

Continuing to Serve Fresno County

In some form, the courthouse seems destined to keep providing an indispensable venue for justice services to Fresno County residents for years to come.

Detailed Directory of Fresno County Courts

Navigating the legal maze can be perplexing. However, knowledge is power! Here’s your guide to the Fresno County courts:

B.F. Sisk Courthouse

Address & Contact: 1130 O Street, Fresno, CA 93721 Phone: 559-457-2000

This courthouse is a central hub, named after a prominent figure in Fresno’s history. It’s almost like the heart of Fresno’s judicial system. Picturing it yet?

Criminal Courts Departments 95 & 96

Address & Contact: 1265 M Street, Fresno, CA 93721 Phone: 559-457-2000

Think of this as the epicenter of criminal cases. These departments are dedicated to ensuring that justice is served, ensuring a fair trial for all.

Downtown Fresno Superior Court

Address & Contact: 1100 Van Ness Avenue, Fresno, CA 93724 Phone: 559-457-2000

Located in the bustling center of the city, this court is to Fresno what Broadway is to New York. An essential spot, pulsating with activity.

Juvenile Delinquency Facility

Address & Contact: Juvenile Delinquency Facility 3333 East American Avenue, Suite A, Fresno, CA 93725 Phone: 559-457-4810

Picture a place where young minds, unfortunately having made missteps, are given a chance to right their wrongs. This facility aims to do just that.

M Street Courthouse

Address & Contact: 2317 Tuolumne Street, Fresno, CA 93721 Phone: 559-457-1700

Another crucial cog in the Fresno judicial machinery, the M Street Courthouse is a testament to the region’s commitment to upholding justice.


Summary of Key Points

In summary, the Fresno Superior Court provides access to dockets, calendars, forms, online case information, and resources to pay fines. Key services include e-filing documents, finding an attorney, and getting help through self-help centers.

Final Thoughts

The B.F. Sisk Courthouse has played an integral role in Fresno’s legal history and community for over 60 years. While facing modern needs and challenges, it continues operating as an important public resource and historic building. The courthouse exemplifies how vintage institutions can be adapted to suit evolving demands when given proper maintenance and upgrades. With further renovations and commitment, the Sisk Courthouse seems poised to administer justice long into the future.

Navigating the court system can be complex, but understanding location, hours, documents, requirements, and costs can make the process simpler. Doing research in advance and seeking help when needed are critical for ensuring your court needs are addressed efficiently and effectively.


Where is the main Fresno County courthouse located?

The main courthouse, known as the B.F. Sisk Courthouse, is located downtown at 1100 Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA 93724.

What are the hours for the clerk’s office?

The clerk’s office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm, except on court holidays. Hours may vary by department.

How can I look up a court case online?

Case information is available via the court’s Online Case Information system at This provides access to the register of actions, court calendar, and case index.

Where can I find court forms to file?

Many forms are available on the California Courts website or at the Fresno Superior Court self-help center. Forms are often specific to the type of case.

What options do I have for paying court fines and fees?

You can pay court fines and fees online, by mail, by phone, or in person. The court accepts cash, checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards. Payment plans or fee waivers may be available.

Where can I get help with the legal process and paperwork?

The court’s self-help centers provide information and assistance for non-lawyers. You can also contact the Fresno County Bar Association for help finding an attorney.

What is the B.F. Sisk Courthouse?

The B.F. Sisk Courthouse is the main county courthouse located in Fresno, California that handles Superior Court cases for Fresno County. Named for Judge B.F. Sisk, it was constructed in 1958 and remains in operation today.

How many courtrooms are in the courthouse?

The Sisk Courthouse contains 32 courtrooms plus additional hearing rooms, clerk offices, and jury rooms that facilitate the administration of justice.

What notable cases have been tried at the courthouse?

The courthouse has hosted many high-profile criminal trials, celebrity divorces, famous civil case, and lawsuits involving major local issues over its long history.

Has the courthouse been renovated?

Yes, while some call for the building to be replaced, it has undergone renovations to modernize courtrooms, improve accessibility, enhance security, and upgrade technology.

Is this the only courthouse in Fresno County?

No, while it is the main courthouse, Fresno County has additional courthouse locations in Coalinga, Firebaugh, Reedley, Selma, and Clovis. However, the Sisk Courthouse remains the largest and most active.

What is the primary role of the Superior Courts in California?

They handle the majority of trial cases, overseeing matters like civil, criminal, and family cases.
Is there a difference between the Downtown Fresno Superior Court and the B.F. Sisk Courthouse?

While both are Superior Courts, they might cater to different types of cases and departments.
Do all the court locations in Fresno County have the same contact number?

No, while some might share a contact, each location generally has a unique number.
What is the significance of the Juvenile Delinquency Facility?

This facility specifically deals with cases involving juveniles, aiming to provide them with a chance at rehabilitation.
Can I access online court records for Fresno County Superior Courts?

Links for online court records and other free court resources are typically provided for each court, depending on availability.

What types of cases does the Superior Court handle?

The Superior Court handles a full range of civil cases over $25,000 and all criminal misdemeanor and felony cases. It also handles family law, probate, juvenile, and mental health cases.

What is the difference between limited and unlimited civil cases?

Limited civil cases have claims under $25,000, while unlimited civil cases are over $25,000. Unlimited cases involve more complex litigation and procedures.

Does the court offer assistance for handling cases without an attorney?

Yes, the Self-Help Center and Family Law Facilitator’s Office provide workshops and assistance for people representing themselves in certain civil matters.

What are examples of small claims cases?

Small claims cases involve disputes up to $10,000, such as claims related to property damage, security deposits, breach of contract, and money owed.

How can domestic violence victims get protection?

Victims can petition the court for a domestic violence restraining order prohibiting contact and abuse.

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