Robin Ficker

Robin Ficker

Robin Ficker, a long-time Republican politician and activist in Maryland, recently announced he is running for governor in the 2022 election. Ficker has a high profile in the state due to his decades-long career and his outspoken, and sometimes controversial, stances on issues. While he faces an uphill battle to win the Republican nomination and unseat the Democratic incumbent, Ficker’s candidacy will nonetheless shake up the race.

Background on Robin Ficker

Robin Ficker was born in 1943 in Takoma Park, Maryland. After graduating from West Point and serving in the Army, he earned a law degree from the University of Baltimore. Ficker worked briefly as an attorney before transitioning to a career in real estate.

Ficker’s Political Career

Ficker first ran for office in 1978, winning a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates. He served as a delegate representing Montgomery County until 1982.

Runs for Congress and State Senate

In the decades since, Ficker has made numerous unsuccessful bids for other elected offices. He ran for U.S. Congress twice, in 2012 and 2016. He also ran for Maryland State Senate in 2014. Despite losing these races, his repeated campaigns have made him a fixture in state Republican politics.

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Legal Career

In addition to his political ambitions, Ficker maintained an active law practice focused on real estate and family law. He earned a reputation as an aggressive litigator. This legal work dovetailed with his political activism around various causes.

Ficker’s Advocacy and Activism

Aside from his electoral campaigns, Ficker has made his biggest mark through his advocacy and activism over the years.

Sports Fan Advocacy

He is best known for his crusades on behalf of sports fans. In the 1990s, he led efforts to allow Baltimore Orioles fans to heckle opposing teams, overturning a ban on this practice at Camden Yards. Ficker also advocated for Washington Redskins fans’ right to bring banners to games at FedEx Field.

Political Activism

Ficker has weighed in on numerous political issues as well. He protested property tax increases by setting up a tent city outside the state capitol in Annapolis. Ficker also vocally opposed Governor Martin O’Malley’s gas tax hike. These antics have earned Ficker popularity with some voters who see him as a champion against taxes and government overreach.

Ficker Announces Run for Governor

In January 2022, Ficker entered the race for Maryland governor. He joins a crowded Republican primary field seeking to challenge Democratic candidate Wes Moore.

Key Platform Issues

Ficker is running on a fiscally and socially conservative agenda. Some of his major platform planks include:

Taxes and Government Spending

Ficker promises to oppose any tax increases while cutting government spending. He wants to reduce the personal income tax and eliminate the estate tax.


He supports school choice policies and increased funding for trade schools. Ficker opposes transgender athletes competing in women’s sports in public schools.

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Transportation and Infrastructure

Ficker wants to cancel the proposed maglev high-speed rail project and divert funds to highway expansion and maintenance.

Path to Nomination

To become the Republican nominee, Ficker must first navigate the primary.

Republican Primary

Ficker faces an uphill battle in the primary against candidates with far more financial resources like Kelly Schulz and Dan Cox. He will need to rely on his name recognition and populist appeal.

General Election Prospects

If Ficker pulls off an upset in the primary, he would still face extremely difficult odds in the general election in a heavily Democratic state. He has never come close to winning a statewide race before.

Assessing Ficker’s Chances

Ficker’s underdog campaign has both strengths and weaknesses.


He benefits from fairly high name recognition after decades in Maryland politics. His showman persona and brash populist style could resonate with some Republican voters.


However, Ficker faces real vulnerabilities. His track record features many losing campaigns. And his attention-grabbing tactics sometimes cross the line for voters.


While Robin Ficker is unlikely to become Maryland’s next governor, his populist conservative candidacy will certainly shake up the race. Ficker has never been afraid to take on the establishment or causes he believes in. Voters can expect him to do the same on the campaign trail over the next year. His candidacy will offer insight into the mood and priorities of the Republican base heading into the general election.


What is Robin Ficker best known for?

Ficker is best known for his advocacy on behalf of sports fans, including overturning bans on fan heckling at Orioles and Redskins games. He has cultivated an image as a champion of grassroots causes.

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How many times has Ficker run for political office?

Ficker has run unsuccessfully for Congress twice and for Maryland State Senate once. He previously served briefly as a state delegate in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

What are Ficker’s main policy positions for governor?

Ficker is running on a fiscally and socially conservative platform. He supports tax and spending cuts, school choice, and canceling the maglev rail project. He opposes tax increases, transgender athlete participation, and the estate tax.

What are Ficker’s chances of becoming the Republican nominee?

Ficker faces an uphill battle to win the Republican primary against candidates with more party establishment support and funding. But his name recognition provides a narrow path to pull off an upset.

Could Ficker win the general election for governor?

It is highly unlikely Ficker could win the general election in deeply Democratic Maryland. He has never come close to winning statewide. But his candidacy could shape the debate during the campaign.

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