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Jeff Zink is a Republican politician running for a U.S. House seat in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District in 2024. He previously ran for the same seat unsuccessfully in 2022. While he lost that race, Zink hopes to flip the district red in his next campaign.

Growing Up Jeff Zink

Hometown Beginnings

Jeff Zink was born in Borger, Texas and spent his early years in the Lone Star State. He comes from a family of five and was raised in a religious household. His father worked as an auto mechanic, while his mother was a homemaker. From an early age, Zink was interested in sports and competition. He played little league baseball and basketball during his childhood.

Education and Academics

For his post-secondary education, Zink attended Midwestern State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1989. He later obtained a graduate degree from the United States Sports Academy in 1992.

First Jobs and Early Working Life

After completing his education, Zink began his professional career in academia. He worked as a curriculum developer at Grand Canyon University helping design sports education programs. He later became an NCAA basketball official, refereeing college games across the country. Zink is also an ordained minister.

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A Political Underdog Emerges

Local Party Activity

Prior to running for U.S. Congress, Zink was involved with Republican politics in Arizona at the local level. He volunteered for several GOP campaigns and got to know activists and officials in the state party. This experience encouraged him to take the next step into electoral politics himself.

Congressional Campaign Launch

In 2022, Jeff Zink decided to enter the race for Arizona’s 3rd District in the U.S. House of Representatives. The seat was held by Democrat incumbent Ruben Gallego who has represented the district since 2015. Zink positioned himself as a political outsider ready to shake up Washington.

General Election Defeat

Zink went on to win the Republican primary for the seat. He faced Rep. Gallego in the November 2022 general election. Despite campaigning vigorously across the district, Zink lost decisively, earning only 23% of the vote compared to Gallego’s 77%.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Declaring His Candidacy

Despite the 2022 loss, Zink has already declared he will run again for the 3rd District seat in 2024. He announced his candidacy shortly after his defeat and seems ready to hit the campaign trail once more.

Facing Another GOP Primary

This time, Zink will likely face more competition in the Republican primary. Arizona’s 3rd District is considered competitive, especially in a presidential election year with higher turnout. Zink will need to defend his right flank against other conservatives.

Potential General Election Opponents

If Zink can win the nomination again, he’ll likely face a Democrat with high name recognition. Possible candidates include state senator Raquel Terán, Phoenix councilman Hector Jaramillo, and former legislative candidate Yassamin Ansari. Each brings their own geographic and demographic advantages to the race.

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Platform and Priorities

Zink has not yet detailed what his policy priorities or positions are for the 2024 campaign. In his last run, he emphasized bringing an outsider’s perspective to Congress. Issues like immigration, the economy, abortion access and border security will surely come up again.

Where Zink Stands on Major Issues

Jobs and the Economy

So far, Zink’s economic policy views remain unclear. In 2022, he spoke broadly about empowering small businesses and reducing government regulation. But he’ll need to get more specific about his jobs and tax plans this time.

Healthcare Reform

Zink’s healthcare platform also lacks details. He has criticized the Affordable Care Act but not outlined an alternative. Expanding coverage and lowering costs will be a key debate in the race. Zink’s ideas on this crucial issue remain to be seen.

Immigration and Border Policy

Illegal immigration is a hot topic in Arizona’s border districts. Zink has called for finishing the border wall and deporting undocumented immigrants. However, he may need to square this stance with business interests that rely on immigrant labor.

Foreign Policy and Defense

Little is known about Zink’s international agenda or national security strategy. These issues don’t often decide House races but his views could still impact the GOP policy platform if elected. Does he align with Trumpian isolationism or Bush-era interventionism?

Abortion and Social Issues

Most Republicans take a pro-life stance, and Zink is no exception. He is adamantly against abortion access and supports religious freedom bills. But Arizona is shifting left on these issues, creating tricky electoral terrain to navigate.

Controversy and Criticisms

Jeff Zink has faced some criticisms already in his short political career. Opponents have questioned his exaggeration of achievements as a minister and sports official. And he’s been attacked for campaign finance violations related to improper disclosure filings. These missteps offer easy fodder for Democratic challengers looking to define Zink early on. He’ll need to clean up his operations fast to avoid similar pitfalls going forward.

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Who is Jeff Zink the Man?

Devoted Family Life

Jeff Zink comes from a tight-knit family and continues to prioritize them despite his work. He and his wife Angela have four children together ranging in age from 7 to 15. When not on the campaign trail, he enjoys spending time with his kids and attending their school and sports activities as much as he can. They are NRA members and attend an evangelical church.

Sports and Hobbies

Given Zink’s athletics background, it’s no surprise he’s an avid sports fan. He roots for the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers in football and baseball. Zink also enjoys hunting and fishing when he can find the time in his busy schedule. He’s an active member of Christian sports ministries Padi and NSCA.

Conclusion: An Unproven Contender

In summary, Jeff Zink brings an intriguing profile but unproven track record to his 2024 Congressional race in Arizona. His energetic outsider image offers voters an alternative. But details remain scarce on his positions, and previous stumbles raise competency questions. If Zink hopes to flip this Democratic-leaning district, he must run a sharper, more disciplined campaign this time around. Arizona’s 3rd District could be a bellwether of broader trends in 2024.


What is Jeff Zink’s background?

Zink was born in Texas and has a sports and ministry background. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees and worked in higher ed curriculum.

What Congressional seat is he running for?

Zink is running for Arizona’s 3rd District in the U.S. House of Representatives. The seat is currently held by Democrat Ruben Gallego.

When did Zink first run for Congress?

Zink ran for the AZ-03 seat unsuccessfully as the GOP nominee in 2022 before losing to Gallego.

Is Zink married and does he have kids?

Yes, Jeff Zink is married to his wife Angela and they have four children together. His family life is important to him.

What are some criticisms against Zink?

He’s faced questions over exaggerating his background, as well as campaign finance violations for improper reporting.

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