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Andrew Bain

Judge Andrew Bain has been making headlines in Florida’s legal community. After winning re-election in 2022, he continues to preside over the Orange County Court. But who is the man behind the robe? This article will explore Bain’s background, path to the bench, judicial philosophy, and life outside the courtroom.

Background on Andrew Bain

Bain’s journey to the judiciary started like many – with hard work and education. But along the way, he’s forged his own path.

Education and Early Legal Career

A Florida native, Bain studied government and politics at the University of Maryland before heading home to earn his Juris Doctor from Florida State University College of Law.

After law school, Bain clerked for Judge C. Alan Lawson of Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal. He then entered private practice, handling civil litigation at GrayRobinson Attorneys at Law.

Judgeship in Orange County Court

In 2020, Bain assumed the bench as a judge on the Orange County Court. The County Court handles misdemeanors, traffic offenses, and civil disputes up to $15,000.

Bain hit the ground running – his caseload included overseeing bond hearings and first appearances for incarcerated individuals. Talk about trial by fire!

2022 Re-election Campaign

In 2022, Bain was up for re-election. Facing challenger Jared Adelman, Bain mounted an active campaign.

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Primary Election Victory

In the August 23rd primary, Bain prevailed – winning over 63% of the vote. With no general election, this primary victory gave him another term through 2029.


Bain also garnered support from groups like the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida. These endorsements signaled his reputation as a fair, ethical judge.

Judicial Philosophy and Notable Rulings

On the bench, Bain has carved out a thoughtful yet pragmatic approach.

Approach to Criminal Justice

In Recent survey, Bain emphasized rehabilitation and redemption in criminal justice. He supports diversion programs and bail reform. However, Bain takes public safety concerns seriously.

Notable Cases

Bain has presided over many impactful cases – far too many to list here! But some issues he’s ruled on include housing disputes, small claims, and misdemeanor DUIs. Litigants describe Bain as an engaged, attentive listener who runs an orderly courtroom.

Personal Life

Beyond the bench, who is Andrew Bain?

Family and Interests

Bain is a family man – he and his wife have two young daughters. When not presiding over cases, Bain enjoys tennis, travel, and photography. He’s also active in the community, serving on the board of a local food bank.

Key Takeaways

In summary, Judge Andrew Bain is an emerging leader in Florida’s legal community. Key takeaways include:

  • Well-respected Orange County Court judge, re-elected in 2022
  • Thoughtful judicial philosophy focused on rehabilitation
  • Engaged and attentive on the bench
  • Devoted family man and community volunteer

Bain is sure to continue making his mark on the Orange County Court. His 2022 re-election secures his judgeship through 2029 – plenty of time to further hone his craft. No matter the case, litigants can expect fairness and ethics from this diligent Florida jurist.

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Judge Andrew Bain’s journey, from law student to re-elected Orange County Court Judge, shows dedication and integrity. His even-handed rulings and focus on rehabilitation exemplify his judicial philosophy. While rising through the ranks, Bain has stayed grounded in family and community. Litigants know they’ll get a fair shake in Bain’s courtroom. After his 2022 victory, Floridians can expect more strong moral leadership from Judge Bain.


Q: What county does Judge Andrew Bain serve?

A: Judge Bain serves on the Orange County Court in Florida.

Q: When was Judge Bain most recently re-elected?

A: Bain won re-election in August 2022, prevailing in the primary election.

Q: What is Judge Bain’s judicial philosophy?

A: Bain believes in rehabilitation and redemption in criminal justice. He supports diversion programs but also considers public safety.

Q: What level of court does Judge Bain preside over?

A: Bain presides over the Orange County Court, which is the county-level court in Florida.

Q: How long is Judge Bain’s current term?

A: Bain’s current term runs from 2023-2029 after his 2022 re-election.

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