Randall T. Freeman

Randall T. Freeman

Randall T. Freeman was born and raised in California’s Inland Empire region east of Los Angeles. From an early age, he knew he wanted to become a teacher and positively impact children’s lives. After college, Freeman began working as a high school English teacher in the Val Verde Unified School District. He met his wife Karen during this time, and together they had four daughters. Even while teaching full-time, Freeman became interested in educational policy and local politics. He decided to take his passion for helping students to the next level by running for a seat on the Menifee Union School District’s Board of Education.

First Election to School Board

In 2008, Freeman launched his first campaign for the Menifee school board. It was a competitive race, with three other challengers vying for the open seats. Freeman ran on a platform of improving student achievement, providing more enrichment programs, and increasing transparency around the district’s finances. His experience as a longtime local teacher gave him unique insight into the challenges facing Menifee schools. Thanks to a strong ground game and countless hours meeting voters face-to-face, Freeman emerged victorious on election night. He had secured his first term on the board along with incumbents Ron Ulibarri and Jerry Bowman.

2013 Re-Election Campaign

After serving his first term, Freeman decided to seek re-election in 2013. This time, he ran unopposed in the race for Trustee Area 4. Freeman did not report any campaign contributions or expenditures to the county registrar. His uncontested campaign reflected the solid job he had done on the school board up to that point. Voters were happy with the direction of Menifee schools and supported Freeman’s continued leadership.

Accomplishments on the School Board

During his time on the Menifee Union School District’s board, Freeman helped accomplish several key improvements for local schools. When he first joined, the district was running a budget deficit and lacked adequate cash reserves. Freeman used his financial management skills to turn around the budget and build up a healthy reserve fund over his tenure. This provided more stability for district operations.

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Beyond finances, Freeman also prioritized enhancing student enrichment programs. He voted to expand performing arts, music, foreign language, and technical education offerings at Menifee schools. As a result, students had more opportunities to explore subjects and activities they were passionate about. Freeman also led facility upgrades, including new playgrounds, sports fields, and classroom technology. Modernizing Menifee’s aging school buildings provided students with better learning environments.

Departure from School Board

After serving two full terms on the Menifee school board, Freeman decided not to seek re-election in 2018. He left after an impressive decade holding office. During that time, Freeman helped lift the district from financial issues to strong surpluses, while expanding programs for students. However, after 10 years Freeman felt it was time to pass the baton and enjoy new chapters of his life. Though he was leaving his school board duties, his passion for education and community service never waned.

Life After Politics

Return to Teaching

Shortly after retiring from the school board, Freeman returned to his roots in the classroom. He came back to teach high school English full-time in the Val Verde District. Freeman enjoyed mentoring the next generation of teachers, sharing wisdom from his decades as an educator. He found great fulfillment in getting to focus purely on students and instruction, no longer worrying about red tape and politics. Though he missed aspects of serving on the board, Freeman was happy to be back working with teens directly.

Community Involvement

Even in retirement from political office, Freeman found ways to stay active with community organizations. He joined the boards of several local non-profits, serving as a mentor for youth leadership programs. Freeman also volunteered regularly with groups providing food, housing, and other services to families in need throughout Menifee. And while no longer an elected official, Freeman still attended city council meetings and provided input on education issues when possible. He wasn’t ready to fully give up participating in the local decisions shaping his community.

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Family and Personal Life

Stepping back from public office also allowed Freeman to devote more time to family. He and his wife Karen were empty nesters by this point, with their four daughters grown up and pursuing careers. They enjoyed the freedom to travel more, both domestically and abroad. Some trips included multigenerational family vacations as well, getting the whole Freeman family together. Randall and Karen took up new hobbies like golf, cycling, and volunteering at the local animal shelter. Later on, they were able to celebrate their daughters starting families of their own. freeman treasured being a grandfather and getting to spoil his grandkids.

Randall Freeman’s Legacy

Improved School District

Without question, Freeman left the Menifee Union School District better than he found it. His shrewd budgeting skills steered the district to much stronger financial shape. Freeman also oversaw expansion of programs that enriched students’ academic experience. And he facilitated upgrades to aging school facilities in dire need of improvements. The district progressed significantly under Freeman’s decade-long leadership.

Lasting Impacts

Many of Freeman’s improvements had lasting impacts long after his departure from the board. Thanks to his work putting the district’s budget on solid ground, Menifee schools continued operating smoothly for years to come. The arts, music, and other programs Freeman helped add stayed firmly in place, benefiting generations of students. And the classroom upgrades and technology investments he facilitated helped prepare Menifee schools for 21st century learning. Freeman’s legacy was one of progress and laying the foundation for future advancement.

Inspired Others to Serve

Beyond tangible policy improvements, Freeman also left behind the legacy of inspiring others to serve in local government. His own career showed community members they didn’t need a background in politics to run for the school board and make a difference. Freeman encouraged others like local business owners and more women to run for open seats after his tenure, hoping to keep a diversity of perspectives on the board. The integrity and thoughtfulness with which Freeman conducted himself throughout his time in office motivated others to follow in his footsteps.

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In his decade on the Menifee Union School District’s Board of Education, Randall T. Freeman left an indelible, positive mark on local schools. His skillful budget management and expansion of student programs improved both the district’s finances and the quality of children’s education. Freeman upgraded aging school facilities to better serve students for generations to come. And after retiring from the board, he continued giving back by pouring his energy into teaching, community service, and most importantly, his family. Though no longer in the spotlight, Freeman’s legacy continues through the lasting benefits of his transformative years on the school board. His career is a testament to the power of local citizens stepping up to make a difference in their communities.


How long did Randall Freeman serve on the Menifee school board?

Freeman served on the Menifee Union School District’s Board of Education for 10 years, from 2008 to 2018. He was first elected in 2008 and won re-election in 2013 before retiring in 2018.

What were some of Freeman’s biggest accomplishments as a school board member?

Some of Freeman’s biggest accomplishments included stabilizing the district’s finances, expanding student enrichment programs like arts and music, and upgrading aging school facilities through new construction and renovation projects.

What did Freeman do after retiring from the school board?

After leaving the school board, Freeman returned to teaching high school English in the Val Verde Unified School District. He also stayed active in the community through volunteering and serving on local non-profit boards.

Did Freeman remain involved in local issues after his school board tenure?

Though no longer an elected official, Freeman remained engaged in local issues by attending city council meetings and advising on educational policy matters. He wanted to find ways to still give back to the community.

Why did Freeman decide not to seek re-election after serving two terms?

After 10 years on the board, Freeman felt it was time for new leaders and perspectives. He wanted to go out on a high note after helping improve the district’s finances, programs, and facilities. The timing was right for Freeman professionally and personally to close the chapter on his political career.

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