Abraham Hamadeh

Abraham Hamadeh

Abraham Hamadeh was born on November 2, 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona. He was raised in a Lebanese American family and is proud of his Middle Eastern heritage. From an early age, Hamadeh was interested in politics, law, and public service. He was an ambitious student who worked hard to get good grades in school.

Hamadeh grew up in Phoenix and attended local public schools. As a teenager, he volunteered on several political campaigns in Arizona, getting a taste for electoral politics. He was drawn to conservative candidates and causes, firmly establishing his Republican political ideology before adulthood.

Education and Early Career

After graduating from high school, Hamadeh attended Arizona State University in Tempe. He majored in political science and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in 2008. Eager to advance his legal education, Hamadeh immediately enrolled at the University of Arizona College of Law in Tucson.

While in law school, Hamadeh interned at the Arizona Court of Appeals, working directly under Chief Justice Ruth McGregor. This experience cemented his interest in criminal law and the judicial system. Hamadeh graduated law school in 2011 and passed the State Bar exam the same year.

Hamadeh’s first job after law school was as a prosecutor in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. He handled misdemeanor cases and appeals. This experience as a courtroom litigator furthered his trial advocacy and oratory skills.

Political Career of Abraham Hamadeh

Maricopa County Prosecutor

Hamadeh spent over seven years working as a prosecutor in Maricopa County. He worked his way up to lead attorney status and tried major felony cases including drive-by shootings, child abuse, and domestic violence. Hamadeh had a reputation as a tough, no-nonsense prosecutor who fought hard to bring criminals to justice.

As part of his prosecutor role, Hamadeh also reviewed petitions for orders of protection in domestic violence cases. He gained extensive knowledge of Arizona criminal statutes and trial procedure rules during his tenure as a Maricopa County prosecutor.

2022 Campaign for Arizona Attorney General

In 2021, Hamadeh resigned from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to launch his campaign for Arizona Attorney General. He sought the Republican nomination in the 2022 race. The Attorney General seat was open in 2022 due to incumbent Mark Brnovich being term-limited.

Hamadeh campaigned on a platform of supporting law enforcement, stopping illegal immigration, fighting woke politics, and pushing back against federal government overreach. He portrayed himself as an “America First” conservative who would stand up for Arizona’s rights and freedoms.

After a crowded Republican primary, Hamadeh advanced to the general election, facing off against Democrat Kris Mayes. The race was extremely close, with Hamadeh losing to Mayes by only 280 votes out of over 2.5 million cast. The tight margin demonstrated Hamadeh’s strong appeal among the GOP base.

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2024 Campaign for U.S. House

Despite his narrow defeat, Hamadeh emerged from the 2022 Attorney General race well positioned for future campaigns. He announced in late 2022 that he would run for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District seat in 2024. The district covers portions of Phoenix’s western and northern suburbs.

Hamadeh is campaigning for Congress on much the same platform as his Attorney General run. He is emphasizing combatting illegal immigration, supporting law enforcement, cutting government spending, and protecting gun rights.

In the 2024 Republican primary, Hamadeh faces competition from Anthony Kern, Isiah Gallegos, and Blake Masters. He is considered one of the top contenders for the nomination due to his prior campaign experience and conservative credentials. If Hamadeh succeeds in winning the primary and general election, he would bring an assertive conservative perspective to Arizona’s Congressional delegation.

Positions and Views of Abraham Hamadeh

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

Given his background as a prosecutor, it’s not surprising that criminal justice is a major focus of Hamadeh’s policy platform. He presents himself as a steadfast ally of police and opponent of calls to “defund the police.” Hamadeh advocates for harsher sentences for violent criminals and increased funding for law enforcement.

He has been sharply critical of criminal justice reform efforts, arguing that they endanger public safety. Hamadeh also seeks to intensify Arizona’s fight against the illegal drug trade, particularly opioids and methamphetamine from Mexico. Overall, he takes a very tough-on-crime stance.


Reducing illegal immigration is one of Hamadeh’s signature issues. He wants to strengthen security along the U.S.-Mexico border using advanced technology and more physical barriers. Hamadeh also supports allowing local law enforcement to apprehend and detain illegal immigrants.

Additionally, he backs cutting off public benefits and services to undocumented migrants. Hamadeh portrays illegal immigration as a drain on Arizona’s schools, hospitals, and jails. He sees combatting it as crucial to preserving resources and opportunities for U.S. citizens living in border states.

Economy and Taxes

Hamadeh has emphasized stimulating Arizona’s economy through tax cuts and reduced business regulation. He wants to lower individual and corporate income tax rates to promote growth. Hamadeh also advocates cutting “red tape” that he believes stifles entrepreneurship.

He sees himself as an advocate for small businesses and startups. In addition, Hamadeh argues that reducing taxes and regulation will attract more companies to relocate and expand in Arizona, providing more good-paying jobs.


In K-12 education, Hamadeh supports expanded school choice through charter schools and vouchers. He wants to break the monopoly of traditional public schools and empower parents to select the best options for their kids.

Hamadeh is also a proponent of homeschooling as an alternative for parents dissatisfied with public education. He has praised the role of charter schools in improving outcomes for minority students in low-income areas.

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Regarding higher education, Hamadeh wants to reduce tuition costs and loosen government control over universities. He sees the higher education system as currently inefficient and bloated. Hamadeh advocates moving to more online learning options to lower expenses at public colleges and universities.


On healthcare, Hamadeh’s main priorities are reducing costs and increasing transparency. He argues that the Affordable Care Act has failed to curb rising insurance and treatment prices. Hamadeh wants to enable insurers to offer cheaper plans with fewer mandated benefits.

He also seeks to require healthcare providers to disclose pricing for common procedures ahead of time. Overall, Hamadeh favors market-based reforms as the solution to America’s healthcare challenges. He sees excessive government intervention as the root cause of cost inflation.

Personal Life and Interests of Abraham Hamadeh

Family and Relationships

Abraham Hamadeh comes from a close-knit Lebanese American family. Both of his parents immigrated to the U.S. from Lebanon. He has two older brothers. Hamadeh remains very connected to his extended family and Lebanese cultural heritage.

In 2016, Hamadeh married Jaime Hamadeh (née Schiess), who is an attorney focusing on estate planning and tax law. They have three young children together. Hamadeh and his wife are raising their kids in the Orthodox Christian tradition. The family resides in Phoenix.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, Hamadeh enjoys staying active through weight lifting, hiking, and playing basketball with friends. He is an avid fan of Arizona State University athletics and regularly attends football and basketball games.

Hamadeh also likes to relax by smoking cigars and playing poker. He has participated in several charity poker tournaments over the years. Hamadeh is known for being highly competitive regardless of the activity.

In addition to his Christian faith, Hamadeh reads and studies Eastern philosophy. He credits this interest with teaching him discipline and mindfulness. Hamadeh also enjoys traveling internationally with his wife, especially to countries like Japan and South Korea.

Legacy and Impact of Abraham Hamadeh

Election Results and Close Races

While he has yet to win an election, Abraham Hamadeh proved his political appeal by coming extremely close in the 2022 Arizona Attorney General race. Hamadeh’s vote total indicates he has strong support among the Republican base. Even in defeat, his margin energized conservatives and elevated Hamadeh’s profile.

Hamadeh is now well positioned to compete for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District in 2024. Due to his prior campaign experience, Hamadeh starts with an advantage over his primary opponents. He has a good chance of winning the seat if he can make it through the GOP primary.

Future Political Aspirations

At just 37 years old, Hamadeh likely has many future campaigns ahead even if he falls short in 2024. His professional background makes statewide executive offices like Governor a natural long-term goal. Hamadeh could also potentially run for U.S. Senate down the road.

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In time, Hamadeh may follow the path of other Arizona conservatives like Trent Franks who built up Congressional seniority before retiring. Wherever Hamadeh’s political career leads, he has already proven his ability to mount competitive campaigns.

Lasting Influence in Arizona

Beyond his own electoral ambitions, Abraham Hamadeh seeks to pull Arizona politics rightward for the long haul. His staunch conservative views on immigration, taxes, education, and other issues aim to curry favor among primary voters. Hamadeh hopes to set the tone for future Republican candidates.

By challenging moderate elements of the GOP establishment, Hamadeh and allies want to cement Arizona’s status as a center of Trump-style populism. The 2022 Attorney General race showed Hamadeh’s brand of combative, America First conservatism resonates powerfully in the state. He has emerged as an ideological and next-generation leader on the Arizona right. Even if specific races don’t go his way, Hamadeh’s imprint on the political landscape will remain.


In just a few years, Abraham Hamadeh has become a rising force in Arizona Republican politics. His journey began with a childhood interest in conservatism during the Reagan era. Hamadeh worked diligently through school to achieve a law degree and become a prosecutor. However, he soon felt called to bring his legal experience, middle eastern heritage and staunch principles to the political arena.

Hamadeh burst onto the scene with a spirited 2022 campaign for Attorney General. Though he narrowly lost, the election solidified Hamadeh’s status as a champion of the “America First” movement. Now he has his sights set on representing Arizona in Congress beginning in 2025. At just 37, Hamadeh likely has many future campaigns ahead regardless of any single election outcome.

Through it all, Abraham Hamadeh has stayed true to his beliefs on limited government, immigration enforcement, supporting law enforcement and traditional values. He provides a unique voice in Arizona politics. Hamadeh is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Republican Party both in his home state and nationally. Regardless of one’s political leanings, Abraham Hamadeh is undoubtedly a rising personality to watch in the coming years.


Who is Abraham Hamadeh?

Abraham Hamadeh is an emerging Republican politician in Arizona. He was the GOP nominee for Arizona Attorney General in 2022, narrowly losing to Democrat Kris Mayes. Hamadeh is now running for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District seat in the 2024 election.

What is Abraham Hamadeh’s background?

He was raised in a Lebanese American family in Phoenix, Arizona. Hamadeh worked as a prosecutor in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for over seven years. He also has law degrees from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona.

What are some of Abraham Hamadeh’s key policy positions?

Hamadeh stakes out very conservative stances on issues like illegal immigration, tax cuts, increasing border security, repealing the Affordable Care Act, and supporting law enforcement. His priorities include reducing illegal immigration and pushing back against government overreach.

What election is Abraham Hamadeh currently running in?

Hamadeh is running in the 2024 election for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. He is competing in the Republican primary for the nomination. The 8th District seat is open with no incumbent running.

What are Abraham Hamadeh’s strengths as a candidate?

Hamadeh is an energetic campaigner who excites the Republican base. His Middle Eastern heritage provides an interesting background. Hamadeh also benefits from nearly winning the Attorney General election in 2022 despite being relatively inexperienced.

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