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Dr. Brad Allen stepped into the political arena in 2022 as the Republican nominee for California’s 24th Congressional District. While ultimately unsuccessful in his bid for Congress against Democratic incumbent Rep. Salud Carbajal, Allen’s candidacy provides an interesting case study of a political newcomer. Examining his background, campaign, and defeat sheds light on the challenges facing novice candidates as well as the qualities that can make them compelling contenders.

Overview of Dr. Brad Allen’s Background

Before jumping into politics, Dr. Brad Allen built an accomplished career as a pediatric heart surgeon and academic physician. His medical background and experience helped shape his worldview and perspectives on key policy issues.

Dr. Allen’s Medical Career

Education and Training

Allen’s interest in medicine started early on. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College in 1976, laying the groundwork for his future medical studies. In 1991, Allen graduated from Chicago Medical School with his M.D. This medical training gave him the expertise to take on the intricacies of pediatric cardiac care.

Work as Pediatric Heart Surgeon

Armed with his M.D., Allen went on to specialize in pediatric cardiac surgery. Throughout his decades-long career, he performed complex heart procedures on infants and children. This firsthand experience caring for young patients gave Allen insight into the healthcare system and policies impacting it.

Academic Appointments

Beyond his clinical practice, Allen held academic appointments that allowed him to teach and conduct research. He served as a visiting adjunct clinical professor of surgery at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine. This position enabled Allen to share his expertise with the next generation of physicians.

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Dr. Allen’s Entrance into Politics

After building an impressive medical career, Allen decided to get into politics and run for Congress in 2022. This launched him into an unfamiliar arena full of challenges for newcomer candidates.

Running for Congress in California’s 24th District

Allen set his sights on California’s 24th Congressional District, which covers a swath of the state’s central coast including Santa Barbara. The seat was held by Democrat Salud Carbajal, but Allen believed he could offer voters a compelling alternative.

Republican Primary

To earn the Republican nomination, Allen first had to win his primary race. His background as a surgeon and professor helped set him apart from other GOP candidates vying for the ticket. Allen ultimately prevailed in the primary, setting up a general election face-off against Rep. Carbajal.

General Election Against Rep. Salud Carbajal

Allen faced steep odds going up against the Democratic incumbent in a district that skewed liberal. Rep. Carbajal highlighted his experience and policy record, painting Allen as an inexperienced politician with views outside the mainstream. Allen pushed back by emphasizing his medical career and casting himself as a political outsider.

Policy Positions and Views

Allen used his campaign to share his perspective on key issues facing the district and nation:

Economy and Jobs

Drawing on his business background as a surgeon, Allen argued for lower taxes and fewer regulations to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs. He positioned himself as an advocate for free enterprise.


Given his experiences as a pediatric heart surgeon, Allen unsurprisingly made healthcare a centerpiece of his campaign. He called for market-based reforms to reduce costs while maintaining quality and access.


Taking a harder line on immigration than his Democratic opponent, Allen emphasized border security and opposed sanctuary city policies. This reflected the views of his conservative base.

Assessment of Dr. Allen’s Candidacy and Campaign

Stepping back, there are some important takeaways from Allen’s rookie candidacy and his unsuccessful congressional bid.

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Strengths as a Candidate

While he ultimately came up short, Allen did have some compelling strengths as a first-time candidate:

  • His extensive medical experience provided him with powerful real-world perspectives on healthcare policy.
  • His political outsider status had populist appeal at a time of frustration with career politicians and Washington gridlock.
  • His success story as a surgeon and professor made for an inspiring narrative.

Critiques and Challenges During the Campaign

However, Allen faced substantial critiques and challenges that undermined his bid:

  • His lack of political experience opened him up to attacks about not fully grasping complex policy issues.
  • He struggled to expand his appeal beyond the Republican base in a decidedly blue district.
  • Running against an entrenched incumbent is always an uphill battle for challengers.

Why He Ultimately Lost the Election

In the end, several factors contributed to Allen’s loss:

  • Rep. Carbajal benefitted from strong name recognition and political goodwill in the district.
  • Allen failed to convince enough moderates and independents to break from Carbajal.
  • Running as a Republican in a Democratic leaning district proved insurmountable in a partisan environment.

His Impact on the Race and Political Landscape

While he didn’t win, Allen’s candidacy did leave something of a mark:

  • It demonstrated the appeal of outsider candidates in an era hungry for political change.
  • Allen’s performance suggested potential openings for Republicans in districts seen as unwinnable if conditions shift.
  • His campaign highlighted healthcare as a key issue Democrats and Republicans must continue grappling with.

The Future for Dr. Brad Allen

With his congressional run over, questions linger about Allen’s next act in politics or possible return to medicine.

Potential Next Steps in Politics

Despite his loss, Allen could decide to stay involved in politics:

  • He may consider another Congressional bid in 2024 or beyond.
  • Allen could leverage his name recognition to run for state or local office.
  • He may choose to become a fundraiser, strategist or commentator within the GOP.

Returning to Medicine Full-Time

However, Allen may decide his political chapter is closed and go back to practicing pediatric medicine:

  • With the campaign over, he could focus solely on patient care and teaching.
  • Allen may feel he can make more of an impact through his surgical work.
  • After a bruising campaign, leaving politics may hold personal appeal.
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Other Possibilities and Predictions

There are also other pathways Allen could pursue:

  • Take on a leadership role with a healthcare non-profit or association.
  • Look for opportunities in public health policy development.
  • Speak out on the healthcare issues he spotlighted during the campaign.

Ultimately, Allen’s next move will depend on where he feels he can make the most difference after his trial run in politics. Regardless, his 2022 candidacy marked the arrival of an intriguing new player on the political stage.


Summary of Key Points

  • Dr. Brad Allen brought a compelling profile as a surgeon and professor but struggled with his inexperience during his rookie Congressional bid.
  • Running in a challenging district against an entrenched incumbent proved too high a bar for a first-timer like Allen.
  • While he came up short in the election, Allen left his mark by highlighting important issues like healthcare costs.
  • Questions remain about whether Allen continues in politics or returns to medicine now that the campaign is over.

Parting Thoughts on Dr. Allen

Win or lose, Dr. Brad Allen should be commended for stepping forward to offer voters a choice and voice in the democratic process. His perspective as a physician provided value, even if his lack of political background proved an Achilles heel. Allen’s story is a cautionary tale about the difficulties facing neophytes who take on veteran incumbents, but also reflects shifting attitudes that could increasingly propel outsiders into office. Wherever Allen goes from here, his 2022 candidacy helped open the door a bit wider for political newcomers to enter the arena down the line.


Q: What was Dr. Brad Allen’s background before running for Congress?

A: Dr. Allen had a long career as a pediatric heart surgeon and adjunct professor of surgery. He had no prior political experience before his 2022 Congressional bid.

Q: How did Dr. Allen perform in the election for California’s 24th District?

A: Allen secured the Republican nomination but lost in the November 2022 general election to Democratic incumbent Representative Salud Carbajal.

Q: What were some of Dr. Allen’s key policy positions during the campaign?

A: Allen campaigned on issues like lowering taxes and regulations, reforming healthcare through free market principles, and increasing border security.

Q: Why did Dr. Allen ultimately lose the election to Rep. Carbajal?

A: As a political newcomer challenging an established incumbent in a leaning-Democratic district, Allen faced an uphill climb. Carbajal’s name recognition and support proved insurmountable.

Q: What might be next for Dr. Allen after his Congressional run?

A: Allen could continue in politics or return to medicine full-time, such as practicing as a pediatric surgeon again or taking on a role in healthcare policy.

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