Jill Beck

Jill Beck is running as a Democratic candidate for judge of the Pennsylvania Superior Court in the upcoming November 2023 general election. If elected, Beck would serve a 10-year term on the appellate court that is responsible for hearing appeals from the Court of Common Pleas. With years of legal experience in both the private and public sectors, Beck has the background and qualifications to serve as an appellate judge. This article will provide an overview of Beck’s background, judicial philosophy, campaign, and stance on key issues.

Jill Beck’s Background

Beck, 51, grew up in Pittsburgh and earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh. She then attended Penn State Law School, graduating cum laude. After law school, Beck clerked for a judge on the Pennsylvania Superior Court. This clerkship gave her firsthand experience with the work of the appellate court she now hopes to join.

Jill Beck’s Legal Career

Law School and Clerkship

In law school, Beck excelled in her studies and served as an editor of the law review. Her clerkship after graduation provided additional knowledge about the operations of the Superior Court.

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Private Practice

Following her clerkship, Beck worked at a commercial litigation firm in Philadelphia where she handled complex civil cases. This experience helped expand her legal knowledge.

Public Defender’s Office

Seeking trial experience, Beck later became an assistant public defender in Allegheny County. As a public defender, she represented indigent clients and argued their cases in court. This role gave Beck important criminal law practice.

Jill Beck’s Judicial Philosophy

Beck has explained her judicial philosophy on the campaign trail. Some of her core beliefs include:

Belief in Equal Justice

Beck thinks everyone deserves fair and equal treatment under the law, regardless of race, gender, or economic status. This shapes her views on access to justice.

Commitment to Fairness

Beck wants to apply the law fairly to the facts of each case appealed to the Superior Court. She knows fairness must be a judge’s top priority.

Respect for the Law

While applying the law in each case, Beck will respect the limited role of the judiciary. She understands the need for judicial restraint.

Jill Beck’s Campaign for Judge

Beck is actively campaigning to win a seat on the Superior Court bench. Here are some highlights:

Democratic Primary

In May 2023, Beck won the Democratic primary to earn a spot as the party’s nominee in the general election.

General Election

The general election will take place on November 7, 2023. Beck is campaigning across the state to connect with voters.


Beck has been endorsed by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Philadelphia Bar Association, and other legal groups. These endorsements signal she is highly qualified.

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Beck has fundraised over $500,000 so far. She needs these donations to get her message out to voters.

Jill Beck’s Positions on Key Issues

Beck has spelled out her stance on several important issues:

Criminal Justice Reform

Beck wants to reform the system to be more just, address bias, and reduce mass incarceration.

Access to Justice

Beck believes in removing barriers that prevent people from accessing the legal system and courts.

Alternatives to Incarceration

For certain offenses, Beck supports alternative rehabilitative programs instead of prison time.

Judicial Independence

Beck promises to apply the law impartially and independently if elected as judge.


In conclusion, Jill Beck is a qualified candidate seeking to become a fair, thoughtful, and independent judge on the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Her broad legal experience and commitment to equal justice make her well prepared to serve on the appellate court. The election will determine if voters select Beck to bring her judicial philosophy to the state bench.


What court is Jill Beck running for?

Jill Beck is running for judge on the Pennsylvania Superior Court, which is the appellate court in the state.

What experience does Jill Beck have?

Beck has over 20 years of legal experience, including working at a law firm, as a public defender, and clerking for the Superior Court.

What are Jill Beck’s main campaign platforms?

Beck’s platforms include criminal justice reform, access to justice, alternatives to incarceration, and judicial independence.

Has Jill Beck previously run for office?

No, this is Beck’s first time running for elected office. She won the Democratic primary to get on the ballot.

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What bar associations have endorsed Jill Beck?

Beck has been endorsed by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Philadelphia Bar Association, and other regional legal groups.

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