Semi Bird

Semi Bird, a Republican candidate, is currently making a run for Governor of Washington in the 2024 election. Bird has a background in local politics, having previously served on the school board in Richland, WA. However, he was recalled from his position in 2023 after just two years. Now Bird has set his sights on the Governor’s mansion, bringing a fiery conservative platform to the race.

Early Life and Education

Bird was born in 1971 in Spokane, Washington. He attended Gonzaga University, graduating in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After college, Bird went into real estate, managing properties around Spokane.

Early Political Career

Bird first ventured into politics by winning election to the Richland School District school board in 2021. He represented Position 3 for two years until being recalled in August 2023. Critics accused Bird of being too ideological and focused on issues outside the scope of a school board member. The recall effort succeeded, and Bird lost his seat on August 15, 2023 after the recall vote on August 1.

Governor Campaign

Just months after the recall, Bird announced he would run for governor in the 2024 election. The Republican primary is scheduled for August 6, 2024. If he wins the primary, Bird will likely face off against incumbent Democratic Governor Jay Inslee in the November general election.

Bird is running on a platform of tight fiscal discipline, tough law and order policies, and education reform. He wants to cut taxes and repeal many regulations to spur business growth. His law and order plans include hiring more police officers, longer prison sentences, and protecting gun rights. Bird’s education ideas involve more school choice through vouchers and charter schools.

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Critics claim Bird’s plans are unrealistic and too ideological. He also faces questions about his temperament and suitability for higher office. However, his energetic personality and conservative credentials make him popular with the Republican base.

Positions and Policies

As a fiscal conservative, Bird wants to slash government spending across the board. He plans to streamline bureaucracies and reduce welfare programs. Bird also advocates for privatization of some government services. On taxes, he favors lower income and property taxes rates along with tax credits for businesses.

For law and order, Bird pushes for mandatory minimum sentences, truth-in-sentencing laws, and more prisons to house criminals. He also wants to hire more police, equip them with military-style weapons, and protect them from liability lawsuits. Bird staunchly defends 2nd Amendment gun rights.

On education, Bird proposes more standardized testing for students and grading of schools. He supports vouchers, charter schools, and limits on teacher tenure. Bird wants to ban critical race theory and sex education programs in public schools.

Regarding infrastructure, Bird prefers more partnerships with private companies to improve roads, bridges, ports and broadband access. He suggests tolls, user fees and tax incentives to attract investment.

Healthcare is not a prime focus for Bird. He wants to limit government healthcare programs and opposes mandates. Bird calls for more free market solutions to reduce costs and increase access.

Personal Life

Bird currently resides in Spokane, WA with his wife Jane and two teenage sons. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking when not on the campaign trail.

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Bird grew up in a conservative Christian household and continues to cite his faith as an important guide. He attends a Baptist church and has identified himself as pro-life on abortion.

Path to Victory

To win the governorship, Bird must motivate the GOP base to turnout while also appealing to independent voters. His campaign is focused on taxes, crime and education reform aimed at suburban and rural voters.

Bird is running TV ads touting his outsider status. He is also active on social media, promoting his platform and attacking the Democratic incumbent. Bird is traveling the state, holding rallies and making fiery stump speeches.

Fundraising has been a challenge lately for Bird after controversial comments hurt his image. He will need to replenish his war chest to compete in the general election. Building grassroots enthusiasm through campaign events and volunteer engagement will be crucial.


Semi Bird faces an uphill climb in his bid to become the next governor of Washington. But his strong conservative credentials give him a solid base of support. Bird is attempting to channel voter anger with a combative message. If he can avoid major missteps and keep turning out his base, Bird could potentially pull off a surprise victory in November. The race poses an interesting test between fired up conservatives and establishment Democrats in Washington’s statewide politics.


Who is Semi Bird?

Semi Bird is a Republican candidate running for governor of Washington in 2024. He previously served on the school board in Richland, WA but was recalled in 2023.

What are Bird’s main policy positions?

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Bird advocates for lower taxes, tough law and order policies, education reform through school choice, reduced business regulations, gun rights, and limited government healthcare.

How is Bird campaigning for governor?

Bird is appealing to GOP voters through TV ads, rallies, and social media. His campaign focuses on taxes, crime, and education in suburban and rural areas.

What are Bird’s chances of winning the election?

Bird faces challenges with fundraising and temperament questions, but could energize conservatives and win independents to potentially defeat the Democratic incumbent.

What would a Bird victory mean for Washington state?

If elected governor, Bird would implement sweeping conservative policies like budget cuts, tax reductions, education changes, and deregulation along with strict law and order mandates.

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