James Wiley

James Wiley is a rising star in Colorado’s Libertarian party. He is currently running for election to the U.S. House of Representatives in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Wiley has an impressive background blending political consulting, nonprofit leadership, and grassroots activism.

In this article, we will explore Wiley’s origins growing up in Colorado, his education and early career, and what led him into politics with the Libertarian party. We will examine his current run for Congress, including his policy positions and plans if elected. We will also provide some insight into his personal life away from work.

Early Life and Education

James Wiley was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he spent his childhood. He attended Cheyenne Mountain High School, graduating in 2001.

Wiley went on to earn his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2005. He remained in Colorado for graduate school, attaining a Master’s in Public Administration from Colorado State University Pueblo in 2017.

Career History

After completing his undergraduate education, Wiley spent two years working for a political consulting firm in Denver. He assisted campaigns for local and state candidates as a strategist and policy advisor.

In 2008, Wiley shifted to the nonprofit sector. He served as the Director of Project Thaler, a think tank focused on criminal justice reform. At Project Thaler, Wiley published research and advocated for evidence-based changes to the legal system.

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Wiley went on to become the Director of Save Our Suffrage in 2012. This nonprofit organization works to expand voting rights and access. Under Wiley’s leadership, the group lobbied state governments and organized voter registration drives.

Most recently before running for office, Wiley was the Secretary of Wave of Hope starting in 2016. This group provides mentorship and scholarships to underprivileged youth interested in libertarian principles.

Political Campaigns

James Wiley officially joined the Libertarian Party in 2018. He said the party’s commitment to individual liberty and limited government reflected his personal values.

In 2023, Wiley announced he would run for Congress in Colorado’s 3rd District. The district covers areas like Pueblo, Grand Junction, and Durango. Wiley is facing a crowded primary on June 25, 2024 before the general election on November 5.

Policy Positions

Wiley’s campaign has focused on several core libertarian policies:

  • Tax Reform: Wiley wants to lower income and business taxes. He believes this will boost economic growth.
  • School Choice: Wiley supports redirecting education funding to give parents vouchers for private or charter schools.
  • Criminal Justice: Wiley advocates ending the War on Drugs. He also wants to prioritize rehabilitation over incarceration.
  • Gun Rights: Wiley firmly defends 2nd Amendment rights from any additional regulations.

If elected, Wiley says he will push this libertarian agenda while aiming to find common ground on issues like immigration and healthcare reform.

Personal Life

Outside of his professional endeavors, Wiley enjoys traveling and exploring the outdoors. He is an avid skier, hiker, and mountain biker.

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Wiley resides in Pueblo, Colorado with his wife Margaret and their two young children. He met Margaret while attending the University of Colorado Boulder.

In his free time, Wiley volunteers at youth organizations and serves on the board of his local food bank. He is also active in his neighborhood book club.


In conclusion, James Wiley is an ambitious, principled, and intelligent candidate for Congress. His background combines practical political experience with a passion for social justice and community service.

Wiley’s vision is to bring the Libertarian party into the mainstream. If elected, he plans to champion personal freedom, fiscal conservatism, and pragmatic reforms. While still a long-shot candidate, his fresh perspective and reasoned approach are attracting voters tired of partisan bickering.

Regardless of the election outcome, James Wiley’s voice will remain an important advocate for libertarian solutions in Colorado and nationally. His career demonstrates the power of bold idealism combined with pragmatic compromise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where did James Wiley grow up?

A: Wiley grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He attended high school and completed his undergraduate degree in the state.

Q: What jobs did Wiley have before politics?

A: He worked in political consulting and later led nonprofits focused on criminal justice, voting rights, and youth mentoring.

Q: When did Wiley join the Libertarian Party?

A: He officially joined the Libertarian Party in 2018, drawn to its stances on personal freedom and limited government.

Q: What are some of Wiley’s policy priorities?

A: If elected to Congress, Wiley plans to prioritize lowering taxes, expanding school choice, reforming the justice system, and protecting gun rights.

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Q: What does Wiley enjoy doing outside of work?

A: He enjoys skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and volunteering in his community. Wiley resides in Pueblo, Colorado with his wife and children.

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