markham courthouse

markham courthouse

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Markham, Illinois, you’ll come across an essential judicial hub known as the Sixth Municipal District. This district encompasses the Markham Courthouse, home to the Office of the Presiding Judge, Honorable Tommy Brewer. In this article, we’ll delve into the various aspects of this district, ranging from its location and jurisdiction to its COVID-19 Emergency Orders, case information, and more.

Navigating the District: Location and Contact Information

The Sixth Municipal District is situated at 16501 South Kedzie Parkway, Markham, Illinois 60428. To get in touch, you can call the following numbers:

  • General Enquiries: (708) 232-4170
  • TTY (Text Telephone): (312) 603-6673
  • Fax: (708) 232-4441

Honorable Tommy Brewer: Presiding Judge

At the heart of the Sixth Municipal District stands Honorable Tommy Brewer, the Presiding Judge. His leadership ensures the smooth functioning of the district’s legal proceedings. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the legal system, Judge Brewer plays a pivotal role in maintaining justice.

Navigating COVID-19: Emergency Orders

In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Sixth Municipal District has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. Emergency Orders have been implemented to address the unique challenges posed by the pandemic. These orders outline protocols for courtroom sessions, case hearings, and safety guidelines.

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Diverse Case Information

The Sixth Municipal District handles an array of cases, each requiring its specific approach. From civil matters to criminal cases, this district holds jurisdiction over a wide spectrum of legal proceedings. The district’s jurisdiction extends to cases that fall within its geographical boundaries.

Understanding Case Types

Within the Sixth Municipal District, various case types are heard, encompassing misdemeanors, felonies, and civil matters. These case types reflect the district’s commitment to addressing the diverse legal needs of the community it serves.

Keeping You Informed: Announcements

Regular announcements are a crucial aspect of the Sixth Municipal District’s commitment to transparency. These announcements may include updates on procedural changes, court schedules, and any other pertinent information. Staying informed through these announcements is key for all parties involved in legal proceedings within the district.

Navigating the District: Directions and Parking

If you need to visit the Markham Courthouse, clear directions and parking information are essential. The district’s location on South Kedzie Parkway offers easy access, and ample parking facilities ensure a convenient experience for all visitors.

Ensuring Efficiency: Administrative Orders

General Administrative Orders play a pivotal role in streamlining various processes within the Sixth Municipal District. A notable example is General Administrative Order NO.: 2020-09, which establishes the Residential Eviction and Consumer Debt Early Resolution Program. This initiative aims to address housing-related issues efficiently.

Keeping the Flow: Continuance Schedules

The court’s efficiency also hinges on continuance schedules. General Order 2020-14(Amended) outlines the January Continuance Schedule for Felony Cases, while General Order 2020-13 provides the December Continuance Schedule for Misdemeanor/Traffic, Felony, and Domestic Violence Cases. These schedules ensure that cases progress smoothly.

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Remote Proceedings: Markham Courtroom Zoom Sessions

In the digital age, the Sixth Municipal District embraces technology for the benefit of all involved. The district has introduced Zoom sessions for courtroom proceedings, providing an avenue for remote participation while maintaining the integrity of the legal process.

Streamlining Civil Proceedings

For civil cases, the Sixth Municipal District has established specific procedures to ensure efficient remote proceedings. These measures facilitate the timely resolution of civil matters while accommodating the evolving landscape of technology.

Special Orders and Standing Calendar

The district issues Standing Order Calendar 86, outlining specific procedures for certain cases. Additionally, Special Emergency Orders 2020-04 and Special Emergency Order 2021-09 underscore the district’s commitment to adapting to unforeseen circumstances while upholding justice.


The Sixth Municipal District, centered around the Markham Courthouse, serves as a beacon of justice and efficiency in Markham, Illinois. Honorable Tommy Brewer’s leadership, the implementation of emergency orders, diverse case handling, and technological integration collectively contribute to the district’s stellar reputation. As legal proceedings evolve, the district remains steadfast in its dedication to justice and community service.


  1. What is the jurisdiction of the Sixth Municipal District? The Sixth Municipal District holds jurisdiction over cases within its geographical boundaries in Markham, Illinois.
  2. How can I contact the Markham Courthouse? You can reach the Markham Courthouse at (708) 232-4170 for general inquiries.
  3. Who is Honorable Tommy Brewer? Honorable Tommy Brewer is the Presiding Judge of the Sixth Municipal District, overseeing its legal proceedings.
  4. What are Emergency Orders? Emergency Orders are measures implemented by the district to address challenges posed by events like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  5. Can I participate in courtroom proceedings remotely? Yes, the district offers remote proceedings through platforms like Zoom for certain cases.
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