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Alex Costa burst onto the Nevada political scene in 2022 with his energetic campaign for state Controller in the Democratic primary. While he ultimately came up short in his bid to be the nominee, Costa left his mark and has a bright future in the world of Nevada politics. Let’s take a closer look at Alex Costa’s background, his Controller campaign, his political positions, the legacy of his candidacy, and what the future may hold for this rising political star.

Background on Alex Costa

To understand Alex Costa’s 2022 Nevada Controller campaign, it helps to understand where he came from and what shaped his worldview and entrance into politics.

Early Life and Education

Alex Costa was born in 1988 in Providence, Rhode Island. He spent most of his childhood in Rhode Island before his family moved to Nevada when he was in high school. Costa attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, graduating in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

After college, Costa worked in various business roles for startups and corporations. He developed skills in marketing, project management, data analysis, and finance. Costa credits his business experience with giving him crucial insights into the economy that drove his political views.

Professional Background

Prior to running for office, Costa worked in digital marketing and business analysis roles. He co-founded a startup marketing agency that helped small businesses expand their online presence.

Costa cites lessons learned from starting a business like the importance of listening to stakeholders and making data-driven decisions. These experiences shaped his pragmatic approach to solving problems.

Political Inspiration

Alex Costa became inspired to run for office after getting involved in local activist groups. He volunteered for initiatives to raise the minimum wage, expand healthcare access, and increase education funding. Costa was troubled by the dysfunction in Washington and wanted to bring an outsider’s perspective to office.

The final motivation to run came when Costa became dissatisfied with the fiscal management under the decade-long Controller reign of Ron Knecht. Costa felt the state could benefit from his analytical skills and financial oversight.

Alex Costa’s Nevada Controller Campaign

When Alex Costa announced his 2022 run for Nevada Controller, he knew he faced an uphill battle. But with grit and determination, he mounted a spirited underdog effort.

Entering the Race

In March 2021, Alex Costa officially launched his campaign for Nevada Controller in the 2022 election. The Democratic primary field was crowded, with Costa facing off against better-known figures like Cisco Aguilar and Ellen Spiegel.

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Costa positioned himself as a young, energetic outsider who could bring fresh ideas and fiscal accountability to the office. His campaign focused on using data-driven solutions to make government work better for everyday Nevadans.

Democratic Primary Campaign

Costa ran a scrappy, underdog campaign fueled by grassroots energy. He criss-crossed the state holding small events to connect directly with voters. His message of bringing analytical expertise and real-world business experience to the Controller’s office resonated with many.

Costa positioned himself to the left of primary rivals on economic issues. He made expanding healthcare access, increasing education funding, and raising wages for working families core issues. Costa proposed using the Controller’s auditing functions to identify new revenue sources without raising taxes.

The Costa campaign also made effective use of social media. Costa’s authenticity when speaking directly to voters online helped generate momentum, especially among young Nevada progressives.

Primary Election Loss

The Democratic primary for Controller on June 14, 2022 proved a disappointing night for the Costa campaign. Ellen Spiegel would win the nomination with over 67% of the vote, while Costa finished second with 24%.

Costa’s newcomer status proved difficult to overcome against Spiegel’s two decades of experience serving in the State Assembly. Spiegel also significantly outraised Costa’s campaign finances.

Still, Costa’s team took pride in outperforming expectations and establishing Costa as an emerging force in Nevada Democratic politics. They felt the strong grassroots support built during the campaign could be a foundation for future races.

Endorsing the Nominee

Following the primary defeat, Costa demonstrated party unity by quickly endorsing nominee Ellen Spiegel and encouraging his supporters to work to elect her. Costa believed that while he may have policy differences with Spiegel, maintaining Democratic control of the Controller’s office was paramount.

Costa campaigned aggressively for Spiegel leading up to the general election. He argued that her experience made her better prepared than Republican opponent Andy Matthews to be an effective Controller from day one.

Ultimately Spiegel went on to lose to Matthews in an extremely close statewide vote. But Costa’s loyalty after his primary defeat helped strengthen party unity heading into the tough general election battle.

Alex Costa’s Positions and Policies

Throughout his campaign, Alex Costa put forward a progressive policy platform that resonated with the Democratic base. Let’s examine some key planks of his agenda.

Economy and Jobs

Alex Costa made improving Nevada’s economy a centerpiece of his campaign. He proposed using the Controller’s oversight authority to identify efficiencies that would foster job growth, especially for small businesses.

Costa advocated for targeted investments in infrastructure, renewable energy, and high-tech sectors that could expand Nevada’s economy beyond tourism and hospitality. Workforce development programs to equip workers with skills for modern careers were also part of his economic vision.

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As Controller, Costa wanted to use auditing functions to find avenues to increase education funding without raising taxes. His plans included expanding technical training and apprenticeship programs. Costa argued these initiatives would help long-term economic growth by preparing Nevada students for skilled jobs.

Costa also proposed creating a public-private partnership investment fund for education. He saw an opportunity for business and community leaders to work together with government to improve Nevada’s schools.


Expanding healthcare access was a signature issue in Alex Costa’s campaign platform. He supported transitioning Nevada to a public health insurance option to reduce costs. Costa wanted to lower the Medicare eligibility age to increase coverage for more Nevadans.

Costa also proposed auditing reforms to curb healthcare and prescription drug price gouging. He saw the Controller having a watchdog role in ensuring affordability and transparency in Nevada’s healthcare system.


As Controller, Costa wanted to use auditing powers to ensure environmental regulations were strictly enforced. He pushed for Nevada to transition to 100% clean energy by 2050. Costa also advocated for programs to foster green jobs and make Nevada a leader in renewable energy.

Water access and conservation were priorities for Costa. He proposed measures to modernize Nevada’s water infrastructure and reduce waste while protecting access for all communities.

Criminal Justice Reform

Alex Costa joined other Nevada Democrats in calling for sweeping criminal justice reforms. He supported ending cash bail and finding alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenses. As Controller, Costa vowed to identify funding for diversion programs, job training, rehabilitation, and other progressive reforms.

Assessment of Alex Costa’s Candidacy

While he came up short in the primary, Alex Costa’s underdog Controller campaign made a mark on Nevada politics and established him as a rising star.

Campaign Strengths

Costa’s outsider perspective resonated with voters tired of the status quo. His boundless energy and direct voter engagement powered grassroots enthusiasm. Costa effectively used social media and developed a strong brand identity.

The Controller race helped Costa build name recognition and relationships across Nevada’s Democratic politics landscape. This provides a foundation for potential future office runs.

Areas for Improvement

As a first-time candidate, Costa had to prove he had the experience and knowledge for the job. Building wider support among party leaders and powerbrokers proved difficult going against veteran politicians.

Costa’s fundraising lagged behind other candidates, limiting resources for advertising and field operations. Expanding his donor network to raise more money would help in future races.

Legacy and Impact

While he came up short, Alex Costa emerged as an important new voice within the party. His perspective as a young outsider added diversity to the policy debate. Costa gave voice to progressive grassroots activists within Nevada.

The Costa campaign built a passionate base of mostly young supporters who proved their ability to effectively organize and spread an insurgent candidate’s message. This emergent constituency will remain engaged and could become a force in future Nevada elections.

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Even in defeat, Costa’s energetic Controller bid paved the way for rising talent to make an impact on the statewide political scene.

The Future for Alex Costa

After his Controller run raised his profile, many Nevada politics watchers began speculating about Alex Costa’s next moves.

Remaining Active in Politics

Close associates say Alex Costa is committed to stay involved in Nevada politics and policy debates. He plans to continue engaging grassroots supporters through new advocacy and voter registration initiatives.

Costa also wants to help recruit and train the next generation of progressive candidates. His 2022 campaign staff and volunteer corps give him a head start in building this pipeline of young talent.

Potential Future Campaigns

Many observers expect Costa will leverage his newfound name recognition into another statewide run sooner than later. Potential options floated include Congressional races or campaigns for Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, or State Treasurer.

Costa built a donor network and campaign apparatus that could hit the ground running for his next race. Party leaders are watching closely to see when and where Costa re-emerges on the Nevada scene.

Life Outside Politics

While he remains dedicated to public service, Alex Costa has signaled he may step back from politics for a period and focus on private sector pursuits.

Given his entrepreneurial background, Costa is exploring startup venture opportunities. He has hinted at potential plans in the clean energy or education technology sectors.

Whatever his next step, Costa built a brand and following during his Controller run that gives him flexibility. The passionate coalition of supporters he activated ensures his voice will continue impacting Nevada’s political future.


Alex Costa’s energetic 2022 Nevada Controller campaign expanded his profile and cemented his status as an emerging force in state politics. Costa overcame the odds as an outsider and mounted an impressive underdog effort fueled by grassroots mobilization.

While ultimately coming up short in the Democratic primary, Costa established himself as a fresh progressive voice representing the next generation of leadership. He gained hard-earned wisdom and experience that he can apply towards potential future campaigns.

The foundation of engaged young supporters Costa activated point to his bright political prospects. Whatever his next move, Alex Costa remains a name to watch on Nevada’s political landscape for years to come. His impact has left an indelible mark on the state’s direction.


Q: Where is Alex Costa from originally?

A: Alex Costa was born in Providence, Rhode Island and later moved to Nevada as a teenager. He considers both states home.

Q: What office did Alex Costa run for in 2022?

A: Costa ran for Nevada Controller in the 2022 election cycle, competing in the Democratic primary.

Q: Who defeated Alex Costa in the 2022 Democratic primary?

A: Longtime Nevada politician Ellen Spiegel defeated Costa decisively, winning over 67% of the primary vote compared to Costa’s 24%.

Q: What were some key planks of Costa’s campaign platform?

A: Costa campaigned on progressive policies like Medicare for All, renewable energy investments, education funding, criminal justice reform, and stimulating economic growth.

Q: What might Alex Costa run for in the future?

A: Many expect Costa will leverage his 2022 momentum into another statewide race soon, with Congressman, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Treasurer floated as options.

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