Michele Fiore

Michele Fiore

Early Life and Background

Michele Fiore was born in 1970 in Brooklyn, New York. After attending college in Nevada, she started a healthcare company in Las Vegas. Prior to entering politics, Fiore worked as a flight attendant and appeared as an extra in films.

Entering Nevada Politics

In 2012, Fiore decided to run for the Nevada Assembly, winning a seat representing District 4 in Clark County. She positioned herself as a conservative supporting gun rights and smaller government.

Election to the Nevada Assembly (2012-2016)

As a state legislator, Fiore developed a reputation for making controversial statements and taking hardline stances. She was one of the most conservative members of the Nevada Assembly.

In 2015, Fiore came under fire for voicing support of the armed standoff between federal agents and rancher Cliven Bundy in southern Nevada. She said she didn’t condone violence but identified with the anti-government sentiment.

Run for Congress and Loss (2016)

After serving one term in the Assembly, Fiore set her sights on Congress in 2016. She ran for Nevada’s 3rd District but lost the Republican primary to Danny Tarkanian, coming in second place.

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This cut short Fiore’s federal aspirations and ended her time in the Assembly. But she soon found a new political opportunity.

Joining the Las Vegas City Council (2017-2022)

In 2017, Fiore pivoted to local politics and ran for Las Vegas City Council in Ward 6. She won the open seat that year.

As a city council member, Fiore continued voicing support for gun rights and small government. She also developed a national profile for opposing COVID-19 masking and vaccine mandates.

Fiore’s Political Views and Controversies

Support for Anti-Government Extremists

In addition to her support of Cliven Bundy, Fiore has aligned herself with right-wing militia members and groups adhering to anti-government sovereign citizen ideals.

She has appeared at events and rallies where extremist rhetoric was on display. Critics have accused Fiore of tacitly endorsing domestic terrorism.

Questionable Tax Lien History

Fiore’s healthcare company has faced multiple federal tax liens over the years totaling more than $1 million. Fiore blamed the liens on paperwork errors but never fully explained the scope of issues.

Fiery Rhetoric and Confederate Sympathies

Fiore has stirred controversy with inflammatory rhetoric, including compare welfare recipients to captive bears and calling for treating terrorists like sex offenders by marking them with forehead tattoos.

She also posed for a Christmas photo with her family in front of a Confederate battle flag, Calling criticism over the photo PC nonsense.

Anti-Masking and Pandemic Conspiracies

True to her libertarian leanings, Fiore railed against masking and vaccine mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic. She spread conspiracies about the virus originating in a lab and doubted masks worked.

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2022 Statewide Runs and Defeats

Emboldened by her strong local profile, Fiore set her sights on two statewide Nevada offices in the 2022 election cycle. But she came up short in both campaigns.

Campaign for Nevada Treasurer

Fiore pursued the open treasurer seat in 2022, hoping to leverage her fiscal conservative credential. But she lost the Republican primary to Las Vegas City Councilman Michele Meyer.

Failed Gubernatorial Bid

In a longshot campaign, Fiore launched a bid for Nevada governor in 2022. However, she performed poorly with voters and fundraising. She failed to make the primary ballot.

Fiore’s Legacy and Influence

Despite her defeats in 2022, Fiore leaves behind an influential legacy as a rising star in Nevada’s Republican politics.

Gun Rights Advocacy

Fiore built much of her reputation on uncompromising stances on gun ownership. She gained national attention for firearm giveaways and fiery NRA speeches.

Rising Star in Nevada GOP

Through her brash style and confrontational brand of politics, Fiore appealed to the Republican base and became a prominent voice in the state party.

National Attention and Scrutiny

Fiore’s unfiltered statements and unapologetic support of extremist figures put her in the national spotlight, drawing scrutiny but also interest.

Possible Future in Conservatism

Although Fiore is leaving elected office, she could remain an influential figure. With her loyal following, she may eye future runs or a role in right-wing media.


Michele Fiore has cultivated a reputation as one of Nevada’s most controversial politicians. She appealed to conservative voters through libertarian stances and polarizing statements. While Fiore hit roadblocks in her quest for higher office, she leaves a legacy of shaking up the status quo in the Silver State. Her next moves will be telling for both her individual career and the direction of Western conservatism.

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What office does Michele Fiore currently hold?

Fiore is no longer in elected office after serving as a Las Vegas city council member from 2017-2022. She left office in late 2022 after an unsuccessful run for Nevada state treasurer earlier that year.

What made Fiore controversial?

Fiore stirred frequent controversies through inflammatory rhetoric, support for anti-government extremists, spreading COVID conspiracies, posing with Confederate flags, and having questionable tax liens against her business.

How did Fiore perform in Nevada’s 2022 elections?

Fiore ran for both Nevada treasurer and governor in 2022 but lost badly in both races. She failed to win the GOP primary for treasurer and didn’t qualify for the ballot in the governor’s race.

What is Fiore’s background before politics?

Before being elected, Fiore owned a healthcare company in Las Vegas. She was also briefly a flight attendant and film extra earlier in life after attending college in Nevada.

Could Fiore run for office again in the future?

It’s possible. Fiore developed a loyal conservative following through her brash style and political stances. She may try to leverage this popularity into future Nevada races or an influential role with right-wing media.

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