Sharon Lee (Utah)

Sharon Lee is a multi-faceted woman who has made significant contributions in the fields of medicine, Republican politics, and community service. As the wife of Senator Mike Lee and a delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention, Lee has provided leadership within the GOP at both state and national levels.

Background on Sharon Lee

Early Life and Education

Sharon Lee was born in New York and went on to attend New York Medical College, graduating in 1989. She completed her residency in family medicine, equipping her for a career as a primary care physician.

Medical Career

After finishing her training, Dr. Lee moved to Utah where she joined the Intermountain Medical Group practice in Murray. She focuses on providing comprehensive health care for individuals and families of all ages.

Marriage and Family

While building her medical practice, Lee met and married Utah attorney Mike Lee. Her husband later entered politics, being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010. The Lees have two sons and a daughter together.

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Lee’s Role in Republican Politics

In addition to her professional career, Sharon Lee has been actively involved in Republican Party politics at both the state and national levels.

Utah GOP Involvement

Long before her husband became a Senator, Lee was engaged with the Utah Republican Party. She takes an active interest in promoting conservative policies and candidates within the state.

2016 RNC Delegate

Delegate Selection Process

When Senator Ted Cruz decided to run for president in 2016, Lee supported his candidacy. She was elected by the Utah GOP as a Cruz delegate for the Republican National Convention that year.

Lee Appointed to Rules Committee

Lee was also appointed to serve on the RNC Rules Committee, which oversees the delegate selection process and other party governance issues.

Binding Rules for Utah Delegates

As a Cruz delegate, Lee was bound to vote for him on the first ballot under Utah Republican rules. If Cruz dropped out prior to the convention, she would be reassigned to another candidate.

Other Political Activity

Beyond her RNC involvement, Lee has remained active in Utah GOP circles. She advocates for conservative policies and helps campaign for like-minded candidates.

Lee’s RNC Rules Committee Leadership

Within her position on the RNC Rules Committee, Lee had the opportunity to provide key leadership around policies and processes.

Pre-Convention Rules Debate

In the months before the RNC convention, Lee participated extensively in discussions about delegate binding rules, voting policies, and other procedures.

Lee Advocates for Cruz

As a Cruz loyalist, Lee used her Rules Committee influence to advance the interests of the Cruz campaign when possible. She fought for delegate policies that would benefit her preferred candidate.

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Committee Decisions and Rule Changes

Ultimately, the Rules Committee made significant changes, including more unbound delegates. This opened the door for Donald Trump’s nomination.

Lee’s Perspective on the 2016 Election

While advocating for Cruz during the primary, Lee has offered insightful perspective on the 2016 election more broadly.

Support for Conservatism

Lee firmly believes in advancing conservative policies and principles within the Republican Party. She aims to move the GOP in a more traditional direction.

Thoughts on Trump Nomination

Though initially shocked by Trump’s nomination, Lee has highlighted the need for Republicans to unite around their candidate in the general election.

Opinion on GOP Division

Lee has discussed the internal divisions within the Republican Party openly. She sees an opportunity for reconciliation after the contentious 2016 primary.

Lee’s Current Focus

Outside of her political efforts, Lee continues to dedicate herself to her professional work, family, and community.

Medical Practice

At Intermountain Medical in Murray, UT, Lee provides compassionate care to all her patients, maintaining a distinguished pediatrics practice.

Family Life

Lee continues to support her husband’s work in the Senate, while making time for her two sons and daughter as well.

Community Activities

She is actively engaged with service initiatives, non-profits, and volunteer efforts throughout Utah. Lee seeks to make a positive local impact.


Sharon Lee exemplifies dedicated service to the medical field, Republican Party, and her local community. As a doctor, political leader, mother and wife, she is a role model for multi-faceted engagement. Lee’s story provides inspiration to women from all backgrounds.

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What is Sharon Lee’s profession?

Sharon Lee is a pediatrician who works at the Intermountain Medical Group practice in Murray, Utah. She has built a distinguished medical career centered on caring for children and families.

How was Lee involved in Republican politics?

Lee served as a delegate for Ted Cruz at the 2016 RNC and was appointed to the convention’s Rules Committee. She has been active in Utah’s GOP politics for many years.

What role did Lee play on the RNC Rules Committee?

As a Cruz loyalist, Lee used her position on the committee to advocate for rule changes and policies that would benefit Cruz. She was part of the pre-convention debate about delegates.

How did Lee feel about Trump’s nomination?

Initially shocked, Lee stressed the need for Republicans to unite behind Trump as the nominee. She recognized the party’s internal divisions after the contentious primary.

What is Lee focused on now?

Professionally, Lee continues to practice pediatrics in Utah. Personally, she is dedicated to family life and volunteer service initiatives in her local community.

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