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Peter Kraus

Peter Kraus is a businessman and former Republican candidate for Utah’s 40th House District. He ran unsuccessfully for the seat in both 2014 and 2018. Though he lost both times, an examination of Kraus’ political career provides insight into his conservative ideology and firm affiliation with the Republican Party.

Kraus’ 2014 Run for Utah State House

2014 Republican Primary

In 2014, Kraus first pursued the District 40 seat, which covers parts of Salt Lake County. He ran unopposed in the Republican convention and primary for the nomination.

2014 General Election Loss

In the 2014 general election, Kraus lost to Democratic candidate Justin Miller, taking only 33.6% of the vote to Miller’s 61%. This initial defeat set the stage for a rematch in 2018.

Kraus’ 2018 Run for Utah State House

2018 Republican Primary

Kraus again secured the Republican nomination unopposed in 2018. He focused his campaign on traditional conservative policies.

2018 General Election Loss

Facing Democrat Stephanie Pitcher in the 2018 general election, Kraus was defeated by an even wider margin than in 2014, losing 69.2% to 26.5%. The back-to-back losses reflected the district’s liberal leanings.

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Political Positions and Party Affiliation

Republican Party Affiliation

Throughout his campaigns, Kraus consistently aligned himself with the Republican Party, securing their nomination twice. His conservative ideological views reflected the party’s principles.

Conservative Policy Positions

Kraus campaigned on typical Republican stances like lower taxes, limited government, and pro-business policies. His platform stuck to GOP orthodoxy.

Aftermath and Analysis of Election Losses

Reasons for Losses as a Republican in a Blue District

District 40 skews liberal, making it difficult for any Republican to win there. Kraus’ losses match larger Utah trends of Democrats gaining ground.

Kraus’ Future Political Prospects

While Kraus is unlikely to run again in District 40, he could seek office in the future in a more conservative district where the GOP has a better chance.


In conclusion, Peter Kraus maintained a clear affiliation with the Republican Party throughout his political career. He ran twice for the Utah legislature as a Republican, espoused conventional conservative views, and lost both times in a Democratic-leaning district. His party loyalty and ideology unambiguously align him with the GOP. Though he hasn’t served in office, his two campaigns demonstrate his partisan perspective.


What party did Peter Kraus affiliate with?

Kraus affiliated with the Republican Party, running and losing twice as the GOP nominee for Utah’s 40th House District.

What were some of Kraus’ policy positions?

Kraus campaigned on typical conservative Republican policies like lowering taxes, reducing regulations, limiting government, and supporting business interests.

Why did Kraus lose his two campaigns for the Utah legislature?

Kraus lost in 2014 and 2018 because District 40 leans liberal, making it hard for any Republican to win there, especially in the mid-2010s as Democrats gained strength.

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Could Kraus run successfully for office in the future?

Kraus likely can’t win District 40, but he could potentially mount a successful campaign in a more solidly Republican district in Utah.

What do Kraus’ losses say about his partisan affiliation?

Despite losing twice, Kraus’ willingness to run as a Republican in a competitive district demonstrates his firm commitment to the GOP label and ideology.

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