Jake Evans

Jake Evans is a Republican politician and attorney who ran an unsuccessful campaign for Congress in Georgia’s 6th district in 2022. Despite losing the primary runoff, Evans gained valuable experience and name recognition that could benefit him in future races.

Background and Early Life

Jake Evans was born and raised in the Atlanta metro area. From a young age, he was interested in politics, law, and public service. He was involved in student government and mock trial in high school, foreshadowing his future professional interests.


Evans attended the University of Georgia for both his undergraduate and law degrees. He graduated with a B.A. in Political Science in 2009 and a Juris Doctor in 2012. His time at UGA further developed his passions for law and politics.

Law School and Clerkship

In law school, Evans excelled academically. He worked as an editor on the school’s law review journal and clerked for Judge Harold Melton on the Supreme Court of Georgia. These experiences gave him practical legal training before entering private practice.

Legal Career

After law school, Evans’ legal career took off quickly. He worked at top Atlanta law firms like Hall Booth Smith and Holland & Knight. He became an expert in business litigation and dispute resolution. In 2017, Evans made partner at his firm – an impressive feat for an attorney only 5 years out of law school.

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Key Legal Issues

Through his work, Evans handled complex commercial lawsuits, contract disputes, professional liability issues, insurance claims, and other high-value cases. His specialty was helping business clients navigate complex legal problems.

Entry into Politics

With a flourishing legal career, Evans decided to pursue his longstanding interest in politics. The open 6th district seat provided an opportunity to enter public service and make an impact beyond the courtroom.

2022 Congressional Campaign

In early 2022, Evans formally launched his campaign for Congress. The open seat, representing Atlanta’s northern suburbs, was a prime pickup opportunity for Republicans. Evans positioned himself as a conservative, common-sense alternative to the more extreme candidates in the GOP field.

Competitive Primary

However, Evans faced substantial competition in the Republican primary. Ten candidates overall entered the race, drawn to the seat’s flippability following the incumbent Democrat’s retirement. This included several well-funded rivals boasting far-right conservative credentials.

Primary Campaign

As the spring primary neared, Evans campaigned actively across the district. He touted his credentials as both a businessman and conservative Republican. Evans emphasized fighting inflation, reducing government spending, supporting law enforcement, and balancing pragmatism with principles.

Fundraising Disadvantage

Despite an energetic ground game, Evans was outraised financially by the primary winner Rich McCormick and others. This fundraising gap forced Evans into a more grassroots-style effort compared to his well-funded competitors.

Primary Runoff Loss

Evans finished second in the initial May primary, qualifying for a runoff against McCormick. However, in the one-on-one matchup, McCormick’s resource advantage proved insurmountable. Evans lost the June runoff 34% to 66%, ending his first Congressional bid.

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Campaign Themes and Priorities

Throughout his campaign, Evans emphasized his blend of private sector experience and conservative principles. His priorities included:

  • Fighting inflation and reducing government spending
  • Supporting law enforcement and first responders
  • Protecting constitutional rights like free speech and gun ownership
  • Taking a pragmatic approach on certain issues like immigration reform

Compared to some competitors, Evans struck a more moderate conservative tone at times. He focused heavily on fiscal issues, while avoiding harsh rhetorical attacks on Democrats that alienate swing voters. This differentiated him from the eventual nominee McCormick’s brash Trumpian posture.

Lacked Specific Policy Details

However, some critiqued Evans for lacking substantive policy details on his platform and priorities. As a first-time candidate, he struggled to establish his own distinct identity among the crowded primary field. Failing to lock down key conservative constituencies also proved costly.

Key Endorsements

Over 100 elected officials endorsed Evans, including state legislators, city council members, and county commissioners. These local endorsements demonstrated grassroots support but did not move the needle enough to boost Evans past McCormick.

Personal Life

Outside his professional career, Evans is an active member of his Roswell community. He serves on the board of several local organizations and volunteers his time as a youth sports coach. Evans and his wife Leslie have four children together.

Future Prospects

Despite 2022’s disappointment, Evans has a bright future in Georgia politics if he chooses to run again. At only 37 years old, he built valuable name identification in the district. Evans impressed observers with his poise and message discipline as a first-time candidate.

Potential Comeback Bid

Many expect Evans to wage another Congressional run when the seat opens up again. His strong runoff performance and moderate conservative positioning could help unseat McCormick in a GOP primary. Through the trial-by-fire of his maiden campaign, Evans now knows what it takes to win the seat on a second try.

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Lessons from Campaign

While difficult, Evans’ initial foray into electoral politics was an invaluable learning experience. Running a competitive campaign is far different than observing from the sidelines. Evans now understands the intense demands and pressure candidates face.

Need for More Resources

In particular, Evans learned securing adequate financial resources is essential, especially for novice contenders. Without millions of his own wealth to self-fund, Evans simply could not match his cash-flush opposition. Building an early war chest must be priority #1 going forward.


Despite falling short in the primary runoff, Jake Evans impressed many as a rising star in Georgia Republican politics. Poised, disciplined, and with a moderate conservative pitch, Evans checks many boxes as a candidate. Once he gains more campaign experience and fundraising muscle, his Congressional aspirations will prove formidable. Evans has a long future in Peach State politics if he sticks to the challenge.


What office did Jake Evans run for in 2022?

Jake Evans ran for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

What was the outcome of Evans’ 2022 campaign?

Evans lost in the Republican primary runoff, receiving 34% of the vote behind winner Rich McCormick’s 66% share.

What is Jake Evans’ professional background?

Evans is an attorney specializing in business litigation cases. He was a law firm partner prior to seeking elected office.

What were some of Evans’ key campaign messaging themes?

Fighting inflation, supporting law enforcement, taking a pragmatic conservative approach, and utilizing his private sector experience were some of his main themes.

Is Evans likely to run for this Congressional seat again the future?

Many expect Evans will wage another bid for the seat when McCormick stands for re-election. His strong primary runoff performance built valuable name ID for the next open cycle.

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