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How Immigration Lawyers in Toronto Can Help You Achieve Permanent Residency

Toronto is one of the most populated cities of Canada. It has become a business hub and is a popular tourist destination of Canada. Toronto is an ideal place to live in Canada because it has the best facilities to offer to its residents. Toronto has the best school, health care, minimum to no crime. This is why many individuals want to shift to Canada and achieve permanent residency. Permanent residency, also known as PR, is an immigration status. Those who want to live in Canada permanently need PR. With a permanent residency they can work, study, get benefits and pay taxes too.. Once you get PR of Canada, citizens can avail all the facilities of the country. They get all rights but they cannot cast a vote in the election. To receive permanent residency you have to complete requirements. One of the requirement is that live in Canada for 2 years out of the total 5 years.The individuals should also make sure that they commit no serious crime

You can check about the Permanent residency in Canada on their official immigration website. However, getting through the website is not easy. The website has so many links, with policies and regulations that it can get confusing. This is why you should help immigration lawyers in Toronto who can help you get permanent residence.

Would you like to shift to Toronto? Then it’s time you hire an immigration lawyer in Toronto! In this article we will tell you some of the ways that an immigration lawyer in Toronto can help you get permanent residency.

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How Immigration Lawyers in Toronto Can Help You Achieve Permanent Residency

Here are some reasons a Toronto-based immigration lawyer can help you attain permanent residency.

They Have Knowledge And Experience 

Although the Canadian immigration website has all the information that one requires to achieve a permanent presidency, navigating through the website can be challenging. Furthermore, Canadian immigration laws tend to change and keep regulating over the years. Learning about the immigration system in Canada is not easy. However, an immigration lawyer in Toronto whose job is to help citizens get permanent residency, possess extensive knowledge of the immigration laws and regulations and remain updated on any changes, ensuring that your immigration journey is effortless and they follow the most current and accurate immigration procedure. 

There are different immigration pathways, which include family sponsorship, study permits, and the express entry system. The immigration lawyers in Toronto provide you with the most suitable strategy through which you can enter Canada and get permanent residency.

They Will Keep You Updated

Immigration lawyers in Toronto know how to get the job done, as the main aim is to help you get permanent residence. Hence, an immigration lawyer in Toronto will focus on giving you personalized service for your permanent residency application. There are many lawyers available in the market. But many clients are not satisfied with their lawyers. The main reason being they don’t provide them with step-by-step procedures. Immigration lawyers in Toronto will keep you updated through every step of your application. You can trust that the immigration lawyers are doing their job. The immigration lawyers in Toronto are the best in the immigration industry. They can achieve maximum results. With their guidance and expertise they will guide you to get PR in Canada.

Each Client Is Different

As mentioned earlier, there are various permanent residency immigration schemes through which you can enter and settle in Canada, and every case of an individual is different. While your one friend has achieved permanent residency through express entry, the other is more likely to have a strong case from family sponsorship. For one to determine which immigration scheme is best for them can be challenging. The immigration lawyers in Toronto will customize your application according to your education and skills. Immigration lawyers in Toronto will provide you with a personal strategy to achieve permanent residency that will maximize your chances of settling in Canada. With the help of an immigration lawyer in Toronto, a full personal plan will be developed. With that plan, your overall chances of entering Canada and achieving permanent residency will increase.

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Get Personal Attention

Over the research done, it has been concluded that many individuals are unsatisfied with big immigration firms because those immigration firms have a large client base and are commercialized. Hence, their clients complain that they fail to get the personal attention that they require. By hiring an immigration lawyer in Toronto, you are bound to get personalized attention on your permanent residency case. That’s why those lawyers guarantee that you will get a return of your money, where customer satisfaction is the main aim. 

Furthermore, as you are getting personal attention to your case, this means that even the complex of cases would be handled with great expertise. Complications in The permanent residency process can arise, and unforeseen circumstances can come; however, with their attention and the experience of the immigration lawyers in  Toronto, regardless of whether you have the most complicated immigration case, with their knowledge, an expert immigration lawyer in Toronto can manage all kinds of challenges and issues that might be arising with your case.

A Streamlined Application Process

The immigration process in Canada involves a lot of paperwork, and for an individual to show supporting evidence, which can include proof of funds, education, a police criminal record report, etc., attention to detail in the immigration work process is highly crucial because a single mistake can lead to rejection of your application, which can further cause complications in your case. 

One needs to make sure that there are no mistakes when submitting immigration applications. The immigration lawyer in Toronto  will check your application thoroughly. The whole immigration process will be streamlined. This can further lower the chances of mistakes in the paperwork. 

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The immigration lawyer in Toronto will make sure that all your paperwork and supporting evidence are complete and will handle the submission process and gathering of the paperwork. Overall, you will be at ease when applying for permanent residency in Canada, and the immigration lawyer in Toronto will do all the stress of handling the paperwork.

Deals With Rejection

When applying for PR there is no guarantee that your application will be accepted. You should keep yourself prepared for any situation. One of the difficulty that can arise is getting a rejection. But, you don’t need to get upset. Getting a rejection in the immigration process is quite common. You’re not alone!

An immigration lawyer in Toronto will help you overcome this difficult time as they know the entire application for permanent residency. With their extensive experience, they will build a strong argument for your immigration application. With an immigration lawyer in Toronto, they will guide you through the appeals process and further increase your chances of your application being accepted.


Overall, it’s a very smart decision if you are planning to shift to Canada because the quality of life and facilities that the country has to offer can secure your future. Hiring an immigration lawyer in Toronto can further help you achieve permanent residency and increase your chances of shifting to the country. With an immigration lawyer, you will get guidance. With their experience, even the most complex of cases can be overcome, so whether you are a family member of a current Canadian resident, a student, or a skilled worker, then achieving permanent residency with an immigration lawyer in Toronto is the best course for you to shift to Canada.

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