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Stanislaus County Superior Court – Turlock

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Introduction to Stanislaus County Superior Court – Turlock

The Stanislaus County Superior Court serves the cities of Turlock, Modesto, and other communities in Stanislaus County, California. The court system handles a wide range of legal cases and provides public access to court services. One of the main courthouse locations is in the city of Turlock.

Overview of Stanislaus County Superior Court system

The Superior Court system for Stanislaus County includes courthouses in Turlock, Modesto, and Ceres. There are currently over 30 judges across the various court locations. The Stanislaus County Superior Court serves over 500,000 residents across its 1,500 square mile jurisdiction. Its mission is to provide equal access to justice through fair, timely, and efficient resolution of cases.

Turlock courthouse history and details

The Turlock Superior Court building opened in 2003 and handles many different types of cases. It has four courtrooms and several hearing rooms. The courthouse address is 1100 I Street, Turlock, CA 95380. It is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays except for court holidays. There is free public parking adjacent to the courthouse. Security screening is required upon entrance to the courthouse.

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Types of Cases Handled

The Turlock Superior Courthouse handles a variety of legal cases including criminal, civil, family, probate, and more. Here is an overview of the main types of cases processed at this location:

Criminal cases

Criminal cases involve prosecuting those accused of committing crimes such as theft, assault, domestic violence, DUIs, and more. Punishments can involve fines, probation, community service, jail time, or state prison. Criminal cases range from misdemeanors to serious felonies.

Civil cases

Civil cases resolve legal disputes between people, organizations and government agencies. Examples include contract disputes, personal injury lawsuits, malpractice cases, civil rights claims, and real estate matters. Civil cases typically involve monetary damages if found liable.

Family law cases

Family law cases handle issues related to domestic relationships and children. This includes divorces, child custody and visitation, spousal and child support, guardianships, adoptions, and name changes. Family court addresses sensitive matters requiring compassion.

Probate cases

Probate cases involve wills, trusts, conservatorships, and estates of deceased persons. The probate process includes validating wills, appointing estate administrators, inventorying assets, and distributing inheritances. Probate seeks to carry out the wishes of the deceased.

Going to Court in Turlock

If you are involved in a court case or summoned for jury duty in Turlock, here are some tips for your visit:

Court locations and hours

The main courthouse is located at 1100 I Street, Turlock CA 95380. It is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm except holidays. Some court proceedings may run beyond these hours.

Security procedures

Be prepared to go through a security screening when entering the courthouse. Bags will be x-rayed and you will walk through a metal detector. Weapons and contraband are strictly prohibited. Leave extra items at home or in your vehicle if possible.

Dress code and conduct

Dress respectfully as you are entering a formal government institution. No shorts, tank tops, hats, sunglasses, or flip flops. Turn off cell phones and avoid chewing gum, food, or drinks. Be quiet in courtrooms and follow all staff instructions.

Public access to records

Many court documents can be accessed directly at the courthouse or through the court’s website. Certain cases may be confidential or sealed per judicial order. Photo IDs and court fees may be required for records requests.

Juror Information for Turlock

Serving as a juror is an important civic duty. Here is key information if you are summoned for jury duty at the Turlock Superior Court:


You must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, proficient in English, and a resident of Stanislaus County. You cannot have a felony conviction or pending felony trial. Both physical and mental competence is required.

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Exemptions are granted in limited cases such as medical excuses, age over 70, active military, or providing critical public services. Exemption requests must be filed promptly and may require documentation.

Reporting for jury duty

Respond to your summons on time. Bring a photo ID and the jury summons. Wear appropriate attire and leave electronic devices at home. Be prepared for the process to take a full day or longer.

Getting Legal Help in Turlock

If you need legal assistance for a court case in Turlock, here are some options:

Self-help resources

The courthouse has a self-help center with legal forms, info sheets, and guidance on the process. Visit or ask at the courthouse entrance.

Hiring an attorney

For complex cases or specialist expertise, consider hiring a local attorney. Search online listings or contact the Stanislaus County Bar Association for referrals. Shop around and ask about fees.

Contact Information and Online Access

Get more information or access services online:

Phone, address, website

  • Phone: 209-530-3100
  • Address: 1100 I Street, Turlock, CA 95380
  • Website:

Online services

Stanislaus County Superior Court – Turlock Online Court Resources

The Stanislaus County Superior Court in Turlock offers a variety of online resources for accessing court records, obtaining forms, paying fines, and getting assistance with cases. This article outlines the key online offerings available through the court’s website and other sites that can help users navigate the Stanislaus County court system remotely.

Searching Court Records in Stanislaus County

You can look up Stanislaus County Superior Court records like case documents and calendars using the court’s website. This allows you to research cases and get information without having to visit the courthouse.

Viewing High Profile Cases

Check the court’s website for current details on major cases happening in Stanislaus County Superior Court. You can find status updates, scheduled hearings, and other specifics on these high profile matters.

Checking Court Calendars

Use the online court calendar to see what cases are scheduled on any given day. Search by date or search within a date by party name or first initial to find individual case listings.

Reviewing Opinions and Orders

Read through recent civil tentative rulings, family law tentative rulings, and probate notes and recommendations issued by Stanislaus County Superior Court. These are posted online by department, judge, case number, and caption.

Getting Court Forms

You can obtain many Stanislaus County Superior Court forms through their website as well as general California forms without having to visit the courthouse.

Civil Forms

Access and download forms for civil matters in Stanislaus County Superior Court, including complaints, responses, and various motions.

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Family Law Forms

Get family law forms for Stanislaus County Superior Court cases involving divorce, custody, support, and other family matters.

Probate Forms

The court’s website offers numerous forms for probate cases including petitions, inventories, accountsings, and other filings needed in estate administrations, guardianships, and conservatorships.

Statewide Court Forms

In addition to Stanislaus County forms, you can get forms for all California Superior Courts through the Judicial Council website. Recently updated forms are also listed.

Paying Fines Online

You can take care of some fine payments remotely through online portals instead of having to go to the courthouse.

Parking Tickets

The City of Turlock website allows you to pay or contest parking tickets issued in Turlock online.

Traffic Tickets

You can pay traffic ticket fines for matters filed in Stanislaus County Superior Court using the online traffic portal.

Using Self-Help Resources

Stanislaus County Superior Court offers a variety of self-help resources to assist people representing themselves (pro per or pro se). These services are available both online and through court offices.

Law Library

The Stanislaus County Law Library located at the courthouse has legal resources to help with research. Check their website for information on access and materials.

ADR Programs

The court provides alternative dispute resolution services including mediation, arbitration, and settlement conferences. These programs can help resolve disputes without trial.

Child Custody Mediation

Parents can mediate child custody and visitation issues through the court’s child custody mediation program (known as Child Custody Recommending Counseling).

Family Law Facilitator

The Family Law Facilitator helps unrepresented parties with family law paperwork and procedures at no cost. See their webpage for assistance.

Juvenile Cases

For juvenile matters like delinquency and dependency, the court’s website offers specifics on the process and options for youth and families.

Probate Cases

The probate section of the court site provides an overview of wills, trusts, conservatorships, guardianships, and estate administration.

Local Court Rules

Access the local rules for Stanislaus County Superior Court that govern procedures and policies for cases filed in the court.

Self-Help Center

The Self-Help Center at the courthouse helps people without attorneys prepare paperwork and understand the legal process. Visit their site for details.

Small Claims

Get info on small claims court limits, procedures, and resources from the Stanislaus County Superior Court website’s small claims section.

Traffic Cases

For traffic citation cases, the court’s website covers hearings, fine payments, traffic school, and forms to request extensions or plead not guilty.


The Turlock Superior Courthouse handles important justice system functions for the local community. Whether appearing for a case, accessing records, or performing jury service, understanding court protocols and procedures will ensure an efficient experience. With competent legal advice and respectful conduct, citizens can resolve legal matters fairly. Upholding justice strengthens society.

Summary of key points

  • The Stanislaus County Superior Court has a main courthouse in Turlock
  • Many types of cases are handled including criminal, civil, family, and probate
  • Follow security rules and dress appropriately when visiting the court
  • Check online for remote services, records access, and jury information
  • Get legal help from self-help resources or local attorneys when needed

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard courthouse hours in Turlock?

The Turlock Superior Courthouse is open 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, except holidays. Some hearings may occur outside these hours.

What items are prohibited inside the Turlock courthouse?

Weapons, sharp objects, pepper spray, drugs, and other contraband are prohibited. Bags are inspected. Leave non-essential items at home or in your vehicle.

How can I look up court records for a case in Turlock?

Many court records can be searched online at You can also request records in person with ID and fees. Some cases have restricted access.

How do I file for a fee waiver for a civil court case in Turlock?

Complete a Request to Waive Court Fees form available at the courthouse or online. Submit proof of low income. A judge will review and make an order on your fee waiver request.

What number should I call to get information about jury duty in Turlock?

Call the Stanislaus Jury Commissioner at 209-530-3104 for questions about your jury service location, dates, exemptions, or excusals in Turlock.

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